Pearls are an organic gemstone, which means they originated from a living organism. Use these tools to learn about pearls, fine pearl jewelry, and research and find other types of jewelry made from organic components. Use our articles to learn about pearls and to shop for pearl jewelry.

Pearls jewelry

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Pearl Knot Definition and Illustration

Knots that are tied between pearls to keep them from rubbing against each other and damaging their nacre, the iridescent layer we see on the surface of pearls.

Inexpensive fashion pearls are not typically strung with knots between them.


Celia Martin’s pearl knotting tutorial is a step-by-step photo gallery that explains how to make pearl knots. It will give you a better understanding of the time and effort that’s involved in stringing pearls this way.

Tahitian Pearl Jewelry – Jewelry Made with Tahitian Pearls

Like nearly all pearls found in modern jewelry, Tahitian pearls are cultured — grown intentionally by humans. They are called black, but their color varies from a silvery metallic to dark graphite, and they can have tones of other colors, like purple and blue. Tahitian pearls grow large, so they make stunning jewelry set alone, but an occasional diamond works perfectly with them.
Mastoloni Long White Gold & Tahitian Pearl Necklace

This 34″ long 18K white gold chain has Tahitian pearls spaced around it at regular intervals. Pearls are 9mm to 10mm in diameter.

  • Tahitian Pearl & 14K White Gold Necklace: Five Tahitian cultured pearls are strung along the front portion of this delicate 14K white gold chain. The pearls are spaced apart but will drop nicely to cover the front of your neck.

Shop for Pearl Jewelry

Look at some of my Top Picks for all sorts of pearl jewelry.

  • Contemporary Pearl Bracelets: Shop this collection of contemporary pearl bracelets for unique designs that suit today’s styles.
  • Tahitian Pearl Jewelry: A selection of jewelry set with popular Tahitian pearls. These black pearls grow large and often have overtones of other colors, including purple and green.
  • Let’s Go Shopping for Pearl Earrings: Here’s an easy way to shop for pearl earrings. All of the pearl earrings displayed here are sorted by price. Choose a group that’s within your budget and go take a look.
  • Contemporary Pearl Necklaces: Who says pearls are boring–or old-fashioned? This selection of pearl necklaces shows you just how contemporary pearl jewelry can be. And it gets better, every pearl necklace in this group is affordable. Pearls are hot for every age group, so take a look.
  • Pearl Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearls and Alexandrite are both June birthstones. Alexandrite is rare and expensive, but pearls are everywhere. There are so many types and colors of pearls that you’ll be able to find pearl jewelry in every style imaginable.
  • Pearl Necklaces: Who says pearls are boring or old-fashioned? This selection of pearl necklaces shows you just how contemporary pearl jewelry can be. Pearls are the June birthstone, but they are a fashionable choice for everyone, so take a look.
  • Shop for Pearl Earrings: You’ll find every style of pearl earrings in this group, from simple pearl studs to wear with just about anything, pearl dangles for dressy outings, and pearls combined with gemstones for times when you’d like a little more color. All of the pearl earrings displayed here are sorted by price, so choose a group that’s within your budget and go…