Used cashmere gives your wardrobe a unique vibe. Fashionistas love the uniqueness, quality, and bargain prices of secondhand clothing. Find out more about the different types including vintage, designer, Scottish brands, and more!

Women’s secondhand cashmere is still hot.

Softtouch Cashmere​ offers second-hand cashmere and a totally exclusive designer collection of the finest quality 100% pure cashmere.

The women’s secondhand cashmere range includes pure cashmere jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, shawls, scarves, and accessories. All products are available to buy online with the addition of free postage to UK customers.

All About Women's Secondhand Cashmere

The second-hand cashmere collection is for the woman who wants the chic style and comfort of a looser-fitting garment, frustrated by the skimpy items found everywhere which are so unflattering to the all-but-perfect figure.

Whether the figure is svelte-like or more pleasingly rounded, the drape of soft cashmere clothing will flatter every form and give every woman the opportunity to indulge herself in the unique and luxurious sensation of cashmere against her skin.

Cashmere is the glamorous and luxuriant wool that every fashion-conscious woman dreams of wearing, with its silken feel and feather-light weight. At least 4 Kashmir goats will have happily shed their spare winter down for the warmth and comfort of a pure cashmere jumper, which is why cashmere is such a prized and precious natural fabric and so wonderful to wear.

Where to Buy Designer Cashmere Clothes for Less

If you’re new to second-hand clothes shopping, women’s second-hand cashmere stores can be a great stepping stone. These stores have staff members who vet each item to make sure it’s in good condition, is 100% pure, suitable for a new home, and from a covetable brand. Guesswork: removed.

Of course, second-hand cashmere stores aren’t available in all markets. Even if you’ve got some options locally, they might not carry clothes in your size or budget range. Luckily, the past few years we have seen dozens of ​online secondhand cashmere knitwear stores​ cropping up, and many of them are both easy to use and affordable to shop.

I adore vintage cashmere and encourage everyone I meet to consider shopping secondhand for originality, budgetary, and environmental reasons.

If you’ve got rich tastes and a tight budget, here is a second-hand cashmere store online where you can shop that offers amazing markdowns on renowned designer cashmere clothes and accessories.

Softtouch Cashmere | Preloved Cashmere Jumpers and Cardigans

One of the largest and busiest online marketplaces, ​Softtouch Cashmere​, sells women’s secondhand cashmere clothing, jumpers, cardigans, and all things cashmere. They also have a range for men and children.

You’ll find a huge variation of high-end brands, styles, and sizes from classic Scottish cashmere and vintage intarsia sweaters to modern designer cashmere styles and names.

This site boasts the UK’s largest online collection of preloved cashmere clothing. Translation: You can buy your used stylish preloved designer cashmere knitwear here with the knowledge it has been treated with the utmost care and attention rather than taking your chances buying from an individual via eBay.

Where to Buy Designer Cashmere Clothes for Less

Prices on ​Softtouch Cashmere​ are competitive and affordable compared to buying a brand new with the average price of a used cashmere jumper being around $50.00 gives you access to a wealth of gently used preloved cashmere clothing.

Softtouch Cashmere sets itself apart by offering frequent sales and discounts to regular shoppers ​and​ by allowing shoppers to browse without joining or logging in.

You can purchase women’s second-hand cashmere jumpers, cardigans, short-sleeved tops, dresses & skirts as well as a small but growing selection of menswear.

The ​men’s cashmere​ collection includes a range of pullovers and cardigans by a host of different brands featuring Pringle, Johnstons of Elgin, Ballantyne, and many more.

The site focuses on designer cashmere brands, so you’ll find secondhand cashmere knitwear from vintage companies like ​Pringle​, Ballantyne, ​Johnstons Of Elgin​ as well as modern cashmere names including Lord & Taylor, ​Lochmere​, FWM, ​Marks & Spencer​, ​Deane & White​, Max Studio, Gharani Strok, ​Pure Collection​, and The Cashmere Centre just to name a few.

They also have an easy-to-follow sizing system and even a small guide to show you exactly how they measure their garments to make them accessible to everyone worldwide. You can view their ​size guide here.

Fashion Classics That You Can (and Should) Buy Secondhand

Many women have love-hate relationships with fashion ​must-have lists​: They can be so didactic and confining, yet … we find ourselves going back to them time and again. These lists can be especially daunting to young women just entering the workforce who are broke, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to build a grown-up wardrobe.

Luckily for us all, many of the items on magazine must-have lists can be bought secondhand.

Designers love cashmere for its pure luxury; you’ll love the cozy softness and classic elegance. Look for timeless styles that you can wear every winter to stretch your budget (cashmere may be everywhere, but it isn’t cheap) or splurge with trendy looks for extra pampering.

Doing so may enable you to spring for better quality items than you could afford if you were buying new ones. Let’s look at the list!

