Lingerie – A Style Guide

Lingerie Trends, Fabric Innovations, Industry News

All the latest lingerie trends, and more. Keep up-to-date on new launches, including the most surprising fabric innovations, like anti-cellulite shapewear. Designer styles — straight from the runways — will be posted every season. Plus, previews of the trendiest colors and styles for upcoming seasons.

Lingerie - A Style Guide

  • Comfortable Styles: Comfortable everyday bras and panty styles that you won’t want to ever take off…see which is best for your body type, and why. Find a wire-free bra, comfortable thong, or shapewear you’ll love…
  • Lingerie Trends for Spring: Lingerie trends: T-Shirt bras, seamless underwear, no VPL panties, retro-style lingerie, pretty lingerie sets, and anti-cellulite shapewear.
  • Why You Should Get Lingerie in All Shades of Green: Green is a lucky color to wear in 2018, and it’s also a lingerie trend this season.

Comfortable Everyday Bras

Finding a comfortable bra to wear every day – like a wire-free or t-shirt style – is easy if you know the features to look for, like soft cotton or stretch microfiber fabrics. Choose a bra style based on your body type, and the level of support you need.

Here is everything you need to know about the different bra styles – and how to decide which will be most comfortable for your body type.

Panty Styles

Do you know the difference between a Brazilian thing and a G-string?
How high is a high-waist brief? How low is a low-rise bikini?

Or…maybe you’re looking for a seamless panty that won’t show lines under clothing? Or how about a style that will help flatten your tummy?

Here’s a guide to help you find the panty style for you – whether you’re looking for a high-waist tummy-shaping brief, a sexy lace bikini, or comfortable thong underwear.

Bra Fitting, Style Guide

Do you know exactly how all types of lingerie should fit – from a chemise to a corset?

It can be tricky because, lingerie manufacturers often use different sizing methods, from one brand to the next. The size you are depends on many factors, including where the bra is made.

And bra-fitting is another issue. How much do you really know all about bra sizing – and the difference between a DD and an E cup size?

Here’s a guide to how to be sure you’re wearing the right lingerie for your body type – and how to find your correct size in any style or brand.

Fancy Styles for Special Dates – Fancy Date-Night Lingerie, Styles for Special Occasions

Looking for a sexy matching bra and panty set? A fancy matching bra and panty set can be glamorous, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day, a honeymoon, or just a sexy date night. Check out these in pretty lace, chic black and racy red…

Wearing fancy lingerie can make you feel glamorous, especially since it doesn’t seem right to wear plain ‘ol cotton undies under a pretty dress on a special occasion.

Is Valentine’s Day coming up, your honeymoon? Or, just a date-night?
If you love fancy lace, chic black lingerie or racy red, check out these styles.

Sexy Sleepwear & Slips

Why go to bed in the boy’s boxers and an old t-shirt when you can feel so glamorous and sexy lounging around your house in one of these styles?

Check out some of the prettiest silk and satin robes, chemises, teddies, rompers and slips.

Some of these styles are perfect for sleeping in, while you’ll want to save others for date-night – or to wear under a fancy dress.

Hosiery & Garter Belts

A sexy bra and panty set isn’t complete without the right hosiery to match.

Check out these sexy stockings, thigh highs, and garter belts – plus pantyhose and tights. All about these styles, how to wear them – and where to get them.

Retro & Pin-Up Girl Styles

Pin-up girls knew the secret to get hourglass curves and looking hot. Some retro lingerie styles include bullet bras, girdles, and garter belts. Check out some of these retro styles that can be super-sexy and romantic.

But these styles don’t need to be uncomfortable – many brands today use modern fabrics that are more comfortable than the ones used back in the day, to replicate a vintage look.

Here’s a handy guide to all things retro, in lingerie.

Caring for your Delicates

Bras and any type of lingerie can be expensive. Knowing how to care for it will help your undies to last longer.

Find out the best way to wash a sexy lace underwire bra, and how to keep hosiery from running. Do some styles really need to be hand-washed? Is there a special way to care for a silk robe? How do you wash a corset?

This guide will help answer all these questions and more.

What To Wear With…? Shapewear for Every Dress, Bras for Every Top

Confused about what to wear with a racerback top, or an asymmetrical dress? Here’s help.

What’s the best type of shapewear to flatter my figure under a clingy, curve-hugging dress? We’ve got a guide to this, too.

Are you looking for seamless underwear that won’t show any lines under your clothes? Check out the info below.

