Tattoos and Body Piercings

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Tattoo Basics – Body piercings ideas

You’re ready to dive into the world of tattoos from their beginning to basic aftercare and FAQs. Meet the experts behind the machines and learn what to expect and where to place your first piece of body art. Read more about body piercings ideas below.

Tattoos are a mark of freedom and expression. From start to finish choose your design wisely. Artist selection and aftercare are both fundamental aspects of providing a beautiful lifetime result from your body art. Ensure your well-being before and after body modification and educate yourself on the process.

Tattoos & Body Piercings
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Whether the placement or basic design process for tattoos, research the facts here.

History of Tattooing

History of tattoos and the origins of body art.

Interview with Kate Hellenbrand- Pioneer Female Tattooist: Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand paved the way for women in the tattoo industry. Here’s my exclusive interview with a tattoo legend who trained briefly under Sailor Jerry.
In the News: From celebs getting inked to the latest in shop horrors, if it made the tattoo news you’ll find it here.
Why Having Tattoos Doesn’t Have to Limit Your Job Search: Finding a job can be difficult for anyone, but having tattoos and piercings can make it even harder. Learn about openly body art-friendly employers here.

Tattoo Styles and Ideas

From realism to Traditional to Old School, tattooing has many distinct styles. There’s a world of symbols and meanings to explore so do your homework before making the commitment to a lifetime piece. Find the right tattoo befit for a lifetime.

Tattoo Styles and Ideas

Get inspired by these unique tattoo design and placement ideas.

Body Piercings Ideas

Exciting and a little erotic, the world of body piercing is fascinating and has many followers. Explore the community and industrial world of body modification and get expert tips and advice before you get pierced or modified. Meet a few of the industry freaks too!

Body Piercings Ideas

Piercing Basics

While piercings may not be permanent like tattoos, they can be tricky to heal and have a lot of things that can potentially go wrong with them. Being informed on how to prevent complications will help you have a positive piercing experience.

Piercing Placement

Where should you place your body piercing? Discover popular places to modify and decide whether or not a piercing is a right choice for you.

  • Types of Body Piercings
  • Nipple Piercing FAQ
  • Male Genital Piercing

Tips for Choosing Tattoos

Care and Risks

With almost all forms of body art, although they are considered generally safe, comes a share of risk. Especially when precautions are not taken to ensure your safety, there is always a chance that problems may arise. Here is what you need to know to keep yourself safe and prevent serious complications.

Disease and Allergies

Diseases are a real risk when getting a tattoo or piercing. Find out how to identify problems and get answers to commonly asked questions about allergic reactions.

Risks and Safety Precautions

Without safety procedures, a tattoo can be dangerous. With safety in mind, these sites point you in the direction of what to look and ask for when you step into a studio for a tattoo. Here you will find FAQs, checklists, and an Alliance that dedicates itself to tattoo safety. Remember there is no such thing as being too careful and following that mantra.
Safety and Regulations

Before you sit in the artist’s chair, make sure you’re safe and in a shop that abides by the current Health Department regulations in your state. This section will cover tattoo safety concerns and any pertinent laws by state and license information.

Piercing Safety

Piercing, like anything else, must be done correctly. Here are safety guidelines, as well as what to look for when you decide to get pierced.

Tattoo FAQ

These sites have put together collections to answer questions about tattoos that are asked the most.

Tattoo Questions and Myths

If this is your first tattoo and you want to dispel the myths, you’ve come to the right place. From first-time tattoo jitters to aftercare concerns, look through the FAQ first and feel free to contact Jodie with any questions.

Flash and Art

Flash art is divided by subject matter. All images are subject to copyright. Please use tattoo art as inspiration only and add details and special touches to make your own tattoo unique.

Free Tattoo Flash

Flash is basically an idea of a tattoo that has not yet happened or happened to someone else. Get your idea for the perfect tattoo for you in these flash pages from artists all over the world.

Tattoo Art Pictures

Looking at tattoo art pictures can be a lot of fun and inspiring. If you’re looking for an idea for your next tattoo or just like looking at photos, here are several galleries chock full of pictures.

