Gen Z is always rebranding everyday stuff into viral trends – and their latest victim is plain ol’ water.

These health-conscious young adults seem obsessed with finding the coolest new ways to stay hydrated. And they just latched onto the latest TikTok craze: “sexy water.”

It started when content creator Kelly Grace Mae heard podcaster Lauryn Bosstick talk about making her morning coffee a “sensual, body-benefiting experience.”

Mae was inspired. As she told Women’s Wear Daily, “Sexy water became this romanticized time for me to enjoy water more. In the morning, I’d drink it and make it fun – like a self-care ritual, not a chore.”

What is the "Sexy Water" Wellness Trend

So what makes water suddenly sexy? Mostly, it’s about the mindset.

Here are some of the key elements I’ve noticed in my deep dive on #sexywater TikTok:

  • Add fruit or cucumber. Sliced strawberries, lemons, oranges, etc. give it a spa water vibe. The extra flavors make it feel special.
  • Use a cute glass. Drinking from a nice wine glass or mason jar makes it an experience.
  • Create an ambiance. Dim lighting, candles, soft music – set the mood like you’re at a luxury spa.
  • Take your time. Slowly sipping sexy water first thing in the morning helps you wake up in a peaceful, mindful way.
  • Ice cubes. They make those first sips extra refreshing. Go for spherical ice to really level up.
  • Affirmations. Repeat positive mantras while drinking to turn it into a ritual of self-care.
  • Bath time. Bring your sexy water to the tub for the ultimate hydrotherapy.

Bottom line – is sexy water worth the hype? For me, 100%. By transforming my plain water into a luxurious, relaxing experience, I actually look forward to drinking it. And hydrating has never felt so good.

So if you’re bored of regular water, give sexy water a try. With the right mindset, even H2O can be a treat for the senses!

The original article was written by Brooke Steinberg for the New York Post and published on March 22, 2024. Check out the Post’s full article here for more details on sexy water and why it resonates:

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