Shirt Dresses You Can Wear Everywhere This Summer

Shirt dresses are the definition of effortlessly chic. We’ve rounded up 16 of the cutest straight-size and plus-size shirt dresses to wear this summer.

Big news on the fashion front, guys. The powers that be have finally invented an item of clothing that will keep you cool during your commitment to working, on the right side of your workplace’s dress code policy, and looking cute when you meet your friends for drinks at the end of the day. This item of clothing is the shirt dress, and you need to have one (or 12) in your wardrobe.

The shirt dress is exactly what it sounds like: a menswear-inspired shirt that figured, hey, why stop at the waist when you can hang out around the knees? Pair one with closed-toed wedges, a thin belt, and a blazer for the office, and ditch the blazer at night when you’re ready to let loose.

And now, without further ado, 16 of the best straight-size and plus-size shirt dresses on the market:

1. Oasis striped shirt dress

Oasis striped shirt dress

This is a great take on the classic nautical button-up dress shirt. The midi length is on-trend, and the long sleeves make the dress totally office-appropriate. Pair this dress with low-key sandals for the weekend and heels or wedges for work.

2. Alice & You embroidered shirt dress, $54.37 (plus size)

Alice & You embroidered shirt dress

If you ever thought to yourself, man, I’d love to make like Wendy Darling and wear my nightgown everywhere, then this is the dress for you. I love the embroidery detailing at the sleeves and the crisp collar adds a bit of structure to an otherwise flouncy dress.

3. Old Navy button-front shirt dress, $39.94 (plus-size)

Old Navy button-front shirt dress

I just ordered this dress from Old Navy, and I can’t wait until it comes in. I love the vertical stripes, buttons running down the front, and thin fabric belt.

4. Misguided floaty midi shirt dress, $40

Misguided floaty midi shirt dress

Camel isn’t an easy color to pull off, but if you’ve got the guts to wear it, consider this dress you’re new go-to for work and play. I’d pair the dress with a belt at work and then let it all hang out on evenings and weekends.

5. Monki shirt dress with print, $72.49

Monki shirt dress with print

This dress is perfect for the girl who wants to inject a little frivolity into a stuffy or conservative work environment. The dress hits below the knee and has sleeves and a high neckline, so it’s definitely workplace dress code-approved, but the pattern makes it really fun (those black markings are actually rough sketches of women playing badminton).

6. Sonia Rykiel shirt dress in banana print, $489.29

Sonia Rykiel shirt dress in banana print

OK, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at the price of this dress–four hundred dollars is absolutely outrageous–but hey, you never know, you could win the lottery tomorrow. Or maybe you’ll strike oil in your backyard or find an old purse full of wadded-up Benjamins at a thrift store. It could happen, guys. And if it does, then this dress would be the perfect way to celebrate.

7. People Tree denim color-blocked shirt dress, $154.04

People Tree denim colorblocked shirt dress

Ah, I love this dress so much. It’s kind of like a Canadian tuxedo, which I’m always on board with. Menswear and color blocking has never looked so cool.

8. The Gap patchwork shirt dress, $47.99 (XXL available)

Gap patchwork shirt dress

I love the muted colors and country-living vibe you get from this dress. The slits at the side are a nice touch too.

9. Forever 21+ gingham shirt dress, $22.90 (plus-size)

Forever 21 gingham plus-size shirt dress

I’m not sure if you heard, but gingham is a huge trend for summer 2015. The model is wearing this dress with a pair of leggings, which is totally unnecessary–the dress is long enough to cover up all of your NSFW bits. This dress will easily take you from brunch with your friends to the bar with your date.

10. The Laden Showroom shirt dress, $99.67

Laden Showroom shirt dress

This is probably my favorite dress on the list–it’s just so pretty. This girl could be going to make big things happen at work, heading out to browse the local wares at a flea market, or on her way to watch a damn tennis match like the refined lady she is.

11. The Gap black midi shirt dress, $63.99 (XXL available)

Gap black midi shirt dress

I definitely wouldn’t be reaching for this black midi dress to go to a barbecue on the fourth of July, but if your workplace’s A/C is doing its job a little too well, then this is the perfect dress for you.

12. New Look Inspire army green shirt dress, $45.29 (plus-size)

New Look Inspire army green shirt dress

I like the army green color of this shirt dress because it’s a piece you could wear year-round. Wear it with bare legs in the summer and then pair it with black tights when the weather starts to cool in the fall.

13. Jack Wills patchwork shirt dress, $125.95

Jack Wills patchwork dress

I’m not sure how many people could actually get away with wearing this dress at the office, but if you could, consider yourself lucky to have a super chill boss. Regardless, this dress is awesome because it’s like the chic, wearable version of the patchwork quilts that your grandma makes. Pull this shirt dress out on days when you want to feel crisp as hell.

14. ASOS checkered shirt dress, $117.79

ASOS checkered shirt dress

I love the floaty material and blue and white checked pattern on this dress from ASOS. Those shoes are badass, too.

15. H&M patterned shirt dress, $29.95

H&M patterned shirt dress

Love the shirt dress trend, hate all of the stripes? Then you’ll love this patterned dress from H&M. (P.S. Hi, Jourdan Dunn!)

16. Zara grey shirt dress, $59.90

A Women wearing Zara grey shirt dress

Who doesn’t want to wear linen in the summer? I love the color–grey is so damn chic–and this dress would look lovely at the beach with that straw hat or paired with black flats for the office.

The Coolest New Way To Wear Your Favorite Shirtdress

The Coolest New Way To Wear Your Favorite Shirtdress

Presenting way #1,000,001 to wear a basic white shirtdress: instead of reaching for simple leather sandals or booties—or even ugly shoes—style it with a pair of running sneakers. Yes, like the kind you wear to the gym! So long as you use equally slick and sporty accessories to balance out the rest of the look (a swipe of orange lipstick helps, too!), it’ll not only simply work but also completely impress all your friends/family/co-workers/random strangers at Starbucks. (Not to mention, isn’t it the best feeling to have footwear on that won’t stop you from running after a bus you’ve got about 30 seconds to catch?)

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