Body Piercing and Modification

Types of body piercing and modification styles from ear piercing to clit piercing. This category includes articles providing care and placement suggestions to help you plan and care for your body piercing ideas.

Body Piercing Ideas and Information for Beginners, Newbies, Novices

If you’re interested in getting a body piercing but aren’t sure where to start, you are in the right place. These pages will help you learn the basics of body piercing to help you have a good experience.

Body Piercing Ideas

Body Piercing 101 – Planning, Getting, and Caring for a New Piercing

If you’re interested in getting a body piercing but aren’t sure where to start, you are in the right place. These pages will help you learn the basics of body piercing to help you have a good experience.

Piercing FAQ

If you are thinking of getting a body piercing, you are bound to have questions. Here you will find answers about procedures, safety, and aftercare of this popular art form.

Branding – Extreme Body Modifications for Ritual and Pleasure

Branding is a form of body art that involves burning an image into the skin. Because this procedure is potentially dangerous, it’s important that you seek out an experienced professional and know exactly what to expect. These pages will provide you with some necessary information.

Scarification – Extreme Body Modifications for Ritual and Pleasure

Scarification involves cutting the image into the skin and purposely irritating the wound to encourage scarring during the healing process. Due to the fact that this is potentially dangerous, it is very important that you seek out a skilled professional and learn what to expect.

Tattoo Picture Galleries by Subject Category

If you’re looking for a specific type of tattoo, you’ll want to search by category. If you’re not sure which category you should look in, choose what you think is the closest or try the miscellaneous gallery.

Piercing Pictures

If you’re looking for a specific kind of body piercings idea, it helps to see photos of several before you decide if it might look good on you. These galleries and photos will help you identify your favorite piercings and decide whether or not they would be an attractive choice for you.

Piercing Pictures

Ear Piercing Pictures – Galleries – Photos

This page will lead you either to galleries or individual pictures of various ear piercings. These may include lobe and/or cartilage piercings.

Oral Piercings – Galleries and Photos of Oral (Mouth) Piercings

This page will link to full galleries or individual pictures of oral (mouth) piercings. This includes tongue, web, scrumper, smiley, and also lip piercings.

What You Need to Know About Tongue Piercings: Tongue piercings are very popular but can cause a lot of problems if you’re not well-informed before you get one. Find out what you really need to know before getting a tongue piercing.

Facial Piercing Pictures – Photos – Galleries

This page will lead you to galleries or individual pictures of facial piercings. Facial piercings include eyebrow, lip, labret, Monroe, Madonna, cheek, nose (septum and nostril), and other piercings of the face.

Navel / Belly Button Piercing Photos – Pictures – Galleries

Navel or belly button piercings are most popular on women, but sometimes men do get them – and no, that doesn’t mean he’s gay. Navel piercings probably have the most attractive and varied selection of jewelry, which may also contribute to their popularity. These pictures will show you a variety of piercings and jewelry.

Henna, Mehndi, and Body Paint

Adorn and decorate your body with all types of art. From temporary tattoos to ancient Henna practices, the world of body art is creative and vast.

Temporary – Paint on and Stick on Tattoos for Kids and Adults

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore, and they don’t just come in cartoons either. There’s a wide variety of designs out there for the young and young at heart so check them out! Here are some places you can find temporary tattoos and kits.

Body Painting – Temporary Body Art

Body painting is a form of art that is just as enjoyable to view as it is to do. If you’re looking for examples of painted bodies or where to start to try body painting yourself, these resources will head you in the right direction.

Henna / Mehndi: Temporary Body Art

Although henna art is popular in today’s modern society of body art fans, it actually comes from an ancient and beautiful culture. Today it can be used by almost anyone and only lasts a few weeks. These pages will help you learn about Mehndi, how to do it and where you can find the best products.

