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Shop for Jewelry and Accessories – Fine and Fashion Jewelry to Suit Every Taste and Budget.

Jewelry Trends and Jewelry Shopping Guide

Jewelry on the Cheap – Find Inexpensive Jewelry that Looks Great

You don’t have to spend a fortune to wear gorgeous jewelry. I’ll help you find inexpensive jewelry and show you how to choose alternative materials for expensive gemstones.

Jewelry Trends and Jewelry Shopping Guide

Explore jewelry trends for fine, fashion and handcrafted jewelry. My Jewelry Shopping Guide includes educational articles packed with jewelry buying advice.

Gemstone Jewelry – Favorite Gemstone Jewelry

Are you looking for jewelry made from a specific gemstone, like ruby, turquoise, onyx or tourmaline? Follow the link to find many kinds of gemstone jewelry.

Shop for Birthstone Jewelry – Birthstone Jewelry Advice

Birthstone jewelry is always special. You’ll find all types of birthstone jewelry here, including necklaces, bracelets, birthstone rings and more.

Prom Jewelry and Accessories

Are you ready for prom? If you’re not, this will help. Find your favorite prom jewelry and accessories: prom hairstyles and hair accessories, prom shoes, shawls and wraps, everything you need to get ready for prom.

  • Hair Accessories – Prom Hair: Find hair accessories to wear in your hair at prom or for any special occasion. Long hair, short hair, there’s a perfect prom accessory for everyone.
  • Prom Shoes and Handbags: Go the dyeable route for prom shoes and handbags, or find something a little more glitzy and trendy.
  • Shawls and Gloves – Prom Accessories: Look here if shawls and gloves are on your prom accessory list.

Tiaras and Hair Accessories

Here’s a collection of links to help you find a fantastic tiara or other hair ornaments for your wedding day, prom or other special occasions.

Specialty and Theme Jewelry

The place to look for ethnic jewelry or jewelry that fits into a specialty or some type of theme. Native American jewelry, cameos, jewelry for animal lovers… that’s a small sample of the types of jewelry you’ll find here.

  • Musical Themes – Musical Themed Jewelry and Accessories: Search for jewelry and accessories created especially for musicians and music lovers.
  • Rosaries – Rosary Beads: Find sources for rosaries. Many types of rosary beads.
  • Animal Jewelry – Nature Jewelry: A guide to jewelry with animal and nature themes, such as dogs, cats, birds, flowers, and insects.
  • Jewelry For Teens: Find fun and affordable jewelry that’s perfect for teens.
  • Wedding and Anniversary Jewelry: A guide to help you find and choose wedding jewelry, wedding anniversary gifts, and jewelry and accessories for many other special occasions, such as proms and holidays.
    • Bridal Shoes – Explore Bridal Shoe Trends Online
    • Wedding Party Gifts – Gift Ideas for Members of the Bridal Party
    • Anniversary Gifts – Choosing Wedding Anniversary Gifts
    • Cuff Links for Weddings and Other Special Occasions
    • Wedding Garters – Custom Garter for Your Wedding Day
  • Holiday Themed Jewelry: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Mother’s Day — this is where you’ll find holiday-themed jewelry.
    • Holiday Ornaments – Christmas Ornaments
    • Halloween Jewelry and Costumes
    • Valentine’s Day Jewelry and History of Valentine’s Day
    • Mardi Gras Jewelry & Accessories
    • Christmas Jewelry Guide
  • Mother’s Jewelry and Accessories: You’ll find jewelry ideas for mom all throughout BluFashion Jewelry, but start here if you are looking for jewelry made especially for mothers and grandmothers. Most of these jewelry and accessory items focus on family remembrances and heritage.

Shop for Beaded Jewelry

Trends change somewhat, but beads and beaded jewelry are always popular. Preview the endless varieties of the machine and handcrafted beads that are available and find jewelry designers who specialize in beaded jewelry.

