Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Learn how to find the right eyeglasses for your face shape. Get shopping tips and money-saving advice when shopping for eyewear. See cool sunglasses styles.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Eyeglasses 101

Gone are the days when wearing glasses was a chore because eyewear also doubled up as a style statement. You’ll find everything about wearing glasses for function, fun, and fashion here.

Choosing a Frame

Tips for selecting eyeglasses that best fit your lifestyle, budget, and personal style.

A Closer Look at Spectacles

An in-depth, behind-the-scenes showcase of eyewear from every perspective.

Major Eyewear Brands

Like any fashion, the world of eyeglasses is full of brands with flair and good looks. These are the names that drive the optical business.

Eyeglass Glossary

The most important components of a pair of glasses are what they do.

  • Nosepads: Nosepads hold your glasses up and determine the height at which you look through the lenses.
  • Temples: The temples keep your glasses in place by securing them along the sides of your face.
  • Temple Tips: The temple tips secure the other end of your glasses over your ears and balance the front and back of the frame across the length of your head.
  • Bridge: The bridge holds your glasses up and determines the height at which you look through the lenses.
  • Hinges: The hinges are mostly for convenience as they enable your glasses to be closed for easy storage. They also allow the temples to be adjusted for the most comfortable fit.


There is so much more to sunglasses than meets the eye. Shades are cool fashionable, and help define your personality, giving your eyes all the UV protection they need.


In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses are a great accessory to your lifestyle. Do you need them for sports, prescription, eye surgery recovery, or fashion? Here’s how to pick the right pair.

Fashion Sunglasses

Celebrities and everyone in the spotlight wear the hottest sunglasses in season, a must-have in your fashion accessories kit.

Prescription Sunglasses

If you don’t wear contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are a great way to correct your vision, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and block out the sun’s glare.

Major Sunglass Brands

All major fashion and lifestyle brands have their collections of sunglasses. Learn more about shades and their styles – rose-tinted lenses are optional!

Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for all outdoor sports, for UV protection and blocking glare. They’re also part of the gear for indoor activities if you need to sharpen your vision or keep your eyes safe from impact.

Kids & Eyeglasses

Myopia is a growing vision problem among children, as more lead computer- and video-game-centric lifestyles. Getting kids to accept having to wear glasses is not always easy – here’s how to help them make the transition seamlessly.

Choosing Children’s Frames

There are many things to consider when selecting eyeglasses for your child: school, sports, comfort, sturdiness, and ease of use. Find him or her the perfect pair.

Children’s Eyewear Brands

With more children than ever needing eyeglasses, there are plenty of brands to choose from, serving every need from comfort to fun.

Eyewear Accessories

Remember those non-descript elastic straps that keep your glasses from falling off or librarian-like spectacle chains? Keeping your frames and sunglasses safe on your face looks much better these days!

Eyewear Care

A good pair of glasses should last you at least two years (be sure you go to the eye doctor’s for an annual exam to ensure your prescription hasn’t changed). Because most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, here’s how you can take great care of your eyewear to keep it looking and working fine beyond 12 months.

Eyewear Fashion & Trends

Eyeglasses are about spectacular style – you can look good and see perfectly simultaneously. With collections from fashion houses and independent designers sharing face space from runways to everywhere else in the world, it’s easy to feel like a kid in an eye candy store.

Eye Spy: The Week’s Best Celebrity Eyewear Look

Who’s wearing what? Often, the most good-looking frames and sunglasses are found on celebrity faces. We pick one favorite every week.

Luxury Collections

Eyewear collections from the world’s most luxurious and exclusive fashion houses.

Famous Brands

You’ll always come across eyewear brands when shopping or browsing for new frames and sunglasses.

Independent Labels

You may not have heard of these eyewear brands, but they are often the most innovative, cutting-edge, gorgeous, high-quality frames and sunglasses in the optical market.

Designer Look Book: Eyewear Visionaries

The world’s most prolific eyewear designers, and their spectacular collections.

Where to Buy Eyewear

It’s a shopper’s paradise if you’re looking for new glasses and sunglasses. You can go anywhere from a discount optician in a big box retailer to luxury boutiques featuring the most exclusive fashion brands. What are you looking for? We help you navigate spectacle shopping.

Discount Opticians

For a basic pair of functional glasses and sunglasses, discount opticians are your best bet, and they’re everywhere.

Independent Opticians

For the most personalized service and unique eyewear selections that aren’t a dime a dozen, independent opticians are all about the optical experience. Many double up as fashion stylists!

Online Opticians

Eyewear is just a click away with the growing popularity of websites selling prescription eyewear, frames, and sunglasses.

Major Optical Chains

If you’re concerned about nationwide warranties and policies, and a consistent standard of practice and service, major optical chains are a convenient option no matter where you are.

Eyewear Boutiques

Boutiques specializing in sunglasses only or exclusive frame collections are where you should head if you don’t need a prescription or can get your lenses from your optician or eye doctor.