Do you love collecting different kinds of watch brands or different models of watches? Then I think you definitely need a watch holder to showcase all these beautiful collectibles to make sure they are safely stored without any possibility of damage. Instead of opting for expensive choices, you can simply create your own watch holders with simple and old things that are available at home.

Air freshener cans

air freshener cans

This is one of the most simplest and easily available options in most homes, as you just need to use the cans directly to store watches, bracelets, etc. You can also decorate the can to make it look different.

Belt and stick holder

belt and stick holder

Attach and a thin stick of wood to the old belts or frames, and then you can hang the watches to the hooks that are nailed in the wooden stick. This will help them stay in place without overlapping.


candle holder

Though this one looks messier than the above choices, you can easily grab the one you are looking for, as it is transparent and looks more like a jewelry lot.

Curtain rods

curtain rods - DIY Watch Holders

If there are plenty of watches or bangles to store, then this would serve as the right option as you can make use of curtain rods to hang the watches. Decorate the curtain rods with colorfully wrapped fabric, or simply make use of glossy rods to make it look lavish.

Wooden stands

jewelry display stands

You can purchase these wooden jewelry display stands from stores or make them at home if you have some waste wood at home.

Picture frame

DIY picture frame watch holder

Picture frames can be used for many things other than to just display pictures in them, and this is one such idea where you can attach hooks to them and make use of it to hang watches.

Pvc pipes

DIY Watch Holders

Beautifully wrapped PVC pipes are one of the ways to store hand jewelry, and you can decorate it with flowers and ribbons to make it look attractive. These pipes can be covered with gift wrappers to make them look different and like a designer rod.

Wine bottle storage

DIY wine bottle storage

Wine bottles have been spotted in many DIY ideas, and next time you want to throw them away, think twice before you do cause you can use them beautifully for many decorative things and watch storage being one among them.

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