The 80s called, and they’re totally cool with you borrowing their popular fashion trends.

You may look back at 80s fashion and cringe, but there are actually some current styles that draw inspiration from this iconic decade. And from the red carpet to the streets, these looks are everywhere in 2022.

Keep reading to learn about some popular styles from the 80s that you might see women wearing today.

Women's Fashion: Popular Styles From the 80's That Are Making a Comeback

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves were a staple of fashion in the 1980s. Back then, you could see many female celebs including Brooke Shields wearing this look with some big hair.

Currently, Viola Davis and Emma Corrin were seen wearing puffy-sleeved dresses at the 2021 Golden Globes. So if you want to look like these lovely ladies, you can find trendy shirts and sweaters with a puffy sleeve at Zara.

Mom Jeans

Back in the 80s, you could find Madonna wearing these high-waisted Mom jeans with a leather jacket. But for current celeb inspiration, look to Kendall Jenner who styles them with a cropped shirt and a fanny pack.

Want these for your own wardrobe? You can get them at Garage Clothing or American Eagle.

Vibrant Colors

Forty years ago, Jane Fonda was no stranger to bright leotards and leggings in her classic workout videos. And today, celebrities still aren’t afraid to play with color, as Zendaya was seen wearing a vibrant yellow dress to the 2021 Oscars.

You can get some modern, vibrant outfits for yourself at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Bomber Jackets

These jackets went from military clothing to high fashion in just a few decades. And in the 80s, the film Top Gun helped to popularize the rise of the bomber jacket.

Today, Gigi Hadid has brought this jacket back with a modern twist, pairing it with a sports bra and leggings. And if you’re into this style, Nordstrom has a range of bomber jackets for you to choose from whether you’re into faux leather or quilted polyester.

Bike Shorts

Princess Diana’s fashion was iconic, but she was most well known for rocking bike shorts on the streets of London. But now, you can often see Emily Ratajkowski wearing them on the streets of LA.

These comfortable and versatile shorts can be found at Target or Aerie.

Oversized Blazers

Boxy, oversized blazers were perfect for the working woman of the 80s. And if you turned on the TV, you could see Lisa Bonet wearing one with big shoulder pads.

In 2021, you can see Hailey Bieber wearing this oversized style blazer paired with a short top and high-waisted jeans. You can get an oversized blazer at H&M or Anthropologie in a variety of patterns.

These popular styles may have been paired with bright eyeshadow and huge hair back then, but you can wear them however you want now!

So whether you try on some puffy sleeves or relaxed mom jeans, you’re sure to look hella good. Now go show off that bodacious bod in some 80s inspired clothes.

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