Iskra Banović, Editor-in-Chief

I am Iskra Banović, the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Blufashion. I have been steering the website’s content and editorial direction since 2018. With my rich background in fashion design, my expertise spans fashion, interior design, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and culture.

Before embarking on my digital journey with, I had a flourishing career in the fashion industry, which laid a solid foundation for my current editorial role.

I’m a fashion artist and writer obsessed with sketching fleeting moments of style. As an illustrator, I capture runway shows and help designers bring concepts to life. My writing explores the ephemeral nature of beauty and fame.

I’m a contributing style writer for Editor-in-Chief and the founder of BlueFashion. When I’m not putting pen to paper, you can find me in my favorite cities – Belgrade, New York, London, and Paris. I divide my time between traveling back home for fashion events and client commissions.

Get this – I grew up OFF-GRID on a Serbian farm, wearing the same clothes every day! My music teacher mom and builder dad homeschooled my brother and me in our log cabin. The closest I got to fashion was flipping through library books on historical costumes.

But somehow I just knew I was destined for the fashion world. I high-tailed it to Belgrade for design school as soon as I could. I was such a keen student I won awards left and right. Yet after graduating I struggled to hold down a regular design job. Perhaps because I was used to being self-directed, it became clear that I was destined for self-employment.

While still a student, I started a fashion blog where I posted my drawings. Through that, I gradually built an independent freelance illustration career.

Luckily, I had started a little fashion sketch blog in school, which took off. Through years of hustle, I built my freelance illustration business from the ground up. In 2007, I began sketching live runway shows – talk about trial by fire! But I found my groove, developing a loose style observers seem to enjoy. Now, my work has been featured internationally.

Between travel and client work, I still make time for elaborate paper dolls, as I did as a kid. Creating an endless array of outfits satisfies my fashion addiction. Sometimes, I even get paid for it!

I consider myself so fortunate to have access to the front lines of fashion as an independent artist. Speaking engagements allow me to share my weird career path and unique illustration techniques with others, which I love.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about fashion, art, or entrepreneurship!

My remarkable work has not gone unnoticed; it’s been showcased in major magazines and News like FOX 40 WICZ TV, The Hudson Weekly, MSN, Digital Journal NewsbreakLiberoTechBullionSelfGrowthWebwikiUrban MatterScoopearthABNewswire, and more.

Beyond the world of fashion and beauty, I love technology, pop culture, beach outings, and delving into a good novel.

Certified: Reuters Digital Journalism

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