Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is any piece of jewelry that is at least 20 years old. Antique jewelry has to be at least 100 years old to be considered antique. The more you educate yourself about different types of vintage and estate jewelry, the better equipped you will be when you are ready to buy your next heirloom.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is always popular, and there are so many periods to choose from that you’ll have no trouble at all finding vintage jewelry that suits your style. Use these vintage jewelry photo galleries and tutorials to learn more about antique and collectible jewelry.

  • 15 Diamond Tiaras Fit for a Queen: Mystery and intrigue follow some of the world’s most famous antique diamond tiaras. Learn about 15 tiaras that have been passed down for generations.

Jewelry Periods / Eras

Facts about vintage jewelry and links to help you buy it, all sorted by the period in which each type was popular.

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Georgian Era Jewelry: If you could take anything away from learning about Georgian Era jewelry, it’s these 10 important facts.
  • Learn More about Early Victorian Era Jewelry: The early period takes place between 1837 and 1860.
  • All About Jewelry From the Art Nouveau Era: Learn about the jewelry from the Art Nouveau Era.

Vintage Jewelry Reproductions

Reproductions of vintage jewelry are a perfect choice if you love the vintage look, but your budget won’t allow it. Find reproduction jewelry that looks vintage.

Vintage Jewelry Classified by Art Movements

Facts about vintage jewelry and links to help you buy it, all sorted by the period in which each type was popular.

  • Jewelry in Ancient Times – Historical Look at Ancient Jewelry: A guide to the jewelry from earliest times, up to and including jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and other cultures.
  • Art Deco Jewelry – 1920-1930: The Art Deco movement introduced styles that often focused on bold colors and geometric shapes. The technology was emerging, and Art Deco was part of the new ‘modern’ look. Explore Art Deco jewelry here.
  • Edwardian Jewelry – 1901-1915: Often called the “Gilded Age,” the short Edwardian Era saw a shift to delicate, intricate styling in jewelry and fashions. Diamonds and other precious gems were popular and platinum was a favorite metal. Use these materials to explore Edwardian jewelry.
  • Victorian Jewelry – Facts About Jewelry from the Victorian Era: A look at Victorian jewelry, designs that were popular during the long reign of Great Britain’s Queen Victoria. Significant changes took place in jewelry design during this period.


Rhinestones are colorless artificial stones that are intended to simulate diamonds. Follow the links to learn all about rhinestones.

Collectible Vintage Jewelry

Use these resources to learn more about identifying collectible vintage jewelry. Tutorials, photo galleries help you determine if the jewelry in your hand is truly a collectible.

Antique Restoration

With these easy tips, you’ll be able to bring your old furniture and antiques back to life! In this post, learn how to refinish your old furniture, redo your antique’s upholstery, and more.

Antique Jewelry – Finding An Antique Engagement Ring

Not all antique engagement rings are the same. Different eras have distinctly different styles, including Victorian (1835-1900), Edwardian (1900-1920), and Art Deco (1930). Any ring over 50 years old is considered an antique.

Almost daily you can find a site that offers very unique and different rings. They can range from Etruscan influences to modern and some of everything in between.

Mokume translates from Japanese as “wood eye” which looks like wood grain. The beautiful and unique patterns in mokume make definitely one of a kind ring. Even a mixture of titanium and 24K gold makes an unusual ring. You might want to look at the unusual vintage estate jewelry and fine reproductions. The vintage can include Victorian, Edwardian filigree, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Art Modern, Retro, l950′s,

The Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Antique Ring

  1. Timeless beauty
  2. Intricately detailed
  3. Unusual gemstones
  4. Rose-cut, old mine cut or old European cut
  5. Non-traditional
  6. Filigree settings
  7. Unique and unusual design settings
  8. Special appeal to nostalgia buffs
  9. Honors and appreciates the past
  10. Remarkable craftsmanship

