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Women are told not to wear all kinds of clothing, but what kinds of clothing should men never wear?

We all know that women are supplied with style rules from the time we are very young up until approximately when we die, but what about men’s fashion? I recently heard a man complain that there is not enough variety in style for guys, so he wished women would give him more feedback. Well, Guy With Great Hair At My Neighborhood Bar, this one’s for you!

Women are told what to wear, what not to wear, and how our bodies wearing the clothes should look. There are styles plus size women are told to never wear, as well as plenty of rules regarding pale women, dark women, thin women, small- and large-breasted women. While I do not want to run around telling men that they’re unattractive and pathetic and displeasing to my eyes, I thought it might be interesting to investigate the things that women hate seeing on men most. All men, regardless of their body types or appearance (so let’s leave any “if a guy is short, I hate seeing him wear _____” kind of comments aside).

I, for example, hate seeing men in shorts. Once in a while, I find it charming if the shorts are well-fitted and they happen to style the rest of their look with a tailored shirt, nice shoes, and a good watch, but otherwise, I hate shorts. But more than anything else, I hate salmon-colored shorts. Summer of 2013 was a rough one, my friends; all over New York City, there were men wearing the same stupid faded blue button-downs with salmon-colored shorts and Sperry’s, and I hated it. If I show up on a first date with you and you are wearing this outfit, I will assume you are the kind of guy with a money band, the phrase “fuck bitches, let’s get rich” in his vernacular, and a friend who calls himself Seth Brogan.

What is your least favorite thing to see a guy wearing? Tell us in the comments!

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