I have had a pixie cut three times in my life. Only one of them looked good. Therefore, I have learned how to avoid making quite a few mistakes when it comes to shortcuts (and shortcuts to a shortcut, hyuck hyuck). I rushed into at least two of the pixie decisions I made–one of which you may have seen on my piercing post last week–so now, I would like to take any aspiring pixie ladies through some thoughts you need to put into the decision first. A short haircut can be absolutely wonderful, especially for the hot summer and early autumn months, but it also requires plenty of thought beforehand.

Pixie Cuts: Short Haircuts And Hairstyles For Girls

1. You can always start long, then go shorter.

If you’re anxious about cutting it close, then start with a bob instead. You can always cut off more later on if you’re getting the itch, but it takes a much longer time to get back those five extra inches. That said…

2. It will grow faster than you think.

On the bright side, this means you will be able to grow it out if you want to change it. On the not-so-bright side, it means you will have to maintain it frequently. With a longer haircut, you’re pretty good to go for a couple of months without a trim (unless you have one of those intense, super angular styles that require tons of upkeep). Pixie cuts need much more attention.

3. …So fast, in fact, that you’ll get a mullet before you know it.

This will happen much sooner than you think. If you are like me and have hair that not only grows absurdly fast but also faster on one side, the mullet will be ugly and sad and the worst.

4. Learn to style it.

Styling a pixie cut or other shortcut can be difficult if you’re not familiar. There aren’t any ponytails or buns or big ol’ braids, but it is possible to style in several different ways. Check out these easy hairdos for short hair to find one that works for you!

5. Washing and drying your hair will be easier than ever.

Seriously, if you hate some product you just put in your hair, you can rinse it out in the sink. Your hair will dry unbelievably quickly. You will never have to walk into work with a wet bun again.

6. Some people will be jerks about it.

See, this sounds negative but in reality, it is a wonderful thing. If somebody says anything about you being less attractive, less feminine, less womanly, less appealing, less–well, you get it–then suddenly, you know that you never, ever want to hang out with that person because they suck! Having a filter for certain kinds of douchebags is a great thing, my friends.

7. You have to think about your hair texture.

Everyone has a different hair texture. Some are smooth and silky, others are ultra-curly; there’s fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, stiff hair, and anything in between. I personally have very thick, relatively coarse hair that tends to stick out and upward unless it’s being weighed down by itself (or with products, hats, etc.), so a haircut that was a few inches long didn’t work quite so well since my hair was always sticking up. However, when I cut it, even more, it sat down much better and looked the way it was supposed to. Just be sure to consult with your stylist as best as you can.

8. Communicate with your stylist.

Speaking of your stylist, be sure to communicate with her or him thoroughly on what you want. Not what they want, not what your partner wants, not what your friends or a magazine thinks will look cool on you. Bring in photos, references, and as much info as you need in order to ensure your stylist knows what you want to a T. You don’t want an Anne Hathaway only to wind up with a Kate Gosselin, right?

9. Your face will be more prevalent.

One of the best things about short hair is that suddenly, your face is front and center. This can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re breaking out or not feeling great about yourself, but if you want to show off a fun new makeup look (hi, blue lipstick!) or are excited about how pretty your lashes look, they’ll be shown off so much more with a cute crop.

10. You might hate it.

It’s possible! You might be like me, whose head shape and hair texture just aren’t conducive to having a chic, cute crop. I wanted a Shannyn Sossamon look; I wound up looking like I used a Bumpit around my entire scalp. Just as with all drastic changes, these can end poorly.

11. You might love it more than anything ever.

Forever ever? you might be asking. Yes, forever ever, my friends. It might be the perfect look for you and it might be the absolute best haircut you’ve ever gotten. (Our friend Meg wrote about hers, which looked just plain wonderful in about 35 different ways.)

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