Testimonials: Capsule Wardrobe Success Stories

Finding the perfect outfit can be a daily frustration. Between having nothing to wear, buying pieces that just hang in our closet, and wasting money on clothes that don’t fit right, getting dressed is far harder than it should be!

That’s why I created my personalized capsule wardrobe styling service. With almost a decade of experience outfitting real women of all ages and body types, I understand the everyday clothing struggles we all face. My goal is simple – to help you feel confident, pulled together and excited to get dressed each day!

I take the guesswork out of shopping by providing you with a tailored collection of versatile mix-and-match pieces specifically chosen for your unique style, shape and lifestyle. No more wondering if things match or scrambling put together last-minute looks.

My clients love the effortless chic of their streamlined, customized wardrobes. Just read their glowing testimonials! I offer both one-time wardrobe edits and ongoing monthly subscriptions so you can get style advice perfectly adapted as your needs change.

So join me in making getting dressed each morning the joy it should be, not the chore it has become! Ditch clothing confusion and embrace the power of a simplified, perfectly curated capsule wardrobe designed just for you.

Testimonials Highlighting Personalized Style Transformations


“Lovely as ever, thank you. I always really look forward to seeing what you come up with, and you never disappoint. Now I’m even more excited for my holiday.”

Monthly wardrobe client.

“Iskra, what can I say but thank you so much? I just love everything – the colors, the styles, they’re all just amazing. You really know my taste and which colors suit me. I can’t wait to start ordering (well, I have already)! Your service is so valuable – no unnecessary purchases. Thank you, you truly are a superstar.”

Returning client for a holiday capsule wardrobe.

“Just opened my capsule wardrobe and I can’t wait to go shopping! Discovering my coloring in terms of soft/cool is exciting. The blended colors will be a new experience, but I am ready for this transformation. The wardrobe you selected feels just right.”

US Capsule wardrobe dossier client.

“I am loving this month’s selections. I’ve bought the trousers and the two mint velvet tops. This month is my favorite so far.”

Monthly wardrobe builder client.

“Thank you so much, I just love the colors and the skirt, it’s fantastic!”

Monthly wardrobe builder client.

“I love the selections. I bought everything in the February wardrobe and have already worn the cardigan, wedges, and skirt for afternoon tea. The clothes are so ‘me’. I can’t wait to wear the dress soon for a baptism. I love reading your blog and hearing about your trip to Dallas.”

Monthly wardrobe builder client.

“I want to express how much I love my wardrobe builder. It’s been enlightening to see your choices for me. I was stuck in a black/grey rut, but the colors you’ve picked, especially the azures and mints, are refreshing and my favorite combination!”

US 12 Item Wardrobe Update.

“A huge thank you to Iskra for last night’s outfit. I received so many compliments. The outfit was classy, unique, and comfortable. I love how Eileen Fisher designs for real women. Everything worked perfectly, and I can’t wait to wear it again. My husband thought I looked beautiful. So, thank you, Iskra, for making my evening special.”

Monthly capsule wardrobe builder client.

“This morning, I received Iskra’s party wear suggestions. With several dressy events coming up, the suggestions are just fabulous – really fabulous. They’re so ‘me’, in shapes that complement my figure, and made with gorgeous silk fabrics. Iskra, you understand us so well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll enter the room with confidence, despite my leg brace and crutches, because I’ll feel fabulous. For anyone considering wardrobe advice from Iskra, I say go for it. It’s a worthwhile investment.”

Monthly wardrobe builder and capsule wardrobe client.

“Thanks so much for putting together the most beautiful wardrobe for me. It’s given me a huge boost as I embark on this new chapter of my life.”

Executive Capsule Wardrobe Client.

“Thank you so much for this. I’m thrilled with what you have chosen and have ordered everything. It is beautiful, and I appreciate the effort and discernment that went into creating such a stunning collection. I’m looking forward to a trying-on marathon this weekend.”

Christmas Capsule Wardrobe Client.

Praise for the Capsule Wardrobe Builder Service:

“When I received this month’s selection, let me say how happy I am. Thank you for saving me time and money, and mostly, for helping me feel so good about myself.”

“Thank you for my first wardrobe selection. I ordered all of the items and love all of it. It’s all I’ve been wearing.”

“Your input is always hugely valuable. You have a great eye, and I appreciate your help so much. I just LOVE this selection – it’s very ‘me’, so thank you.”

“Thank you, Iskra. I love both dresses, the bag is fantastic, just what I wanted, and the pink coat with the fur collar is stunning. Once again, you’ve captured my style and colors beautifully – I am very grateful.”

“Thank you again for this. I wouldn’t have considered the coat, but I trust you, so I went ahead and ordered it, along with everything else. I trust your judgment completely!”

Praise for the Capsule Wardrobe Dossier Service:

“I am so impressed. You’ve really considered all my comments from the questionnaire when putting together the wardrobe, and I can’t wait to order everything. The wardrobe is beautiful, and I would have never thought to wear colors like aubergine or claret, or to try wide-leg trousers!”

“Thank you so much for this capsule, it’s fabulous! I love it and can’t wait to try everything on!”

“Thank you for my capsule wardrobe – I love it! The colors are fantastic, they boost my confidence just looking at them, and I’ve already ordered some of the sale pieces.”

Capsule Wardrobe Dossier Client.

“Iskra, thanks very much for the attachment! It’s great! I came across your website recently and have been impressed. I had my colors done before, but your approach is fresh and full of ideas, unlike the more dated 80’s style.”

Colour Dossier Client.

“Hi Iskra, many thanks for sending this to me. The colors are gorgeous, and I’ve already ordered some items. I’m excited to try them on. Thanks again, and very best wishes,”

Capsule Wardrobe Dossier Client.

I hope reading these rave reviews has shown you the life-changing magic of a custom capsule wardrobe! No more wasting money on the wrong styles or colors for your body and complexion. No more standing, exhausted, in front of an overflowing closet with nothing to wear.

My clients trust me to meticulously select a few dozen mix-and-match items that make getting dressed an effortless joy each day. I become intimately familiar with your shape, coloring, lifestyle and preferences to tailor pieces that fit and flatter.

The result? A streamlined wardrobe where everything works together perfectly. You have endless chic combinations suitable for any event at your fingertips. Outfits come together in minutes with no second guessing.

Say goodbye to clothing confusion and hello to a wardrobe that empowers the best version of you. You deserve to look and feel fabulous effortlessly! Isn’t it time you worked with an expert with almost a decade of experience dressing real women like you?

I can’t wait for the first time you slip into an outfit I’ve designed specially for you. That moment you’ll stand a little taller, finally feeling like yourself. Contact me today to get started creating your dream wardrobe!

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