  • Jewelry Designers Who Specialize in Beaded Jewelry: Find all sorts of beaded jewelry created by these talented jewelry designers. Most of these jewelry artists produce one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry.
  • Lampwork Beads – Glass Beads and the Craftspeople Who Make Them: Lampworkers make glass beads by winding molten glass around narrow, stainless steel rods. The glass bead is held in the flame of a torch, then layered and manipulated in an endless number of ways. Visit these artisans to view lampwork beads and the jewelry made from them.
  • Fused Glass Beads and other Glass Jewelry: Fused glass jewelry components are made from decorative glasses that are heated in a kiln. That’s a simple explanation of an involved process! Take a look at the jewelry made by talented fused glass artists. (Beads and more.)
  • Buttons: Find buttons, mostly vintage and collectible buttons–the kind that keeps your clothes in place. This page leads you to button dealers and educational resources about vintage buttons.
  • Polymer Clay Jewelry: Polymer clay is a form of plastic that’s molded and shaped, then hardened by baking. Polymer clay is perfect for bead-making. You’ll be amazed by the intricate polymer clay jewelry that’s available.
  • Bead Shops: Make your own beaded jewelry or scatter a few gorgeous beads here and there to embellish your clothes and accessories. This list of bead and beading suppliers will help you find what you need.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes always make special gifts. Try any of the collections here if you’re looking for a jewelry box or music box.

Cameos and Cameo Jewelry

Cameos are carvings traditionally done on shell or stone. Motifs differ–you might see carved florals, a group of people, the head and shoulders of one person, or perhaps carvings representing figures from mythology.

Men’s Jewelry

There’s some striking men’s jewelry available and this subject attempts to cover a portion of it. Know of a great men’s jewelry Web site? Tell me about it.

  • Men’s Bracelets: Find men’s bracelets, contemporary and vintage.
  • Men’s Rings: Shop for men’s rings. Loads of styles to suit every taste and advice to help you make selections.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is as affordable as it is gorgeous. You’ll find a variety of sterling silver jewelry to choose from within these collections.


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Shoes – The Latest in Shoes. Shoe guide for women, men, and kids.

Shoes guide for women

How to Choose Evening Shoes

We’re coming up on that time of year when there are lots of social gatherings that you might want to get dressed up for. Oh sure, you may not need a pair of evening shoes for scarfing down turkey and dressing, but there’s still Christmas and other holiday parties, and of course, there’s always New Year’s Eve.

Whatever the case, if you think you’re going to need a new pair of evening shoes this season — or if you want to find a dress that works with a pair of evening shoes you already have — then you may want to have a look at this guide on choosing evening shoes.

It’s loaded with tips for how to choose shoes that are appropriate for even the most formal of gatherings.

Are Expensive Shoes Better than Cheap Shoes?

Not surprisingly, as I write about footwear, I come across a boatload of designer shoes that I’d love to splurge on, but really can’t afford to. And often, as I’m browsing shoes, the ones with the highest price tags seem to nearly jump off the page — it’s like their quality (or in some cases, their audacity) is evident, even in a low-res, thumbnail image on a web site.

But, that’s not always the case. In fact, I’m often surprised at how many quality, comfortable, and gorgeous shoes I can find at lower price-points and, in contrast, how many high-priced shoes I come across with really negative reviews. This situation leads many to question whether or not expensive shoes better than cheap shoes at all.

Of course, nothing is that cut and dried, but I have expanded a bit on the topic with this article: Expensive Shoes: are They Worth the Money?


  • Shoes by Style, Type, Season or Occasion
  • What to Wear With Your Favorite Shoe Styles and Outfits
  • Shoe Sizes and Fitting
  • Shoe Care, Repair & Storage
  • Shoe Comfort: Comfortable Brands, Inserts, and Style Options
  • Shopping for Shoes: Top Tips and Sites
  • Hosiery: Tights, Stockings & Socks
  • Shoe Designers and Brands
  • Shoe Design, History, and Shoemaking
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