  • Henna and Mehndi Designs: Henna art (mehndi) is a lot of fun and doesn’t require a lot of artistic skill. If you need patterns and designs to get you started, here are some free samples from around the web.
  • Henna and Mehndi History: Resources to learn the history of henna art (mehndi). Find out where it came from and how long it has been around.
  • Henna/Mehndi Instructions: These are a few examples of how to do mehndi, including how to make a henna paste, make a design and apply it. All the info you need to do your first henna tattoo.
  • Henna and Mehndi Galleries: Henna art (mehndi) can be done in many different ways and styles. See examples and photos of henna art, before and after application.
  • Henna Paste Recipes: There are bound to be lots of different opinions on an art that has been around as long as mehndi. Here are some of the more popular recipes for making henna paste.
  • Henna and Mehndi Supplies: It can be a difficult task to find the products you need to make henna the right way. Here are some online suppliers that provide the things you need for mehndi.

Permanent Cosmetics – Tattoo Makeup

Most women find the idea of not having to put makeup on every day pretty appealing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean permanent cosmetics is the magical answer. There are pros and cons to these procedures which you should consider before you decide to get cosmetically tattooed.

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics: Before and After Success Pictures

Before and after pictures showing the dramatic results of cosmetic tattoos. See just how much difference it can make!

Permanent Cosmetics: Articles

Dispelling the myths about permanent cosmetics and the benefits of no more make-up. Check out all the information on every aspect of this increasingly popular form of body art and read articles that will help you decide if this is right for you.

Permanent Cosmetics: Organizations

Here you will find a listing of organizations and legislation information dealing with the permanent cosmetics industry.

Permanent Cosmetics Information

Permanent cosmetics can be an option for you, but check out all the information first. Learn about the pain, procedure, aftercare, and the pros and cons. Research it for yourself and see if this could be something to save you time in the mornings.

Permanent Cosmetics: Safety Issues

Permanent cosmetic safety is just as important as any other form of body art. Find out about products that could be hazardous to your health and how to prevent yourself from getting a disease.

Permanent Cosmetics: Institutes & Techs

If you are looking for a technician to get cosmetic tattoos, or if you want to learn how to do them and join the industry, these links will guide you to some of the best places in the country.

Tattoos Organizations

If you own a studio and want to show your customers how much you care about their safety, you may want to join one or more of these organizations. If you’re a customer and want to know what your rights are as a client, you may find the information found within these pages helpful.

  • APP – Association of Professional Piercers: Join the APP and support safe piercing – your membership includes many benefits, all of which are described on the site.
  • APT – Alliance of Professional Tattooists: The APT has been around for a long time and is highly respected by tattoo artists around the world. There are several different levels of membership from patron to professional. Joining shows you support safe tattooing and believe in raising the bar.
  • NTA – National Tattoo Association: The NTA puts on one of the best tattoo conventions each year, represented by some of the top artists in the world. But not just anyone can join – their limit has been reached and now they only accept associates, which is explained on their membership page.
  • Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals: This non-profit organization is dedicated to serving you, the customer, and the professional, in ensuring safe cosmetic enhancements in the U.S.
  • The American Academy of Micropigmentation: Micropigmentation, another form of cosmetic enhancement, also has a non-profit advocate to ensure professionalism in its field.

Body Piercings Designs and Ideas

Find the right body piercings ideas and tattoo befit for a lifetime.