Preloved Cashmere Jumpers and Cardigans

Cashmere Cardigan

The loose-fit ​cashmere cardigan​ can be worn open as a cardigan or jacket with a camisole or plain top beneath or for greater luxury, may be worn over the slimmer 3⁄4 length sleeve v neck cashmere sweater.

It can also be worn as a sexy drapey jumper with the top button or two undone, or in combination with the ribbed scarf/wrap draped over one shoulder or with the fringed shawl gathered round the shoulders or at the neckline.

Cashmere Jumper

This ​secondhand cashmere jumper​ is very light in weight, folds neatly away, and can easily be packed even for a holiday to warmer climates in the event of an unexpectedly cool evening. The light cashmere jumper can even slip into a roomy handbag on a sunny day out, for a cozy solution to those chilly breezes.

Also, the cashmere shawl wrapped around the shoulders and neckline of the cashmere jumper adds not only warmth but also an extra chic.

The loose-fit deep ​v neck cashmere jumper​ can also be worn in the same way as the cardigan with the ribbed scarf/wrap or the fringed shawl.

This garment has the advantage of a neater front (no buttons) to enhance the scarf or shawl combination.

Cashmere Poncho

The ribbed cashmere poncho looks stunning with the ribbed cashmere scarf/wrap looped round at the neckline and for totally luxurious warmth with no draughty bits, the slim 3⁄4 sleeve V-neck sweater underneath completes the set. Even without the looped rib scarf, the V-neck sweater fits comfortably under the V-neck of the poncho and feels silken against the skin.

The poncho also looks totally stunning when worn with the front point held back by a smart low-slung belt with a smart buckle.

Cashmere Shawl

The fringed cashmere shawl is a truly versatile garment, because of its fineness and lightness, can be worn to its full dimension as a wrap, or gathered into the neckline of another cashmere top, or with a different outfit altogether.

All of these luxurious lightweight cashmere garments take up little space so they are a vital addition to any holiday wardrobe for the cooler evenings away from home.

Cashmere Sweaters

Team the more fitted 3⁄4 length sleeve with a silk scarf and pencil skirt for a glamourous evening out, or with jeans for a casual day look. This versatile garment is a must for every wardrobe.

You can get ​cashmere sweaters & jumpers for under $50​ these days. If you buy your cashmere used, you may be able to afford a brand that’s out of your league at full price OR nab an older piece that was made before cheap, thin fibers flooded the market. (Side note: That cheap cashmere comes at a high cost to the environment. Buying used is a form of recycling.)

Cashmere Scarf/Wrap

The ​cashmere scarf/wrap​ can be worn in the combinations described above or as a scarf looped over another garment or wound into a big cowl around the neck.

Alternatively, it makes a luxurious wrap around the shoulders of an outfit or casually yet stylishly thrown “Scottish style” over one shoulder.

Scarves are the secret weapon of many a stylish woman and a good cashmere scarf will serve as an invaluable bridging piece in most wardrobes. But scarves generally start at $30 and you can shell out as much as $600 or so for a designer one.

Secondhand stores are typically brimming with cashmere scarves and most can be bought for $30 to $50.

Pure Cashmere Clothes

Pure Cashmere Clothes

Softtouch Cashmere uses pure cashmere. The quality and feel of pure cashmere clothes will leave you longing for more. Owning a garment made of preloved cashmere is a fashion treat to be truly treasured – after all, it takes one little goat four years to produce enough wool to make just one cashmere sweater.

Cashmere cloth is prized for its ​softness, warmth, and long life​. Women’s second-hand cashmere clothes become increasingly soft with wear and cashmere is referred to as the fiber of Kings or the golden fleece for a reason. In addition to its softness and flexibility, the experts claim cashmere wool is ​eight times warmer than sheep’s wool​ and provides the necessary warmth for the Himalayan climate from which the Kashmiri goat originates.

Cashmere wool is the downy undercoat that grows from midsummer to winter. Long guard hair protects the cashmere undercoat from the elements and is removed in spring by shearing or gradually combing the hair to remove the down.

Mongolia’s climate and geography are suited for herding cashmere goats, who thrive in the harsh mountainous climates and produce the highest quality wool. In moderate climates, the goats lose the ability to grow the downy coats that produce quality cashmere for garments.

The finer the cashmere, the more expensive it becomes and the variations in the fineness of the cashmere depend on its origins. Cashmere fiber is also priced by its length and longer fibers make stronger yarn that pill less. A top-quality fiber will require less dye and so remain soft even in dark colors. Of all these variables of pure cashmere, usually, you get what you pay for.

A good second-hand cashmere jumper or sweater must feel soft, smooth, and luxurious. Don’t buy just for density/weight. Pull the sides of the sweater apart and then let them go and the sweater should snap back to its original shape.

