Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

It provides insider information so you can get the best deals on women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Shopping Tips

Vintage Shopping Tips

Get the best deals on vintage clothes and accessories with these tips.

Secondhand Shopping

Learn the smartest ways to shop thrift, consignment, and vintage stores.

Where to shop for reproduction and vintage-inspired clothing: Do you love retro, pin-up, or rockabilly style but loathe shopping vintage? These brands offer vintage-inspired options in the gamut of sizes.

Shoe Shopping

Tips for getting the best footwear bargains.

Tips for Buying Sandals That Are Flattering AND Comfortable: Can a sandal be both flattering and comfortable? It certainly can. Read on to learn about design features to seek in your sandals.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Pair of Sneakers or Trainers: All the cool girls are wearing sneakers and trainers these days, but how do you pick the perfect pair? This article offers tips on what to look for.

Seasonal Shopping

Tips and advice for shopping-specific to one of the four seasons

Tips for the Best Late December and January Fashion Bargains: Black Friday deals are good, but post-Christmas deals are even better. Tips for getting fashion items for less during late winter sales.

A Roundup of Winter-Ready Dresses With Long Sleeves: Here are a few great 3/4-sleeved and long-sleeved dresses that will see you through to the end of winter weather.

A selection of deep discounts running on the weekend of Presidents’ Day: Presidents’ Day sale offers huge bargains at stores including Nordstrom,, Barney’s Warehouse, Tory Burch, Amazon & more. Get the details here.

Denim Dresses and Skirts Are Hot for Fall. Find Yours Here: All the It-girls are wearing denim skirts and chambray dresses this fall. In the market yourself? Here are some picks for non-jeans denim to consider.

Clearance Shopping

Tips for shopping the clearance racks

Being cheap doesn’t make it a bargain. So what does?: Sale and clearance racks are hard to resist, but just because something is 75% off doesn’t make it a bargain. Here are tips for shopping smart.

Sale Shopping

Advice for making the most of retailer sales

Sale Shopping

Tips for making the most of designer sample sales: Designer sample sales can be daunting, but they can also yield amazing rewards. Here are some tips for shopping smart at sample sales.

Insider Shopping Tips

Get the most out of your shopping experience with these tips.

Personal shopping and tailoring services are free at some stores: Although few advertise them, many retailers offer free services to shoppers including simple alterations, personal shopping help, and fittings.

The Best Designer Diffusion Lines and Where to Shop for Them: High-end fashion designers create diffusion lines to offer customers more affordable options. Learn about a few and where to buy them in this article.

Get expert help when shopping for bras, jeans, and formal dresses: Are you sure you know your true bra size? Shopping for certain items will be more successful if you enlist the help of a knowledgeable sales associate.

Make smarter decisions by taking these steps before shopping: Shopping smart means being prepared. Research, planning, and other simple steps you take before hitting the mall can help you make sound decisions.

Stores, brands, and websites with customer-friendly return policies: Most stores stick to a two-week return window, but some are flexible. These brands, stores, and websites have customer-friendly return policies.

What times of day and days of the week are best for clothing shopping?: Will you see lower prices on Monday or Friday? Do online discounts happen before or after in-store ones appear? Find these answers and more right here.

Accessory Shopping Tips

Scarves, belts, bags, and more – tips for getting the best deals on accessories.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Glasses Online: People who wear glasses know that the wrong pair can ruin your whole look. So is it worth the risk to order online so you can pay less for your frames?

Online Shopping

Advice for getting the most out of your online purchases

Resources for artist-designed graphic tees: Graphic tees are always chic, but not when they’re emblazoned with tacky slogans. Here are six resources for artistic, unique graphic tees.

These Tools Will Help You Comparison Shop Online and in Person: These newsletters, websites, apps, and browser extensions will make sure you know when brands and items you love go on sale.

Clothing Shopping

Advice for buying the best garments for your style and lifestyle

Guidelines for hosting a successful and fun clothing swap event: Most of us have heard of clothing swap parties, but few have attended or thrown one. Here are some ideas for creating your own swap event and making it rewarding for all.

Designer Shopping Tips

The inside scoop on shopping for designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Trendy Shopping

Tips for finding the hottest fashion trends

10 Trendy Fringe Clothes and Accessories for Spring: Fringed jackets, fringe handbags, and fringed clothes are all super trendy for spring and summer. Here’s a roundup of chic fringed items.

Shop These Stores for Yoga Pants, Sneakers, and other Athleisure Items: Fancy loungewear and upscale workout clothes meet and marry within the Athleisure trend. Want to capture the look? Here are the shopping suggestions.