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Learn new hair color techniques and how to execute them. Compare professional hair color lines and get info about cutting-edge technologies in the hair color world. Learn all about basic and advanced cutting techniques, and keep yourself educated with the latest styles and trends that clients are asking for.

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  • Salon Insure Quotes Beautician Insurance: Being a mobile beauty therapist service requires providing your service in a wide variety of circumstances. Common ones include applying your skills to beautify a wedding party or before a picture take or provide regular treatments to your clientele. In all these cases, you need mobile beauty therapist insurance that you can rely on and trust if you need to avail of it.
  • Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes – 30 Flattering Cuts: If you have a long (or oblong) face, find out which short, medium, and long hairstyles look best on you. Plus, see which styles you should avoid.
  • Tips for Fixing Brassy Hair Color: Learn how purple shampoos, toners, sunscreens, and water filters can help the battle against brassy blonde hair.
  • Learn How to Cut Fine Hair with These Easy Tips and Tricks: Cutting fine hair can be one of the trickiest things to do in the salon. Check out these great tips and become an expert on how to cut fine hair.
  • Mastering the Razor Cut: Master the art of the razor cut with these razor hair cutting tips.
  • My New Favorite Shears – The MAG Maestro: A review of the MAG Shears Metro haircutting shear, an offset handle sheer made from cobalt alloy steel.
  • Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Color: Check out these pro tips on creating long-lasting hair color.
  • How to Successfully Do Hair in a Client’s Home: This helpful list will make doing house calls a breeze.
  • What Products You Should Be Buying From a Discount Beauty Retailer: Learn how to save some cash on the products you use every day.
  • Convincing Your Client to Go Short: Tips for giving your client that extra boost of confidence when they’re on the fence about making a big change.
  • Blonde Hair Color – Tips and Tricks For Sticky Situations: Check out these super helpful blonde hair coloring tips.
  • Artist Profile: Olivia Smalley: Artist Olivia Smalley gives us a glimpse into the world of an emerging hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer living in South Florida and shares a few hair styling tips and advice for others aspiring to make the beauty industry career.
  • How Hair Color Works: Over 75% of women and a growing percentage of men color their hair. Do you know the chemistry behind hair coloring? Learn about natural hair color and find out what happens when you bleach hair or use temporary or permanent hair color.
  • Hair Color Ideas: Searching for hair color ideas and inspiration? Sick of doing the same old color formula? Check out this list of the latest trends to get you out of a hair color rut.

Hair Cutting 101

Find video tutorials from some of the country’s top stylists. Learn to enhance your client’s bone structure, how to manage certain hair textures and which are the right pair of shears to invest in. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about professional haircutting.

Hair Cutting 101

  • Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes: 30 Flattering Cuts: If you have a long (or oblong) face, find out which short, medium, and long hairstyles look best on you. Plus, see which styles you should avoid.
  • Learn How to Cut Fine Hair with These Easy Tips and Tricks: Cutting fine hair can be one of the trickiest things to do in the salon. Check out these great tips and become an expert on how to cut fine hair.
  • Best Hair Cutting Books: Looking for inspiration? Use this helpful list to find the right hair cutting book for you or a friend.
  • Mastering the Razor Cut: Master the art of the razor cut with these razor hair cutting tips.
  • Anatomy of the Head: Before you can master the art of haircutting, you will first have to study the anatomy of the head.
  • How to Stay Comfortable While Working Behind a Salon Chair: How to keep comfortable while you’re working in a hair salon.

The Best Color Lines and the Newest Technologies

We’ve got the latest in color line information and new technologies. Which color line should you be using and which ones are the most popular as far as the consumer is concerned? Find out all of this information and more.

  • INOA Hair Color by L’oreal Professional: Learn about the newest ammonia-free hair color to hit the market.
  • Redken Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus: Find everything you need to know about the exciting new Redken Shades EQ Color Cream and Cover Plus.
  • The Top 4 Best Professional Hair Color Lines: Found out which professional hair color lines are the best on the market.
  • 4 Great Choices in Professional Hair Bleach: Straight from the pros – check out their choices in top professional hair bleach.
  • Protecting Your Client’s Hair Color After They Leave the Salon: Check out these fantastic new products that will protect and extend the life of your professional hair color.

Highlighting, Balayage and More

Learn about basic and advanced highlighting techniques.

  • High Lift Tint – Definition: There’s a way to lighten your hair to the lightest blonde shade without actually bleaching it. Discover how to use high lift tint.
  • Breaking the Base – Definition: What does it mean to break the base?
  • Balayage – Definition: Learn the definition of this hot new trend.

From ombre hair color to visible roots. Learn the newest techniques in hair color trends.

