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Hairstyle Tutorials – Cool DIY Hairstyle Ideas. Learn how to create beautiful updos and cool braided hairstyles. See step-by-step instructions (with photos!) to find out how to do your hair at home.

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Thanks for checking out! I started this site with the mission to share some of the secrets that I have learned during the course of my life as a DIY hairstylist, and my career as a professional hairstylist. You can count on us to tell you the truth about hair, and dispel some of the myths that you may have been raised to believe about modern-day styling and care.

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Within the categories of Hairstyle Tutorials, you will find easy to follow instructions on easy DIY haircuts, DIY hair coloring techniques, DIY hairstyling ideas, as well as random hair thoughts, general hair inspiration, DIY hair products, and everything No-poo related!

Along with the tons of free quality DIY hair content, Hairstyle Tutorials now has a category that features complete tutorial videos of hair cuts and colors for men, women, and children as well as custom hair consultations to answer any hair questions you may have, and send you in the right direction towards the hair you desire.


Hairstyle Tutorials: Twist Braid – Bundle of twist braid weaving

Hairstyle Tutorials – The 10-Step Program for Growing out Short Hair

Are you trying to grow out your short hair? I feel your pain. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing tips to keep you going during the dreaded grow-out phase. Check out these tips and tricks to achieve the long hair you’ve been dreaming about!

1. Have a Short-Term Goal

Unfortunately, there are at least nine phases of hair lengths between very short and very long. For the most impatient of us, this can be a major drag, but if you have a short-term goal in mind, it’s easier to make it through. Have the next phase of your hairstyle in mind before you begin your grow-out. This will keep you on track and give you something to look forward to on your way to your long-term goal.

2. Have a Long-Term Goal

So, you’re growing out your hair. What’s your end goal? Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s a hairstyle compatible with your hair texture. Make sure to also pay attention to the way your hair is growing and take note of the texture and growth pattern along the way. This information can be incredibly valuable when choosing a longer hairstyle that works for you.

3. Communicate with Your Stylist

If you’re going through a grow-out, it’s important to make sure your stylist is aware of what you are working towards. Show them a photo of your short-term and long-term goals and be honest about your concerns. Haven’t found a hairdresser that you like? Check out this how-to and find the right stylist to help you get on a good grow-out path!

4. Book Haircuts in Advance

A trim and reshaping every six to eight weeks can really go a long way! And if you know that you have an appointment already booked, you are less likely to make irrational hair choices when your hair is not behaving. Patience is a virtue, my friend.

5. Remember the Two-Week Rule

The lumpiest, frumpiest, shortest hair grow out phases can go from wretched to amazing in the course of two weeks. Remember that when you’re reaching for the kitchen scissors. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!

6. When in Doubt, Accessorize

Going through a particularly hard growing out phase? Get some headbands, bows, clips, headscarves, hats, and flowers and have some fun with them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to accessories, and who doesn’t love experimenting? With accessories, you can alleviate many of the stresses that come with the grow-out phase and create a new look every day.

7. Find a Hair Routine that Works for You

Take good care of your hair so that it grows out strong and healthy. I love coconut oil treatments to nourish my ends. Make sure your diet supports healthy hair growth and try taking a supplement like Hair, Skin, and Nails Collagen Support Vitamins or Biotin tablets.

Why not try juicing for faster-growing hair? Read up on herbs like horsetail to support healthy hair growth, and remember that sometimes, less is more. Don’t fight your natural hair, learn to love it.

When I started the ShamPHree method, my hair literally started growing twice as fast. It’s amazing what happens when you remove all that harmful gunk from your scalp and hair.

8. Brush Your Hair!

Brush your hair! I don’t go anywhere without my paddle brush. Remember, heat and friction cause cell mitosis (the division of cells and the creation of new cells). Anything that heats up and stimulates your scalp will help your hair grow faster. This is why hair grows faster in the summer months. Brushing your hair daily will make it grow faster and also help distribute healthy scalp oils to condition your hair.

9. Experiment

Experiment with short hair styling options! Have fun and play nice with your short hair.

10. Explore the Power of Bangs

NEVER forget the power of bangs. Bangs can make your short hair look longer. They can also add some excitement back into your life and get you out of a hair rut. They can add instant polish and personality to the shaggiest of mops. Talk to your stylist about getting bangs. Or try some DIY your bangs.

Got it? You are good to grow.