Ethics Policy

Advertising and Editorial Content

Our website maintains a clear separation between advertising/sponsored content and editorial content.

All advertisements, sponsored posts, or other paid content on our site will be unambiguously distinguished from editorial content. These paid posts will be designated with labels such as “Ad,” “Advertorial,” or “Sponsored.”

Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisements or sponsors. Any content that is sponsored will be clearly labeled as such.

Expert Contributors

We feature advice and information from independent Expert Contributors. These Experts create content for our site and are compensated based in part on the pageviews their content generates.

Experts are required to uphold high ethical standards and legal/FTC disclosure requirements in their writing. They are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of the content they provide. The viewpoints in Expert articles belong solely to the author and not necessarily our site.

E-commerce and Affiliate Links

Some Expert Contributors may participate in affiliate marketing programs. They may receive compensation for purchases made through links to e-commerce partners on our site. Any affiliate relationships will conform to FTC disclosure rules.

Funding Sources

Our website’s sources of funding include:

  • Advertising and sponsored content revenue
  • Affiliate marketing revenue through links to e-commerce partners
  • Loans or transfers from affiliated companies

We do not accept funding that requires influencing our editorial content. Our content aims to provide readers with honest information and transparent disclosures around commercial relationships.