  • Introduction to Panel Hair Coloring: Looking for a new hair color idea? Check out this in-depth introduction to the art of panel hair coloring
  • 5 Beautiful Blonde Color Formulas: Find a complete list of blonde hair color formulas to get you inspired.
  • Hair Color Ideas – The Texas Collection: Discover the hottest hair color trends from down South.
  • 4 Bright and Crazy Hair Dye Brands (Plus 5 Dying Tips): What is the best hair color to use to achieve crazy, bright colors? Check out this list of the top crazy hair color brands that will give you the best results with the most staying power.

Learn the Basics of Hair Color Theory

Brush up on your color theory or access information to help you pass your state board test.

The In’s and Out’s of All Over Hair Color: Learn the differences between semi and demi-permanent color and find other helpful information to assist you with your color services in the salon.

  • Top Hair Color Brands: Learn about the top professional hair color lines that are preferred by stylists.
  • 10 Steps to Perfect Hair Color: Learn the steps that will allow you to formulate perfect hair color results every time.
  • Can Fright Turn Hair Gray Overnight?: Is it true your hair can turn white from a bad scare or that your hair can turn gray overnight? Learn about your hair color and get the answer to the question.
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Definition: Learn the meaning and uses of semi-permanent hair color.
  • 4 Steps All Hairdressers Should Follow When Covering Grey Hair: Learn tips and tricks for guaranteeing complete grey coverage, every time.
  • What is the Chart of the Underlying Pigments?: Learn how to use the chart of underlying pigments.

Hair Treatments – Strengthen and Moisturize With a Variety of Hair Treatments

Protein treatment or moisture treatment? Learn the differences and find out about new services to add to your treatment menu.

Hair Treatments

  • 4 Tips to Prevent and Reverse Hair Loss: Learn how to prevent and reverse hair loss with these simple tricks.
  • Natural Hair Treatments: Check out these fabulous natural hair treatments to share with your clients.
  • The Best Hair Growth Supplements: Check out the top hair vitamins that are recommended by beauty pros.
  • Which Supplements Should You Be Taking For Hair Health?: Learn all about the best supplements for your hair and skin.

Chemical Hair Treatments – Which One is Right for Your Clients?

Brazilian or Japanese? Keratin or Protein? Make sense of the options and find out which treatments can work best for you and your clients.

  • The Best Professional Keratin Lines: We break down the best keratin treatments on the market, so you can choose the best product for you and your clients.
  • Hair Relaxer – Where did it Come From and How Does it Work?: Hair relaxers are big business in the land of beauty. Get all the facts you need to know about relaxing hair, including helpful care and safety tips.
  • Disulfide Bonds – Definition: What are disulfide bonds?
  • Keratin Treatment: What is a Keratin treatment and how does it work?
  • Hair Treatments – Which One is Right for You?: There are many hair treatment options for you and your clients. Find out what’s what with this comprehensive list of hair treatments.
  • Keratin Treatment Review – Keratin Shot: Learn all about the exciting new keratin treatment, Keratin Shot by Salerm Cosmetics.
  • The Best Relaxers for Damaged or Delicate Hair: Product options that are safe and effective on even the most delicate hair, and can even help to repair it.
  • History of the Perm: Learn all about the origins of the perm.
  • Decoding Keratin Treatments: Keratin has come a long way, and we’ve broken down all of the options that are now on the market.

Professional Hair Styling – Techniques, Beauty Tools and Product Reviews

Get up-to-date information on the newest beauty and styling tools and where to find them. Read reviews and watch tutorials from real stylists that are using them in the salon.

  • How to Pick a Hair Brush Like a Pro: Finding the right hairbrush can be confusing in a wide sea of options. Check out this list of the best hairbrushes and see what the pros are using.
  • How to Curl Your Hair Like a Pro: If the thought of curling your hair, only to have it look like a clown or fall after just an hour or two, makes you want to cry (or scream) check out these tips to help you curl your hair like a professional.
  • The Best Way to Wear and Style a Ponytail: If you don’t know how to style and wear a ponytail, use this gallery as inspiration. Ponytails don’t have to be casual. They can be red carpet ready.
  • Wedding Day Kit Essentials: Check out these wedding day kit essentials that every hairstylist should carry.
  • The Best Products Form Kerastase: Learn the ins and outs of top Kerastase products.
  • The Best Flat Irons – A-List of Pro Favorites: Finding the right flat iron can be confusing in a wide sea of options. Check out this list of the best flat irons on the market, and see what the pros are using.
  • Common Misconceptions About Shampoo: Help your clients avoid surprisingly common mistakes when it comes to their shampoo.
  • Hair Spray Hacks: You’ll never guess how many handy uses this common product has up its sleeves.
  • Travel Beauty Tips: How to simplify your beauty routine when you’re on the go.
  • 5 Reason Why You Should Stop Chemically Straightening Your Hair: Break free from the confines of stick-straight hair.
  • Top Drugstore Beauty Products: Check out this list of the best products that won’t put a major dent in your wallet.

