Do you want to look like a princess on your wedding day? With so many tiaras to choose from, it’s hard to limit yourself to just one! The trick is to choose a style that complements your dress, your hairstyle, and one that suits your face shape. This article will go over the different ways to wear wedding tiaras and which one is best for your face type.

If you choose to wear a veil, you can pin the veil at the top of your head, just behind the tiara. Any details on tiaras such as pearls and crystals should match any decoration on the veil and both should coordinate with your dress. This option is best for round face shapes.

If you are wearing your hair down the ideal choice is to wear a crown. These are completely circular in design. Choose a light style and wear centrally on top of your head. These are beautiful accessories and if you choose to wear a crown with your hair up to make sure your hair is higher than the crown. The hair-down style with the crown is best for oval face shapes. If you wear your hair up it is wise to choose a petite design that does not sit too high and dominates your face. Choose one that is attached to a comb and can easily slide into your hair, concealing the comb completely. Alternatively, choose an Alice Band type tiara to sit low on your head again the detail on the band should coordinate with your dress. This style is best for long face shapes.

wedding Tiara

Wearing your hair half up is a flexible option that will complement lots of styles. The most suitable is a traditional tiara that reaches a slight peak in the center. It is usually embellished with pearls, crystals, or semi-precious stones. Most tiaras have loops at each end, enabling Kirby grips to slot in and secure it in place. Your hair should conceal the sides and ends of the tiaras. This style of wedding tiara is best for heart-shaped faces. Picking which style of tiaras you plan to wear can be hard, so having a friend there to help you decide is a major benefit and a super bonus. Take the time to really find one that fits you and helps make you the centerpiece of your wedding. Just deciding which one is the best for you can be the hardest part, but in the end, will be a lot of fun.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Tiara

Commonly known as the princess of headpieces, tiaras are the perfect last touch to your wedding gown and you can choose to wear it with or without a veil. Often decorated with a series of crystals or pearls, you will find that tiaras will compliment most any hairstyle, but most often the shorter style of hair as well as the hairdos that focus on piling the hair up on top of the head.

The job of tiaras is to draw attention by framing the face, this is best done by determining what face shape you have and going with the one which will accentuate your face the best. To make the face appear longer, choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak, this style works best with a rounder face. If you have a long face then, headbands or tiaras with little or no height that extend over the head from one side to the other at an even height. For those with an oval face, you want to avoid pieces with a peek at the top, which will make the face appear longer. Wearing a headband, forehead piece, or a back piece will make the face appear less oval.

For those with a full face you want to create the illusion of a longer face, so wear a tiara that peaks into a V at the top.

Matching the proportions of the face is really important for a tiara, and it bears repeating that your accessories need to complement the dress and you. When going to select a tiara you should really take a few pictures of the type of hairstyle you will be using on your wedding day so that you can show it off to the jeweler and they can help you make the perfect tiara selection.

The tiaras you select from should be a wide selection and you need to pick the perfect complement to your wedding dress because it will be a very visible piece and combined with your hair will really be something everyone is looking at and will remember. You definitely do not want to skimp in this area. Going the extra mile is what you need to do here and shouldn’t be afraid to go extra glamorous and extra sparkly in this area, after all, you are the centerpiece of the entire wedding and should really be the main thing everyone remembers.

A Tiara With Stainless Steel Jewelry Makes A Nice Match

Stainless steel jewelry is made into so many common, everyday items, like kitchen sinks and cookware, most people might not stop to realize that stainless steel jewelry is very popular. There are many reasons why stainless steel is a great choice for making jewelry, and here are just a few of the reasons why buying stainless steel jewelry is a great idea. And wearing stainless steel jewelry with your tiara on your wedding day is also a genius idea.

First off, think of the many buildings that have stainless steel in their design. That’s because stainless steel is super strong. Lots of jewelry gets worn for long periods of time, like wedding rings and tiaras, for instance. If a wedding ring were made of stainless steel, it would just about last forever, and would be virtually indestructible. A ring I once had that was set in 14K gold was absolutely crushed while I was wearing it! I had a heavy box land on my finger, and the ring was turned into almost an elliptical shape. No fear of that with a stainless steel ring or a stainless steel tiara!

