You know how sometimes, you’re walking down the street and you see a remarkably well-dressed guy, and you’re just like, Good god, when did my neighborhood get so hot? And why didn’t I at least put in dry shampoo today? That’s always wonderful! This post is about outfits that give you the exact opposite reaction. While women admittedly love a man wearing a vest over a button-down or elbow patches on his sweater, there is also an abundance of deplorable trends that men continue to perpetuate.

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In a recent Reddit thread asking women to respond with the item of clothing that immediately turns [them] off,” the results were pretty fascinating. Obviously, if you’re a guy, you should wear whatever you want to, but if you happen to be intrigued by what women are saying regarding your clothes, this is the place to figure it out. Ladies, do you agree with any of these instant deal breakers?

1. Too much hair gel.

Stripedsweater: “Using so much hair gel, I can see your crusty scalp underneath a layer of wet hedgehog spines.”

2. Sunglasses for…not your eyes.

northernknees: “When guys wear sunglasses on the back of their head, it’s the absolute worst.”

3. Shiny shirts.

furnelladeville: “Shiny dress shirts. They make you look like a cocaine dealer.”

4. Too-big clothes.

catsarecool13: “Over-sized clothing. I’m convinced most of the guys I know to think they’re a size XL when they’re all really [Mediums].”

5. Them dragon shirts, tho.

sugarhawk: “Don’t get me wrong, I love a nerdy guy (I am married to one), but any guy who wears a shiny button-down, or one with a dragon on it, or with an anime character. Is an instant TURN OFF!!”

6. Tighty whiteys.

Cananbaum: “Can a gay man chime in? Tighty whiteys… it’s… just something you expect younger children to wear. Not to mention – they just don’t look good in general.”

7. Basically, The Situation’s BFF in a metal band.

westsideasses: “Anything metallic, anything with too deep a V, anything that has a specialized font (Affliction), Ed Hardy, nothing with rhinestones for god’s sake, overuse of hair gel, white sunglasses.”

8. Giant bowling shirts.

DaTruthHurtz: “My ex had a shirt with this design, and it was a silky button-up bowling-type shirt which was about two sizes too big for him. I’m not a fashionista and generally pretty laid back about these things, but there is no way in hell I’m being seen with anyone wearing that. Also, he wasn’t even a fan of The Simpsons, so I didn’t understand at all. So my contribution is XXXL silky bowling shirts.”

9. Poorly-fitting jeans.

AmberDifranco: “Guys, a pair of jeans that fit you really well is well worth the splurge.”

10. Speaking of which: baggy pants.

runninger: “Baggy pants and/or having their underwear hang out over the top of their pants. No. Just no. Especially the guys who do it on purpose to look ‘cool.'”

11. The perfect foundation to good style.

ITS_A_GUNDAAAM: “Just ask yourself. Would Guy Fieri wear this? If yes, stay the hell away from it.”

12. Thumb rings.

Chuck_Lotus:” Thumb rings, or other excessive jewelry.”

13. Ultra-deep V-necks.

PM_ME_YOUR_NUDE_BUM: “Super deep V-necks are atrocious. I don’t want to see man cleavage.”

14. Ill-fitting suits.

shesingsinthemorning: “A suit that does not fit properly. If you’re gonna spend money on a suit, make sure it fits/take it to a tailor.”

15. Hot Topic jewelry.

Imbeingmauledbybears: “I once didn’t date a guy because he always wore a ball chain necklace. Motherfucker you’re 30, and I can handle a lot of shit, but I draw the line there. No matter how nicely he dressed up, that goddamned necklace was there, ruining everything.

“Well, that’s not completely true; I also didn’t date him because he drank an alarming amount of milk. Idk, it just freaked me out.”

16. Hat stickers.

stormdamage20: “Take those stupid stickers off your hat; you look like an idiot with them on.”

17. Sandals…and the feet that sit in them.

taytermuffin: “I’m really not a fan of sandals at all on men. Probably because 90% of the time, their feet are disgusting. Is clipping your toenails really that hard to remember to do?”

18. Ignoring the purpose of belts.

shadoww_cat:” Tucking a shirt in without a belt bugs me.”

19. This.

drdoubleyou: “TL;DR Don’t dress like a 90′s frat boy with crocs.”

Which styles do you find most offensive? Tell us in the comments! Or click back to the first page to review (should you a guy who really needs some style lessons).

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