When you know how to pair the right types of lingerie with your clothing styles, you’ll feel more supported, comfortable – and your outfits will look fabulous.

Bras, panties, and shapewear to wear under any dress or top style, from strapless to asymmetrical and racerback. Push-up bras and seamless shapewear that won’t show any lines under your clothes.


Shapewear can be a girl’s best friend. You can count on these shapewear styles to deliver so many benefits, including tummy-flattening, cleavage-enhancing, midriff-flattening, thigh-toning, hip-slimming, back-smoothing, and even butt-lifting.

Here’s a handy guide to help you flatter your figure. Check out all the different shapewear styles, how to find the right shapewear for your body type – plus, we’ll let you know about the most comfortable shapewear brands.

Try a few of these shapewear solutions, and so you can feel confident and look your best – even in the clingiest curve-hugging dress.

Sports Bras

Not all sports bras are created equal. Here’s how to find the right one to wear, which depends on your body type and activity level.

Check out these tips and find the best sports bras for you – to be the most comfortable, and most supported.

Trends & Industry News

All the latest lingerie trends, and more.

Keep up-to-date on new launches, color and style trends – and surprising fabric innovations.

Lingerie Designers & Brands

All about the best lingerie designers – from niche brands you should know about to all the most popular brands, like Victoria’s Secret.

Get to know the designers. Find out which brands have the best styles – and best selection – in your size.

Shop – Ratings & Reviews

Shopping for Lingerie, Bra Ratings, and Reviews. Need to know about the best places to shop for lingerie online – and the best brick-and-mortar boutiques? Or are you wondering which department stores carry your favorite brands?

Find out where to shop for the best styles, and how to buy lingerie online. Read reviews on bras and shapewear, before you buy. Rate the styles you love, and tell us about the ones you don’t.

Check out these reviews before shopping for a bra, panty, thong, sports bra, or shapewear.

Rate the styles you love, and tell us about the ones you don’t.

Wacky Bras, Lingerie Books & More

Are you a true lingerie fanatic? Read on…

Here’s some information about the lingerie industry, plus – the best books to read if you’re a designer, student, marketer – or just a lingerie fan obsessed with pretty styles.

Did you know that lingerie manufacturers often help raise money for charity? And, donating a bra to women in other countries can change their life – find out why.

Looking for a little deeper lingerie history? Or do you just love retro styles and want to see vintage lingerie ads? We’ve got that, too.

Plus, don’t miss the info about who invented the first bra, when women began wearing pantyhose, and what the first corsets looked like.

Craving more? Check out the fun features – like what your favorite lingerie color says about you…

Comfortable Styles

Are you always on the hunt for a more comfortable bra? Here’s help. Check out these everyday bra styles, made from comfortable fabrics. There are even wire-free styles that will still deliver the right support for your body type.

And, find the most comfortable panty styles. Need seamless undies that won’t show under your clothes? We’ve got the scoop on that, too.

Or, do you need comfortable shapewear that won’t make you feel like a stuffed sausage?

Here’s a guide to how to find all types of comfortable lingerie styles that are right for your body type.

All About Shapewear

Here’s what to wear underneath any outfit, for any occasion – from comfortable everyday styles to fancy shapewear to wear underneath a bridal gown.

Find the right shapewear to wear under any dress or clothing style. Fancy shapewear for a special occasion or retro styles like corsets and bustiers. Find the best styles for your body type…

Check out the retro styles, plus corsets and bustiers that will cinch your waist and lift your bosom.

Need tummy-taming, thigh-slimming or butt-lifting? We’ve got that covered, too.

Surprising & Unusual Benefits?

Check out all these surprising benefits that some shapewear and lingerie brands promise to deliver…

  • ‘Smarter’ Shapewear
  • Review: Playtex Posture Support Bra
  • Review: NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra

What Do I Wear With…?

Find the best underwear and shapewear top pair with any type of outfit — including backless, strapless, and ‘barely there’ styles. These underwear solutions will help you to always look your best.

  • Lace Bike Shorts
  • 5 Ways to Wear a Corset
  • Pair a Bullet Bra with a Vintage Dress…Here’s Why
  • An Adhesive Bra

Waist Cinchers & Tummy Flatteners

Help your waist & tummy look a little smaller with these styles…

  • Corsets at Every Price – 10 Waist-Cinching Styles
  • How to Buy a Corset

Cleavage Enhancers

Enhance your cleavage with these push-up bra and bustier styles.

  • Bustiers for Every Budget
  • A Corset or a Bustier? What’s the Difference?