Anyone who suffers from allergies to the common metals used in jewelry making will appreciate the fact that stainless steel jewelry is hypoallergenic. Jewelry that is meant to be worn all the time like wedding rings or even engagement rings would be a perfect choice to make out of stainless steel. It could be worn with no worries by even the worst allergy sufferers!

Having a watch or ring that you love only to see it corrode and get splotchy looking is so disappointing! If that ring or watch was made of stainless steel, however, there would be no problem at all because stainless steel jewelry is corrosion resistant. If you work or play in an environment where there is a lot of salt or other chemicals, this would be a huge plus for you.

Many men love to wear stainless steel jewelry, and it is no wonder. It is strong and is also sometimes associated with masculinity. Many women steer clear of stainless steel jewelry because they think it is only for men because of those reasons, but it really isn’t! Many great designs for women are being sold today. It goes with so many different other types of jewelry, like cubic zirconia rings and even turquoise earrings! And as far as men go, it is great for them to have a large selection of quality jewelry available that will withstand the wear and tear they will give it. Now you know why buying stainless steel is such a great idea!

Using Celebrity To Sell Pearl Tiaras

I have a friend who owns a pearl jewelry store in the heart of London. She makes the most exquisite jewelry, mostly one-off pieces, but also a number of ranges, including a small series of pearl bridal tiaras, earrings, and necklaces. She had been finding it a little tough to get business, despite the fact that her work is matchless, and her prices are not entirely unreasonable.

Anyway, last Tuesday, who should walk into the store than an actor in 4 weddings and a funeral. She is planning on getting married in the next few months, and it was amazing to see her not only in my friend’s shop but also fawning over her bridal tiaras. Apparently, they are making a comeback, and my friend has inadvertently stumbled into being the poster girl for the London pearl revival. From that one contact, she has received a number of other celebrity clients, and she is now finding that business is really picking up.

Wedding Tiaras

The use of celebrities to model a fashion brand, and demonstrate and widen its appeal is not a new thing, as they are in high demand, and are usually highly visible. Ever since Prince of Monaco married a Hollywood A-lister, who had already become a fashion icon, we have seen the increasing enmeshment of industry and celebrity, beyond just the models who are paid to wear and represent brands. Whether it’s movies or other media, it’s now commonplace.

I read of another celebrity who decided to wear a pearl tiara as they went down the aisle, which then upped tiara sales in bridal shops throughout the western world when the photos hit the tabloid magazines. Most fashion brands are looking for people called influencers as described in the book The Tipping Point. The concept is that people look to them for direction when it comes to trends in fashion and dress. They are usually famous, or prominent, or are experts in their field.

Top 6 Tiaras for Your Wedding, Prom or Other Special Occasion

Find a special tiara for prom, your wedding, prom, or any other special occasion. You’ll find tiaras of all types here, and they’re all sorted by style to help you find a tiara that suits your tastes.

1. Tiaras with Heart Motifs

Tiaras with all sorts of heart motifs and in many different price ranges, including economical styles. Tiaras range from very simple pieces with subtle heart shapes to heavier headpieces covered in hearts of all shapes and sizes.

2. Crystal Tiaras

Crystal tiaras are perfect when you want to sparkle in the spotlight. You’ll see every type of style here, some quite subtle, but other larger versions that should put on quite a show when the light hits them.

3. Pearl Tiaras

Pearls are the perfect choice if it’s the elegance you’re looking for. And don’t worry, you can combine pearls and glitz if that’s the right style for you.

4. Floral Tiaras

Tiaras with floral motifs, including some with graceful vines and flowers that intertwine for a vintage look.

5. Pave Tiaras

I had to include these, made with the pave technique, which places the gems, crystals, or other decorative items side-by-side–like bricks in a paved road. The tiaras in this group are heavily laced with crystals and rhinestones, but you’ll still find simple, elegant styles if that’s more in line with your tastes.

6. Celtic Tiara

There aren’t as many tiaras in the Celtic group, but the examples you will find are all stunning.

Flower Hair Clips Compare To A Tiara

Flowers in a woman’s hair can be very attractive. Many women use hair clips with flowers on them for their wedding day but they can be used from day to day as well. Hair flowers of this nature come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

While many women prefer to put a real flower in their hair and this is very beautiful, it is also quite impractical as real flowers wilt in the course of the day. There are flower hair clips with larger artificial flowers and smaller artificial flowers. You can purchase a Posies Accessories clip with either a yellow or white Gerber Daisy for $6.00 from For between $7.00 $10.00 you can get a clip with a medium or large purple Dahlia, blue Dahlia, Lily, Tiger Lily, or Red Ranunculus Flower.

