Shopping for Shoes Online

Shopping for Shoes Online: Why Would You?

Personally, I love shopping for shoes, any time and any place. But still every once in a while, when I mention that I buy so many shoes online, I’ll get the surprised reaction of: “But, you can’t try them on!”

This is certainly true; however, that shouldn’t necessarily mean that you can’t take advantage of the great selection and options available via online shoe shopping.

The ability to shop for shoes online is probably one of the best things about the era we’re living in. But, you still need to be careful about where you shop. Below I’ve listed several resources to ensure that you get the best deals from the best retailers.

Shopping for Shoes Online

This article will help you decide whether shopping for shoes online is right for you.

Latest Developments

In recent years, online shoe sales have been on the rise.

I believe this is based on several factors.

  • Style – Due to space limitations, many brick and mortar department and shoe stores simply can not offer the style and color selections of many of the online retailers. While finding a black pump is a relatively simple task at any store, a bronze sling-back is tougher to accomplish.
  • Standard Sizing – While many of us have no trouble finding shoes to fit right “off the rack,” there are probably more people who need something other than standard width or size. Warehouse workers, for example, need special shoes that can hardly be found in stores. These options are more readily available online.
  • Brand Name and Designer Merchandise – Between television, print, and online media, we’re bombarded with brand and designer names that are often difficult to find in local department stores. But running that name through any search engine brings usually returns several online retailers of the shoes you so covet.


I remember shopping for shoes as a kid – and by that, I mean actually going to a shoe store, having a salesperson measure your foot, and bringing you styles in your size.

Though I didn’t appreciate that quite as much as a child, now I’d probably enjoy the attention.

But pampering aside, what options were available to a woman who happened to wear a size 11 or 12? – Which, by the way, is much more common that the shoe industry wants to acknowledge.

She would be forced to either cram her feet into a too-small shoe, be offered whatever was in the storeroom in her size – usually a loafer, or be directed to the men’s department and told there were no pretty shoes for her.

Though I haven’t spoken directly with any men or women with smaller than average feet, I’m guessing their experience was similar, only perhaps the end result was being sent to the children’s department, where they could peruse shoes with bows or super-heroes on them.

Wider than average feet were forced into standard-width shoes, and people who needed comfortable footwear were forced to let the world know their needs by having to wear shoes that screamed “sensible.”

Thankfully, not only have the shoe manufacturers started catching on, but online shoe stores have increased our options — and even brick-and-mortar shoe stores are starting to acknowledge that no two feet are created equal.

Pros: Online Shoe Shopping

  • A wider selection of styles and colors.
  • Better potential to find the exact shoe or brand you are looking for.
  • More sizing options
  • If you’re an easy fit or know your size, you can shop for shoes any time you desire from the comfort of your home.

Cons: Online Shoe Shopping

  • If you are uncertain of your size or width, you must try shoes on before purchasing. Ill-fitting shoes are not good for your feet or your mood.
  • If you have special footwear needs, you may want to have a discussion about them with a footwear expert. This is not easily accomplished online.
  • Even overnight shipping isn’t as quick as a car ride to the nearest shoe store. If you need your shoes in a hurry, and they have to be right, don’t take chances, buy them in person.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of making online purchases, you should definitely not.
  • While the vast majority of web transactions are safe, if online shopping costs you peace of mind – you should not do it.

Where It Stands

Ultimately, where and how you shop for shoes is totally your decision.

You should do what makes you most comfortable, and there is certainly nothing wrong with the traditional way of shopping for shoes — as long as your needs are being met.

However, if you’re interested in increasing your options, there is a whole world of new shoe shopping opportunities awaiting you on the world wide web.

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