2024 is officially the year of the businesswoman. In the United States, 40% of all businesses are women-owned, women are finally represented in top leadership positions throughout the country’s Fortune 500 companies, and women entrepreneurs are excelling at a record pace. With so many women in the workforce, it’s no surprise that workwear for women is top of mind for so many of us. 

Achieving that coveted balance of professionalism and fashion can be a challenge, but at Fame and Partners, we’re taking current trends in women’s workwear to new levels and offering accessible atelier-level service and custom workwear for all women.

Workplaces can be a challenge when it comes to looking and feeling your best within the confines of current business professional dress codes. Today, most offices fluctuate between three primary workwear fashion guidelines: 

  • Casual: Relaxed, wear what you wear at home vibes. 
  • Formal: Pantsuits, dresses, skirts below the knee, blazers, etc.
  • Business Casual: Slacks, blouses, less structured dresses, and skirts. 

Since casual dress codes allow you to blur, the lines between personal dress and workplace fashion, formal and business casual styles tend to be where people struggle the most. Offices tend to bring social and interpersonal rules and dynamics that make selecting the right workwear fashion even more important. 

As we all re-enter a space of normality and gradually move back into our offices, 2024 trends in women’s workwear are bolder, more authentic, and more diverse than the trends and styles that have preceded them. 

Trending Workwear for Women

2024 is all about bringing your style and authenticity to everything you do, and workwear fashion is no exception. We are seeing a lot of pantsuits, jumpsuits, and dresses that take the formal dress code and add some slight, subtle embellishments that really make these pieces your own. 

  • JumpsuitsJumpsuits have made a comeback, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Jumpsuits are a great formal work look because they are comfortable, move well, and offer a sophisticated look that shines in the office and out. 
  • Pantsuits: Pantsuits are the ultimate power outfit. These workwear fashion staples say “I own this room” and give a silhouette that we are big fans of. We love softening the boldness of a pantsuit by featuring feminine colors like pink and lavender. 
  • Dresses: Classic dresses are a staple of workwear for women. When selecting a formal dress for the office, remember to keep things understated and avoid any patterns that are too loud and any cuts that are too revealing. 

The basic rule is to keep things below the knee and to stick to patterns that are more subtle (floral, etc.) We love a classic black maxi dress since it’s classic and goes with almost anything. Skirts also work well in this category, but again, make sure that they are long enough and give you that professional air you’re aiming for. 

  • Separates: Business casual dress codes are where separates really shine. We love a high-waisted skirt paired with a loose crop top or a silk blouse paired with a matte slack, offering a layered look that is versatile, charming, and empowering. 
  • Billowy Blouses: 2024 is shaping up to be a year filled with billowy blouse appreciation. We love looks that take loose, flowy blouses and pair them with tighter, more form-fitting pants and slacks that feature different fabrics and finishes. Think shiny blouse/matte pants or matte shirt/silk pants. The contradiction in fabrics and finishes really gives a textured look that is both professional and eye-catching.
  • Mid-Length Dresses: While the formal workwear for the women’s world is a below-the-knee-only zone, the business casual universe invites mid-thigh dresses that can incorporate more colors, patterns, and cuts than a formal environment. 

We love fit-and-flare options in whites, pinks, and blues, and we also love a short-sleeved option in warmer months that can be paired with a short jacket or blazer to add character (and account for strong A/C). 

Workwear Spotlight: Fame and Partners Custom Workwear Shop 

We’ve been working hard to design a diverse collection of workwear for women that speak to our customers’ identities, body types, and styles. While we are all about modesty, we’re not afraid to admit that we definitely exceeded even our own expectations of what 2024 workwear fashions could and should be. Some of our favorite pieces from our customizable collection are:

Business Casual Workwear Fashion Trends.
  • The O Ring Belt Jumpsuit: We love this look because you can dress it up to make it formal or dress it down for a great business casual look. This piece is clean, chic, and has a ruffled neckline that adds character and presence. 
  • Seamed Waist Pantsuit: At Fame and Partners, we’ve never met a high-waisted pantsuit that we didn’t like. We are particularly fond of this look since its gorgeous pink color is both eye-catching and powerful, and the unique cut of the jacket offers a classic silhouette that works well on multiple body types and in multiple office settings.
  • Corset Maxi Dress: The corset maxi dress is a formal dress that knows how to make a statement. With its sweetheart neckline, defined cups, and subtle grey plaid pattern, this dress is both bold and sophisticated, giving you a workwear option that allows you to shine in all of the right (and professional) ways. 
  • Pinafore Dress: Houndstooth is one of those patterns that manage to be classic and modern at the same time. While houndstooth really shined in the 1950s and 60s, it’s every bit as relevant today, and we love the way that our Pinafore Dress gives a modern update on this time-honored pattern. With a fit-and-flare cut and apron-front bodice, this dress is a business casual dream and adds a layer of fun and sophistication to your workplace looks. 

Fame and Partners: Let’s Get to Work 

Fame and Partners is not your average clothing company. Everything that we made is made-to-order and fully customizable. We design the looks, and you select the finishing touches that make them your own. Sleeve length, neckline, the choice is yours. Since we are 100% online, we also make the search for “custom workwear near me” easy, eco-friendly, and stress-free. 

Fashionable workwear for women should be fun, accessible, and reflective of your unique style, personality, and all of your boss “I did this” moments that make you…you. It’s your world; let us dress it. Fame and Partners, where business and fashion come to play.

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