If you would prefer smaller flowers, then you are likely to find the clips less expensive. Online retail site sells a set of four small silk flower clips for $6.00. Amazon has a number of clips with smaller flowers from Posies Accessories for only $4.00 a piece, while the ones on this same site, made by My Little Noggin cost around $5.00 for a set of four. These are great alternatives to an expensive tiara on the wedding day.

If you are looking for something for your wedding, then white would most likely be the color of choice. is presently selling a Large White Bridal Hair Clip Flower with Center Stone for $50.00. A much more affordable option offered by this site is the Sheer Bridal Gardenia with Rhinestone and Pearl Detail Flower Hair Clip for only $19.00.

Another site you may want to check out for ornate white flowers for your wedding day is There are a number of stunning and yet affordable options on this site, such as the White Ivory Flower Hair Clip for $12.00 or the Silver Platinum Wedding Feather Fascinator Hair Jewelry or Pin for $45.00

Several Ways To Wear Tiaras

When you go to purchase a tiara the biggest thing can be your hairstyle. You want everything to complement each other and not to interfere or look out of place with the rest of your outfit. You will need to really consider the dress you are wearing, the style of the other pieces of jewelry you will be wearing, and the style of your hair; these things all go together to help decide exactly how you will look your best and this article will cover a few other ways the tiara can be worn based on your hairstyle.

It is far more unusual to wear wedding tiaras around the back of the head but it adds interest to the back of you which is what most people see during the ceremony. Placing tiaras around the back of the head is much more difficult than any other place so you might want to ask your hairdresser for advice. If you are wearing your tiara around the back make sure you have something of interest in the front such as crystal or pearl pins.

If you buy a flexible tiara these can easily be used as bun wraps and secured with pins. If you are planning on doing this ensure you pick a tiara with a thin wire tiara base which is flexible enough to be bent and will not resist being pinned into place. Some tiara bases which are manufactured just will not do this, so always ask if you are unsure.

Wedding Tiaras

You might have decided to do your own hair on your wedding day and for most, the easiest way is to wear it down. If this is what you would like to do, consider wearing it at the front of the head. Tiaras are not worn in the same position as a headband, so to get it right, just place it on the top of your head and push the ends down a little. Make sure they are hidden under the hair and secure with a grip or two.

While the standard way of employing tiaras is always a good look, taking advantage of a few of the non-standard means of wearing it can really add flair to your big wedding day. You should also not worry at all about price and whether or not you will be able to afford a tiara, because you can simply go with a costume or fashion jewelry instead to save money and still save the glitz and glamour.

Straight Hair For Wearing Wedding Tiaras

When it comes to wearing your wedding tiara, there are numerous techniques for straightening hair, from simple repetitive brushing, to flat or curved irons, to chemical relaxers, and finally, to combination thermal conditioning. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the technique should be carefully selected.  From a quick, cheap technique to the best hair straightener that money can buy, you have options on how to straighten your hair!

Simply brushing your hair repetitively, can have a straightening effect, although it does not give a long-lasting result. This technique, however, can be somewhat effective with hair that is wavy, but not very curly. Typically, the process must be repeated daily.

Flatirons are typically used for short-term results, as the effects are only temporary. It is the easiest and fastest method to straighten otherwise curly or wavy hair, but high humidity or time will see the benefits degrade. Many experts will advise against employing an iron more than two or three times per week, in order to avoid hair damage.  The most expensive (and regarded as the best) brands of hair straighteners are Sedu and Chi.

Chemical relaxers provide a more lasting result, but great caution should be exercised in using them, as it is possible, even with a single treatment, to “burn” your hair, such as can happen with repetitive dying or permanents.

Finally, thermal conditioning, usually combined with chemical relaxers, can give a lasting result. Again, one must use caution, as the application of both chemical relaxers and heat can be detrimental to the hair. The combination of both can be very damaging, if not used properly.

The aspects to consider when selecting the hair straightening technique to be utilized include the texture of your hair, the amount of natural curl you are trying to overcome, how long-lasting a result you seek, and how often you intend to repeat the process. The general health of your hair should be a primary concern, regardless of the method to be used, although it can be more critical when employing any chemical treatment.

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