11 Thanksgiving Tattoos You'll Be Thankful You Don't Have

Thanksgiving, as we all know, is a time of giving, a time of appreciating, and a time of pie. It’s also, according to various people on Instagram, a time of getting tattoos of colorful turkeys. Here are 11 Thanksgiving tattoos that beg the question, Okay, cool. But… why, exactly?

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1. Paigesandovalstattoos

This is actually a really pretty piece of art… but I wouldn’t advise getting a tattoo to represent a group of people who hijacked land and caused the deaths of thousands of people. You know?

2. Mel_at_aces

I kind of love this. Wishbones don’t mean enough to me that I’d want one to be a permanent part of my kneecap, but it’s a cool tattoo idea for someone else!

3. Aceshightattooshop

This one I totally understand. Pumpkin pie deserves to be celebrated. Pumpkin pie deserves to be treated like an angel sent down from heaven. Pumpkin pie should be a part of each and every one of us.

4. Stace_of_spade

When I see something like this, I really want to track down the owner of it and ask why corn matters to them. Not that you need a lengthy explanation for your tattoo, but I can’t help but wonder what led to getting this done.

5. Sheerserror

Does this person love turkeys? Does this person love hunting turkeys? Is a turkey their Patronus? I really want to know! (The colors are kind of awesome on this, by the way.)

6. Alexistattoos

Why shouldn’t you get a tattoo of a dandy turkey carrying an umbrella? I understand where this person was coming from. We get each other.

7. Cesar666pimenta

I understand this tattoo a little less to each their own, of course. But… what? Is the turkey a hillbilly? Is the person with the turkey tattoo a hillbilly? I wish this photo came along with an essay to explain it.

8. Kirkellingsen

People tend to hate their feet, but nobody hates berry pie! I’m going to take a lesson from this photo and cover any part of my body I have an issue with… with a picture of dessert. I love it.

9. Evolvedbodyart

Coffee and dessert are two of the most important parts of Thanksgiving, yes, but they’re also two of the most important parts of life in general. This tattoo speaks to me.

10. Naterdeal

I don’t even want to know why this person has a tattoo of an onion and a potato. I want to keep the mystery alive. It’s too fun to guess. (And how pretty is that purple ink? Wow.)

11. 3rdlayertattoo

Food is probably the only thing I love to honor with a permanent tattoo, so I feel like me, and this person would get along. Carrots and garlic are a big part of my life, too.

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