  • Dave Navarro’s Tattoo Designs: A private peek at some Ink Master and rocker Dave Navarro’s eclectic mix of the tattoo.
  • Top 10 Old School Tattoos (and What They Mean): Tattooing is an old art, but there is a quintessential style associated with the American tradition. Here are the top 10 old-style tattoos.
  • What Do Cherry Blossom Tattoos Mean?: Cherry blossom tattoos have several different associations. Learn the spiritual and significant meanings behind cherry blossoms before you get inked.
  • 5 Sexy Tattoo Designs for Men: Sure you’re hot, but you’ll look even hotter with one of these tattoo designs.
  • Art Nouveau Tattoos: Art nouveau tattoo designs capture the beauty of a bygone era. From the romance of Paris streets to the vintage appeal of pin-ups, art nouveau tattoo designs are filled with vines, flowers, and lots of ornate curves perfect for the body’s canvas.
  • The Top Five Types of Tattoo Styles: Discover a few different types of tattoo art styles before getting inked. With some self-exploration, you can decide what’s right for you.
  • Are Snake Tattoos Good or Evil?: Wrap yourself in the history and lure of snake tattoos? Are they sinful or a symbol of life and death? Serpent tattoos have many ancient meanings.
  • Dita Von Teese Talks About Tattoos: Burlesque starlet and pin-up girl Dita Von Teese teases and spills her thoughts about taboos, freaks, and sexy pin-up tattoos for men.
  • Get Your Creepy Tattoo Ideas for Fall: Insect tattoos are widely celebrated throughout many cultures. Crawling with many myths and legends, butterfly tattoos are the most popular of the top 5 insect tattoos, but Black Widow spiders are weaving in second.
  • What is a Braille Tattoo?: Braille Tattoos are one way you can express your thoughts without the sense of sight. While some Braille-inspired tattoos are actually surgical implants, others are merely inked and hold only significance to the wearer. Don’t let a visual loss stop you from inking and experiencing body art expression.
  • Tattoo Ideas and Symbolism in Salvador Dali’s Art: Get inspired for a tattoo by studying some of the symbolism used by Salvador Dali. From elephants to ants, a Dali-style tattoo is much more than skin deep.
  • 5 Fairy Tale and Fable Tattoos: Once upon a time a fairy tale or fable has likely touched your heart. Whether it be a Snow White tattoo or the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, ink your love of storybook lure and capture the plot as your body art thickens. Fairytale tattoos are rich in symbolism and morals. From finding acceptance for looking different or facing the evil that lurks within or amongst us, there’s a heap of hidden meaning in these classic literature stories that may just inspire you to tell a happily ever after tale on your own skin.
  • Top 5 Bohemian Inspired Tattoos: Keep your wandering spirit in check with a bohemian-inspired tattoo design. From an old-school gypsy girl to wild and weathered feather tattoos, these free-spirited ideas are worthy of any vagabond.
  • Clock Tattoo Designs: Tick tock, Tick tock, have you considered a clock tattoo? Symbolizing the passage of life, our moments on earth, or perhaps just a reminder that it flies, clock tattoos stand the test of time.
  • Western Style Tattoo Designs: From deep in the South to the desert plains, the following top 5 western style tattoo ideas are boot-stomping cool.
  • Tips for Word and Phrase Tattoos: The following tips and advice will help you tattoo a popular sentiment without a lifetime of regret.
  • 5 Hottest Tattooed Male Celebrities: These tattooed celebrities rock the field and the carpet with their hot tattoos.
  • Mermaid Tattoos: The Legends and Myths: It’s always important to know the symbolism behind any tattoo. Learn the top five history and legends of mermaids before you ink a mermaid tattoo.
  • A Guide to Russian Doll Matryoshka Tattoos: Add some folklore and spirit to your body art with a Russian Matryoshka nesting doll tattoo. Get design ideas and background info on this unique tattoo.
  • Top Love Theme Tattoos: Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or should you opt for a name tattoo? Show your true love your devotion with one of the following top 5 love theme tattoo ideas.
  • Lower Back Tattoos: Go ahead and say it. Tramp stamp. Fix it or change it, but don’t own the name unless it fits.
  • Quotes and Phrases for Feather Tattoos: The following quote suggestions and inspirations will offer additional meaning to your feather tattoo artwork.
  • Copied Ink: What do Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Rihanna have in common? A lot more than you’d think, they have copied ink! Take a look at the most replicated celebrity female tattoos.
  • Top Pinterest Tattoo Boards: Pinterest is an excellent place to find inspiration, including body art, tattoos, and piercings. Check out the following list of the best tattoo boards on Pinterest.
