Refresh Your Living Room: 5 Accessories to Get Rid of Now

Refresh Your Space with Real Flowers

Tired of dusty, fake flowers? Opt for real ones instead! They not only add a burst of color but also bring a breath of fresh air to any room, truly enhancing your home's atmosphere.

Simplify Your Photo Displays

Declutter your space by moving away from small and novelty photo frames. For a modern look, use simpler frames and create a photo wall, making your memories stand out without overwhelming your shelves.

Revitalize Your Throw Pillows

Say goodbye to flimsy, flat throw pillows. Upgrade to fuller, more comfortable options that add both comfort and style to your living spaces. Consider ditching dated bolsters to keep your decor fresh and contemporary.

Avoid Dated Decor Like Macramé

Keep your decor up-to-date by steering clear of macramé. Once a staple of past decades, its potential comeback was short-lived. Choosing more timeless decorations can prevent your space from looking outdated.

Choose Modern Ways to Display Inspirational Words

While inspirational words can uplift, three-dimensional lettering can look dated. Instead, opt for framed prints with meaningful quotes, integrating them into a stylish photo wall for a cleaner, more modern aesthetic.