Sleepwear, just like your regular wardrobe, should change with the seasons. In the Winter, you may have a PJ drawer full of long sleeve henley’s and flannel sets, but come Spring, it’s time to lighten things up a bit.

Spring Sleepwear
10 Spring Sleepwear Options That Are Better Than That T-Shirt From College.

I’m not saying sleeping in that ratty t-shirt you’ve had since your Pledge Weekdays is necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re in your mid-20s, I think it’s about time you bought proper sleep attire (Though, FYI, I almost put a jumpsuit with grilled cheese all over it on this list, so maybe I’m not the proper authority on this one). Even if it’s just one thing. Even if you only wear it when you have someone staying over, or when you want a Treat Yourself night and you do a face mask and drink champagne. You should own sleepwear that looks cute when you get under those covers.

Here are 10 springtime sleepwear options that you should try.

Lace Dot Romper (Kate Spade, $78)

Lace Dot Romper

I saw this up close and it’s as adorable in person as it is on screen. It’s super silky and soft but doesn’t feel skimpy, which is a problem I always feel when I see sleep rompers.

The Lounge Sweater Pant (Everlane, $78)

Lounge Sweater Pant

Okay, so technically these are “lounge” pants, but if you take a nice, soft cami and wear it with these, not only will you be super comfortable, they’ll be much better looking than your ex’s basketball shorts.

Nordstrom Lingerie ‘Moonlight’ Nightshirt (Nordstrom, $48)

Nordstrom Lingerie ‘Moonlight' Nightshirt

Look at how cute this shirt is! I want to wear it on a Sunday while I make waffles and drink a mimosa.

Lace Sleep Shorts (Torrid, $32.50)

Lace Sleep Shorts

Speaking of mimosas, you could totally get away with wearing these to brunch with a great tank top and a pair of white sneakers and look totally pajama-chic.

Chelsea Peers Crop & Mask Short Pajama Set (ASOS, $67)

Mask Short Pajama Set

I can’t handle how adorable this set is, plus it comes with a free sleep mask and if that’s not the best deal ever, I don’t know what is.

Women’s Plus Size Sleep Knit Shorts Set (Target, $16.99)

Women's Plus Size Sleep Knit Shorts Set

You cannot beat the sleepwear set for under $20. Plus, you can totally wear that tank top with a pair of jeans and a blazer and look fantastic.

Peony Photo-Op Print Boxer (Commando, $48)

Peony Photo-Op Print Boxer

These adorable peony-printed shorts are the perfect thing to add to your pajama drawer. They brighten everything up, even if no one is going to see them.

Bella Shortsleeve & Boxer PJ Set (Cosabella, $122)

Bella Shortsleeve & Boxer PJ Set

Okay so, I don’t normally advocate for expensive clothing that only a select few people will see (lingerie, sleepwear, bathing suits, etc.) but Cosabella makes probably the best sleepwear out there so it may be worth the splurge if you have money left over form spending your tax return.

ASOS CURVE Lounge Shorts and T-Shirt in Lightweight Sweat (ASOS, $43)

Lounge Shorts and T-Shirt in Lightweight Sweat

Can we just talk about how comfortable this looks? And how much better it looks than those nail polish-stained sweatpants and your sweatshirt from that one season you ran track in high school?

Whisper Jersey Sleep Dress in Dot (J.Crew, $55)

Whisper Jersey Sleep Dress in Dot

Sleep dresses always confused me, mainly because it feels strange to say you wear a dress to sleep, but if you think of it like a long, comfy camisole, then it makes everything okay (also because I hate wearing pants to sleep).

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