  • Top 10 Cool Phrase and Quote Tattoos: From prison tattoos to name tattoos, the following list of top 10 phrases are cool enough to ink eternally.
  • Tattoo Sleeves: Tattoo sleeves are a popular design idea for both men and women. Learn all about arm tattoos and decide if a full sleeve is right for you.
  • Earth Day Tattoo: You can pay ode to the world with an Earth Day-inspired tattoo. Whether you want to show some love for your planet with a peace dove tattoo or ink for environmental causes or awareness, the following design ideas can all pay respect to the universe. From a happy and spirited circle of sunflowers to a feather tattoo, all of these tattoos…
  • Hairstylist Tattoo Ideas: Whether you are a girl or a guy hairdresser, the following hairstylist tattoo ideas will reveal your love for your craft in an artistic way.
  • Let your Art Reflect Your Mood: Feel depressed? Need a friend? The following tattoos will see you through your ups and downs because they are permanent. Escape that happy place and show the world your dark side. It’s all a matter of perspective.
  • Pagan and Wiccan Tattoos: Body art has been worn for centuries as a way to express the significance of loved ones and personal beliefs. Many Pagans and Wiccans decide to wear their spirituality with pride in a pagan or Wiccan-inspired tattoo design.
  • How Do I Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?: A tattoo has plenty of personal significance. How do you plan a meaningful tattoo? Follow these tattoo design ideas and tips.
  • Where Should I Get My First Tattoo?: If you are planning your first tattoo, you may be wondering where to put it. Here’s a brief overview that will help with tattoo placement.
  • Small Tattoos with Meaning: From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning.
  • How to Decide Tattoo Placement: Whether you’re deciding on your first or your fifth tattoo, you may be considering your design placement.
  • Tiny, Tiny Tattoo, and Body Piercings Ideas: Call them pretentious, the following fashion-forward tattoo ideas are tiny, tiny, and sorta edgy. So take that.
  • How Can a Tattoo Define My Personal Style?: Are you wondering how to define your personal style with body art? Before you go permanent, make sure you consider the big picture.
  • What Style of Tattoos Do Men Like On Women?: Don’t ever get tattooed to attract a man, but if you still plan on it… read these tips on tattoo styles that turn the majority of men on.
  • Neck Tattoos: Are you on the other side of the fence, wondering why someone would even opt for a neck tattoo placement? Sure tattoos are permanent and even more so when placed in such a visible area, but that doesn’t mean they are a mistake in the making. Neck tattoos look cool, tough, and can help draw attention to some of your more attractive features.
  • Zodiac and Astrology Tattoos: Tattoo ideas, meanings, and design inspiration for the zodiac.
  • Ideas for Small Tattoos with Meaning: From hearts and crowns to small zodiac designs, there are plenty of small symbol tattoos with meaning. Take a look at this primer to get some ideas.
  • How to Pick a Meaningful Inner Wrist Tattoo: Find creative ideas for small symbol tattoos that have personal meaning for placement on your inner wrist. Size limitations will play a role in choosing your image.
  • The Meaning Behind Half-Moon Tattoos: Celestial moon tattoos are a magical and enchanting choice for anyone who wants to ink the influences of goddesses and mythology.
  • Zodiac Leo the Lion Tattoos: Those born between July 23rd and August are fortunate enough to call themselves Leo the Lion of the zodiac. Representing both bravery and nobleness, the lion is a caring creature that has a strong regard for the well-and protection of others.
  • Libra Zodiac Tattoos Ideas: Is your birth sign Libra? Learn all about your unique traits and put them in balance with a Libra-inspired tattoo design.

Tattoo and Body Piercing Events and Conventions

The most recently updated list of tattoo and body modification events and conventions throughout the United States and worldwide.

Should You Get Inked at a Tattoo Festival?: The following tips for attending a tattoo festival may help you decide upon the artist of your choice as well as ensure their availability calendar. If you have never attended a tattoo convention before these insights will also explain what to expect- whether you are attending as a tattoo enthusiast, someone who is just curious, or even as a serious tattoo collector.

What Distance Would You Travel to Get a Tattoo?

Body Painting Interviews

In order to let you know more about the world of body painting and the artists involved, we’ve created this section to showcase some of the professionals in the body painting community who can tell you about their work, their art, and their passion for their own words.

Enjoy, and if you’d like to share your experience with the community, just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you.