How to Choose Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry

Tips to help you choose the best body jewelry for your new and older body piercings, along with information about gauging earlobes, piercing guns and more.

Our advice helps you decide which body jewelry is most suitable for your piercings, and offers suggestions for the best places to shop for body jewelry.

Fine Body Jewelry

Body Jewelry Shopping Online: Body Jewelry Stores – Jewelry for Body Piercings

Links to online jewelry stores that sell body jewelry. Jewelry links are arranged by types of body piercing.

Body Jewelry for Ear Piercings

Direct links to plugs and ornamentation for ear piercings. What I’ll call “regular” pierced earrings are found at nearly every jewelry store, so they aren’t included here.

  • Ear Plugs – Tribalectic: Multiple pages of plugs of every style. The amber plug with insects is pretty cool. So are the flared cats eye plugs. Lots to choose from.

Body Jewelry – Nostril & Septum Piercing

Looking for just the right body jewelry for your nose piercings? This collection of links will help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Septum Jewelry: Many types of septum jewelry from

Miscellaneous Body Jewelry

Links to online sources for body jewelry. Find and order body jewelry for every type of body piercing.

  • Badbellies: Pearls, diamonds, and other jewels fashioned into fine body jewelry.
  • Body Gems: Take some time to browse this Web site because the designer has created a huge number of styles of fine body jewelry.
  • Organic Body Jewelry: This company sells handmade body jewelry made from natural materials, including hardwood and bamboo, ethnic and tribal piercing jewelry, amber, stone, horn, and bone plugs.
  • Maui Toe Rings and Fine Body Jewelry: Look here for a huge variety of 14K and 18K toe rings and other jewelry.
  • Steel Skin: Steel Skin carries a full line of body jewelry.
  • The Chain Gang – 14K Gold Body Jewelry: Here’s another company that sells fine gold body jewelry.
  • Tribalectic: Just about everything you could possibly be looking for in the field of body jewelry.

Body Jewelry for Lip and Cheek Piercings

Direct links to many sources of body jewelry that’s suitable for lip, cheek, and labret piercings.

  • Handblown Glass Labret Jewelry: Stainless 14ga labret jewelry with 6mm handblown glass ornamentation.
  • Labret Jewelry: Many variations of labret jewelry that’s suitable for your cheek and lip piercings. Tribalectic.

Belly Button Jewelry

Find every style of belly button jewelry that you can imagine. Links to online jewelry stores that specialize in body jewelry and top picks of some of my own favorites.

  • Heart Belly Rings: Like hearts? Have a pierced belly button? Then browse this large selection of belly rings designed with heart motifs.
  • Badbellies: Pearls, diamonds, and other jewels fashioned into fine body jewelry, mostly geared for belly buttons and eyebrows.
  • Navel Studs – Body Gems: Precious metals and gemstones fashioned into stunning body jewelry for your pierced navel. Also, take a look at their Tummy Huggies.

Body Jewelry for Pierced Eyebrows

A collection of links to help you locate jewelry for pierced eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow Choices – Tribalectic: There are many jewelry choices for eyebrow piercings. Here’s a nice sampling of attractive styles.

Body Jewelry for Pierced Tongues

Find jewelry options for pierced tongues.

  • Tongue Barbells, Rollers & Studs: Multiple pages of body jewelry for tongue piercings. From

Body Jewelry for Nipple Piercings

A collection of links to help you locate body jewelry that’s a good choice for pierced nipples.

  • Nipple Rings and Shields: Here’s a very large collection of nipple jewelry. There are multiple pages, so be sure to click-through.

Temporary Tattoos – Temporary Body Art

Find temporary tattoos and other types of body art. This subject includes crystal tattoos.

  • Body Graphics: Body Graphics sells a huge selection of temporary tattoos. They’ll custom-print logos and other graphics.
  • Dune Temporary Tattoos: A great selection of temporary tattoos, including crystal tattoos. They’ll do custom tattoos, too.
  • Lytha Studios: A nice selection of temporary tattoos.
  • TattooFun: TattooFun sells temporary tattoos and fake body jewelry.

How to Take Care of Body Piercings

Questions and answers about body piercing to help you make the best decisions about your current and new body piercings.

  • Care when Wearing Organic Body Jewelry: Learn special precautions you should take when wearing body jewelry made from natural products such as bone, bamboo, amber and other organic materials.
  • Caring for Infections: Dr. Janet L. H. Keating of the Duke Family Medicine Center gives us some advice about keeping our piercings infection-free but includes care instructions to help us deal with a problem if it arises.
  • Insertion Tips: Tribalectic offers some suggestions for inserting your body jewelry.
  • Suggested Aftercare for New Body Piercings: Here’s another set of advice and opinions about taking care of your new body piercing.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Tribalectic’s FAQs page offers some great insights into the ins and outs of the piercing. It may help you decide whether or not to pierce, and it will give you a preview of what to expect if you do.
  • Infections After Tongue Piercing: This article from the Centers for Disease Control talks about the possibility of infection after a tongue piercing, and describes who is at most risk.