The Origin of Cashmere Clothes

Cashmere is a fiber from the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat. It is expensive because only a few ounces are obtained from each goat per year. It is a delicate yarn, more fragile than wool. It is also extraordinarily soft, resilient, and receptive to dyes.

The finest and longest fibers of this rare and precious cashmere are combed once a year from the bellies and throats of the Kashmir goats during the molting season. These longer fibers are especially soft and cause less “pilling” when knitted into garments such as cashmere jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, scarves, and shawls.

Garments made from cashmere were once only available to royalty because of the rarity of the wool which increased its value. In more recent years the Hollywood glamour girls graced the silver screen wearing cashmere, bringing it to the hearts of people everywhere. The original “sweater girl,” Lana Turner, wore cashmere in the 1937 film “They Won’t Forget” and since then cashmere sweaters of all descriptions have become not only “haute couture,” but a desirable “must buy” for every discriminating woman.

A cashmere jumper is by far the softest, lightest, and warmest item in any wardrobe and when properly cared for will last for many years.

Why Buying Secondhand Clothes Is The Answer To Sustainable Fashion?

From economical to environmental, nostalgic, or entirely aesthetic reasons, secondhand clothes attract devotees from all over the fashion map. Read on to discover the type of secondhand clothes-lover inside you…

Why Buying Secondhand Clothes Is The Answer To Sustainable Fashion?

The Eco-Savvy Fashionista

Reduce, re-use, recycle is your mantra. You’re the type of person who’s thinking as much about sweatshops and extinct animals as the trends while shopping and you’re convinced that shopping ​vintage cashmere or secondhand clothes​ is to the benefit of the entire earth. You’re all about the environment over fashion, but you still like to look good and shop luxe. Shops like Softtouch Cashmere are genius in your book. Why shouldn’t we be buying more secondhand cashmere clothes? At least they’re good for the environment!

The Bargain Hunter

Secondhand clothes should be cheap. If you wanted to spend 219 bucks on a cashmere cardigan, you’d have gone to Bloomingdales or Saks 5th Avenue. But no, you’re shopping for secondhand cashmere because someone has worn it before and the price should be lower. You brag to your friends about how little you spent on the great used cashmere you’re wearing. “See this Lochmere Red V Neck Cashmere Jumper?” you say, barely having greeted them, “Only 35 bucks!!” If finding great looks for less were a sport, you’d be a world-class champion.

What to Buy This Season: ​Head on over to ​Softtouch Cashmere​ for women’s secondhand cashmere clothes and cashmere accessories at great prices. You can afford to add a bit of quirk to your closet.

The Old Soul

You’ve been wearing vintage cashmere clothing since grade school. You’ve always been nostalgic for times past and can’t remember a time when you didn’t think things were way better back then, especially the style. Let’s face it: clothes were of better quality, made to last and a lot more unique. But your love of vintage goes beyond garments. You thrift your way through the design of your apartment and the music of decades past provides the soundtrack to your life. That soundtrack is preferably played on a phonograph. You may even belong to some kind of retro-loving community. Even your Saturday nights look like a scene out of ​Swingers​.

Style Icon:​ Dita Von Teese. This modern-day Snow White-gone-burlesque says she’s been inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour and the über-feminine stylings of 40’s film stars for as long as she can remember. Von Teese recently unveiled Muse, her first vintage-inspired mini-collection.

What to Buy This Season: Like this Mac Taggart Vintage Round Neck Cardigan in Bright Red in 100% Cashmere, your style is already completely steeped in vintage. There are so many contemporary lines doing amazing vintage-inspired pieces…again, like Von Teese. Why not follow suit? Check out this list of Vintage-Inspired Cashmere Clothes for ideas!

The Bohemian Chic Devotee

Where else will you stock up on those long, flowing, tribal print skirts, turquoise jewelry, and cute kimono jackets from Asia to wear with the ripped denim you’ve had for ages? Like The Old Soul, you shop vintage almost as much as you shop contemporary, which you only really do for basic tees, work clothing, or perhaps even jeans without rips in them.

The Sometime Vintage Shopper

You don’t shop vintage all the time. In fact, if everyone in your circle didn’t shop in the same places you probably wouldn’t shop vintage at all. You love trends; you follow trends, but at the same time you don’t want to be caught dead (or at least at the bar) wearing what everyone else is. You really shop vintage secondhand clothes in order to bolster an already healthy personality style. The best thing you can hear is, “Where did you get this?”.

Style Icon:​ Lily Allen. Vintage is more than a passing fancy for British pop singer Lily Allen; she is the proud owner of the popular London vintage shop ​Lucy In Disguise​. However, unlike the other celebrities on this list, the songbird’s outfits don’t have the same sort of recognizably vintage appeal as some of the other fashionistas.

What to Buy This Season:​ Invest in a vintage cashmere piece that you’ll love, cherish and perhaps even wear every day. Now that you’ve got your emotions involved you may find vintage to be more than just a passing fancy…

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