Learn About the Professional Skin, Nail and Body Care Industry

Get all of the information you need about the newest beauty products on the market. How do they work and what new technologies are being used? What is the most effective way to sell them to your clients, and what are the top-selling skin, nail, and body products on the market?

  • Hair Removal – The Best of Professional Hair Wax: Learn all about the best options in professional hair wax for hair removal.
  • The Best Tips for Removing Nail Polish Stains From Clothes and Furniture: Learn how to remove nail polish stains from just about anything.
  • How to Sell Styling Products to Male Clients: A salon owner’s tips for selling retail to men in the salon. These 5 easy steps will help take your retail sales to a new level.

Marketing: Essential Marketing Techniques For the Discerning Beauty Professional

Promoting your salon

Learn all about increasing your clientele, promoting your salon, building an online presence, and numerous other tools to make your business a success.

  • How to Sell More Retail Products in Your Hair Salon: Learn tips and tricks to become a retail selling machine. Hair and beauty products will be flying off your shelf in no time.
  • Keeping it Professional in the Beauty Industry: Keeping up a professional attitude and work ethic can do wonders for building your clientele. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’re maximizing your professional potential.
  • How to Up-Sell: Upselling is the fastest way to make more money with the clients you already have. Read on to learn more about the art of upselling.
  • Hair Stylists Tell All: Learn the 11 things you should be sharing with your clients.
  • 6 Steps to Starting Your Own Beauty Product Brand: Have you ever dreamed of starting your own brand of beauty products? This list will help get you started on the path to your new business.
  • Cross Promotion: Learn how to cross-promote with other businesses to increase sales and spread the word about your salon.
  • How to Leave Your Hair Salon and Branch Out on Your Own: Hear from a fellow hairstylist about leaving the comforts of their hair salon to start their own business.
  • Doing Hair at Home: Learn helpful tips that will get your in-home hair salon set up in no time.
  • Your Salon Apprenticeship – What to Expect: Take the next step and learn what to expect from completing a salon apprenticeship.
  • How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business: Learn how social media can build your business and pad your pockets.
  • Tips for Client Retention: Helpful tips to keep your books full all year long.
  • Questions to Ask to Find the Right Salon Fit: Come prepared with your own questions for your next salon interview.
  • How to Deal With No-Show Clients: Learn helpful tips to prevent and deal with no-show clients.

Salon Inventory – Make Educated Decisions About Salon Furniture and Appliances

Which salon chair is right for you? Should you buy an over-head or steam dryer? The decisions can be dizzying when it comes to outfitting your salon. Make sense of all of the options as we compare the best of the best in salon inventory.

Salon Inventory

  • Steam Processor – Reduce Processing Times: Learn about the innovation of steam. Reduced processing times and a gentler service for your clients makes this a smart investment.
  • Green Your Salon and Appliances: Learn about new innovations in making your salon and eco-friendly green machine.
  • Salon Appliances – Design Innovations: Preview the sleekest new designs in color processors, salon chairs, and appliances.
  • Light Therapy – Facial: Learn about the exciting new ‘Lumiere Light Therapie’ machine.
  • Salon Central Vacuum: My favorite salon appliance is a central vacuum. Just flip a latch at the wall base and the hair is automatically sucked up into a central vacuum system. Amazing! Check it out here.

Salon Operations – Running a Successful Salon

Find helpful information and tools to lead your salon in the right direction. From human resources to billing and décor. We’ve got it all covered.

  • Booth Renting 101: Learn the in’s and out’s of renting your chair out to stylists.
  • Plan a Cut-A-Thon: Dreamed of having your salon to come together for a good cause? Learn the best steps to take to organize a cut-a-thin and inspire your team to give back!
  • The Front Desk – Where it all Starts: Your salon front desk and reception area is where the relationship with the clients begins. Run a tight ship and learn about the basic rules for a successful front desk.
  • Increase Your Gift Certificate Sales: Learn how to increase your sales with these 10 easy steps.
  • How to Sell Styling Products to Male Clients: A salon owner’s tips for selling retail to men in the salon. These 5 easy steps will help take your retail sales to a new level.
  • Tips for Successful Salon Management: These helpful tips will take your salon management career to the next level!
  • Simple Steps to Give Your Salon A Facelift: Check out these simple steps to help you update your salon without breaking the bank.
  • How to Make Money In Your Salon During Non-Business Hours: Earn extra revenue with these creative business strategies.
  • How to Train the Perfect Assistant: Create a great work environment for both you and your assistant.
  • Finding a Contractor for Your Hair Salon: Use this helpful list to take a headache out of finding a salon contractor.
  • How to Motivate Your Staff to Sell More Retail: Easy steps to get your staff excited about selling retail in the salon.
  • Your Holiday Survival Guide: How to stay sane around the salon during the busy holiday months.
  • Team Building Tips for Salon Owners: Learn how to build a strong and successful team environment.