Moehair is leaping to new highs and stretching its horizon with the rollout of its all-new and revamped vegan semi-permanent hair color line – Voodoo. The amalgamation of the finest ingredients fused with vibrant hues embodies a fresh take on the hair coloring experience. With GenZ and millennials leaning towards clean hair paint, Voodoo’s vibrant semi-permanent hair dyes catalyze change. 

The vegan hair colors are exclusively formulated for people who love using plush and peppy colors yet do not want to carry the transformation for a long time. The mix of rich novelty colors like pink, red, purple, yellow, blue, magenta, or green temporary hair dye in the Voodoo hair paint range expands the experiment window. The vibrant all-new packaging further complements the quirky colors seated in the bottles. 

Moehair’s Voodoo is Not Just Black, but a Riot of Colors  

Semi-permanency nature teamed with plush and creamy bright colors is well received by hair color enthusiasts. The ability to paint hair in vivid hues without committing to the shade for a long is a game-changer. 

Here’s what makes the Voodoo semi-permanent hair paint a safe, sustainable, and trendy option:

Rainbow on a plate

The platter of bright, fun, and flashy colors evokes a sensory experience. Whether to indulge in luxe hues of purple or highlight strands in pink candy floss tinge or live the popstar dream with fiery red, or walk an extra mile with magenta hair dye – a whirlpool of experience awaits. The plethora of shades helps with the ultimate makeover and a chance to unleash your cooler side. 

Safe vegan hair color 

The hair paint cares for furry friends with a vegan formulation free from animal testing. The clean and safe ingredients ensure it does not harm the hair. Voodoo Semi-Permanent Hair Color is formulated without sulfate, paraben, and ammonia. The strength of organic ingredients like hydrolyzed rice protein delivers sufficient nourishment to the strands. 

Cut the hassle of a salon visit

The new age at-home hair color option reduces salon visits. The vegan hair can be applied directly to pre-lightened hair without requiring a developer or a mixer. Wear protective gloves before using the color, and pour the desired amount into the bowl.

Apply the desired color on full hair or as highlights, and leave for 30 minutes or slightly longer for higher intensity. Rinse the hair with water, but avoid shampooing immediately to allow the color to settle. Voodoo semi-permanent hair paint stays intact for a couple of washes. The velvety-rich consistency and non-toxic formulation leave tresses nourished, healthy, and lustrous.  

Voodoo It and Let the Magic Begin 

The peppy and lively colors have witnessed a massive demand, with people walking beyond the threshold of opting for regular colors. The at-home coloring option without making frequent salon trips and ditching the idea of clinging to the same color for long has increased the demand for semi-permanent hair dyes. With vegan formulations free of harmful chemicals, the hair paints leave the tresses vividly colored while advocating for their good health and well-being.

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