Antique Jewelry Rings

Diamond antique jewelry rings which are greater than fifty several years aged could be considered as an antique. Old-fashioned jewelry is wearable accessories that include wide selections such as necklace around your neck, ear-rings, chains, engagement rings, ankle bracelets and so on. The jewelry array is regarded as true gifts, as these people are largely handcrafted and exclusive in style. This kind of diamond jewelry is available from hobbyists, online auctions, or when aged properties are traded. A good antique ring is an element on this variety has an excellent benefit in conditions of wonder and also beauty. This wedding ring is an antique jewelry ring mostly made applying several precious metals such as rare metal, platinum, and gold. In component, a broad selection of precious gems such as diamond jewelry as well as semi gemstones such as rubies, sapphire, emeralds and so on are utilized to engrave in it. This occurs in various styles and designs. Apart from, it is actually employed for a number of situations such as marriage ceremonies, engagement event, anniversaries occasion and so forth.

The customized regarding providing antique jewelry rings was announced throughout the marriage ceremonies placed in Roman time. In the future, it had been utilized to change for the period of wedding purposes to represent that the family members reach a relationship deal.

Antique rings of various times can be found in the industry. Victorian, Edwardian ring and Art Deco time rings are the most widely used. Between them, Victorian-era antique jewelry rings consist of gemstones or perhaps pearls set manufactured from a rose gold rings or even yellow metals. This kind of range keeps equally easy and sophisticated models. On the other hand, antique jewelry rings with the Edwardian era are generally made from platinum. Lacy wedding ceremony rings characteristic scrollwork as well as filigree artworks particularly about the mountings of the antique jewelry ring. Whilst sapphires and rose ring minimize diamonds are, the primary gemstones accustomed to determine about the rings. Deco Time rings arrive having a numerical model. A platinum ring is easily the most desired material to produce these types of jewelry rings. Even more, it really is created to appear amazing along with the usage of multi-colored as well as unique gemstones as well as expensive diamonds. These antique jewelry rings furthermore reveal the fundamental ethnicities of Egypt, Parts of Asia, and Local The united states.

Antique Jewelry RingsIt’s regarded as that purchasing a great antique jewelry rings needs a great concept to really make it a wonderful pay for. First of all, select antique jewelry rings of the specific era while they come in unique and also different designs. Additionally, the time specifications must be appeared at, as existing developments do not utilize in the producing for these rings. The home ought to be to look for an existing antique dealer in order to avoid buying harmed or perhaps low-value items. Once the ideal diamond ring is actually chosen then make sure the top quality of the diamonds created on them. As soon as the doing your choice is made, certification, that brings up the diamond ring explanation, and specs require to be completely examined for long term trade or many other utilizes of antique jewelry rings.

Antique Jewelry Boxes

Antique jewelry boxes are something of a more modern occurrence. Until some time around the industrial revolution, most women had very few pieces of jewelry. Therefore, there was no real need for a place to store them. That being said, there are tons of fabulous jewelry boxes that date from the 1800s to the mid-1900s. If you collect very old jewelry an antique jewelry box would be a fantastic place to store it.

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution jewelry boxes were able to be mass-produced. This made them more affordable for the working-class. Still, at that time jewelry boxes were much smaller than the varieties we have today, and you will probably not see any type of hanging jewelry organizer since most were made to be placed on a dresser top. Women did not have the number of pieces of jewelry as modern women.

Most of the early antique jewelry boxes were quite small. Some were designed to hold a single ring. Many early jewelry boxes were made of low melting point alloy metals. These boxes would then be electroplated with gold, silver, copper, and other such metals. Because of the softer metals, many of the hinges found on antique jewelry boxes are broken.

Antique ivory jewelry boxes are very popular with collectors. This type of jewelry organizer was much more durable than the softer alloy metal jewelry boxes that were much more common. Many of these boxes were lined with fine silks from Asia or satin.

Many of the designs of these antique jewelry boxes were inspired by world travel. In addition to the very popular Victorian themed boxes, you will also find Asian, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern just to name a few. Elaborate wooden antique jewelry boxes can be found; however, they are not as old as the metal varieties.

Antique jewelry boxes can make great personalized gifts for that special someone. In addition, one can be found to fit in with your own décor. Or perhaps you collect antique jewelry and need a unique way to display it. There is surely an antique jewelry box waiting for you.