Women’s tunic tops are a popular fashion item more for a good reason; they are figure-flattering clothes, look svelte, go sporty or casual dressy, and feel comfortable.

Available in a white variety of colors, fabrics, and prices, tunics span the style spectrum from fancy ruffled blouses to super-soft French terry sweatshirts.

Factors to consider are cut, color, cloth, care, and the chic factor.

The Most Important Secret for Finding a Figure-Flattering Tunic

Shaping will prevent an elongated top from looking boxy or tentlike.

Look for a shape that is subtly tailored at the waist.

A V-neckline flatters an attractive bosom, and ruching can help maximize a smaller bustline.

The wrap top or faux wrap flatters almost every figure.

Another all-figure shape is the poet’s shirt. With tuxedo pleats or as a ruffled blouse, the billowing flowing lines are super-feminine.

An empire cut with shirring that drapes from under the bustline is most appropriate for women with narrow hips. The empire waistline also may conceal tummy bulge.

Avoid Horizontal Lines At the Widest Part of Hips

Do not create a line that cuts across the broadest part of your hips.

Horizontal stripes do a lot to make a small gal look larger on top.

The same visual illusion is emphasized if the strips end at the hips, especially if the top is a contrasting color from the skirt or slacks.

Go for a tunic top that ends slightly below the waist or where the thighs start to narrow.

An asymmetric hemline, shark bite, or handkerchief hemline are other ways to prevent that horizontal deadline line that goes straight across your hips.

Empire Waistline Flatters the Inverted Triangle Body

If you have broad shoulders, an empire waistline will move the eye downward with the flowing folds of cloth.

If your figure narrows at the waistline with a proportional bust and hips, you can wear most styles.

Emphasize A Narrow Waist with Belted Safari Shirt

Take advantage of a proportionate figure with styles that accent your narrow waistline.

Princess styling or a slightly fitted waistline is successful for proportional and pear-shaped bodies.

A belted safari shirt also is figure-flattering clothes.

How to Minimize Generous Endowments

If you are larger on top than on the bottom, avoid peasant shirts with a tie and elasticized necklines, and these will stretch too tightly across the front.

A ruffled blouse or any details, such as ruching, also may add too much weight to your top. Try these on to be sure; a lightweight fabric such as silk or cotton gauze may work.

Feminine fabrics, such as silk and crinkle cotton, or touches such as embroidery and lace, are great ways to create that romantic look in a tunic top.

An excellent choice is a horizontal border print, and this will create interest and balance. A border print is an especially nice accent for empire waist women’s tunic tops.

Two Styles That Flatter Most Body Shapes

In summary, the poet’s shirt and the wrap front remain perennial favorites because they are figure-flattering clothes for most body types.

The key to finding women’s tunic tops that are right for you is to start with the right cut. After that, color, cloth, fabric care, and how chic the garment looks on you are your next considerations.

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