Every September, without fail, I suffer from an overwhelming desire to wear as much plaid as possible. I blame this affliction on three things. First and foremost, I am a Canadian, so wearing plaid and being woodsy is in my genetic makeup. Secondly, Cher Horowitz. Do you remember that yellow plaid jacket and skirt combo she wore in Clueless? Watching that movie for the first time, pre-teen me was like, Whoa. What an icon. And my final reason for loving plaid shirts and skirts? The four years I spent feeling jealous of the Catholic kids who got to wear uniforms to school. I think life would have been a lot easier in high school if the “what should I wear today?” question was already answered for me.

So every September, outcome my favorite plaid skirts and shirts. But try as I might, a woman cannot live on plaid shirts and skirts alone. Fortunately, there are actually a lot of different (and unexpected) ways to incorporate the beloved pattern into your wardrobe–you just have to be willing to do the research.

And what do you know? I’ve done it for you! Here are 10 unexpected ways to wear plaid this fall:

Old Navy Plaid Weekender Bag

Old Navy Plaid Weekender Bag

This sturdy plaid weekend bag is big enough to fit everything you’ll need for a quick getaway but small enough to carry around on a daily basis too.

While She Was Dreaming Upcycled Men’s Plaid Shirt Button Earrings

Plaid Shirt Button Earrings

For the girl who wants to wear her plaid as subtly as possible, I present these adorable stud earrings. The artist who makes them uses buttons from old plaid shirts, and she also makes lovely plaid necklaces to match.

Forever 21 Buffalo Plaid Jumpsuit

Buffalo Plaid Jumpsuit

Speaking of subtle, here’s a little something for the girl who is not. This jumpsuit is a total dream, don’t you think? It looks as comfortable as a onesie and as chic as, well, a jumpsuit. I love it.

Plaid Chuck Taylors

Plaid Chuck Taylors

Ah, a pair of classic back-to-school kicks, but with a plaid twist.

Modcloth Plaid Forest Tourist Vest

Plaid Forest Tourist Vest

Kelsey called it yesterday: vests are going to be everywhere this season. Embrace the inevitable, my friends. And even though I’m an urban dweller, I want my vest to say, “Hey, world, I just spent the past three weeks taking adorably twee Instagram photos in the middle of the woods.” This vest says that, don’t you think?

Ohhhlulu Plaid Lingerie Set

Ohhhlulu Plaid Lingerie Set

Um, how cute is this plaid lingerie set? I love it. It’s so… patriotic? If you’re Scottish? Or something? Anyway, it’s a must-have.

Torrid Extreme Hi-Lo Plaid Top

Extreme Hi-Lo Plaid Top

At first, I wasn’t really into the whole “hi-lo” top trend, but Torrid has changed my mind. I love this plaid top. It will easily be the most comfortable thing you own.

Reason Woodsman Plaid Pom-Pom Hat

Woodsman Plaid Pom-Pom Hat

So you may not need a plaid hat with a pom-pom just yet, but come the middle of October, you’re gonna need a plaid hat with a pom-pom.

Sam Edelman Edith Boots

Edith Boots

Hello, the world’s most glorious pair of boots! If the aforementioned Cher Horowitz were a 20-something in 2015, she’d be all over these.

Old Navy Windowpane Plaid Jogging Pants

Plaid Jogging Pants

And finally, plaid jogging pants. At first, I was like, wait, plaid jogging pants? Why? But then, after a moment of quiet reflection, I was like, wow, plaid jogging pants. Yeah, I’m gonna need a pair or two of those.

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