Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like having a loveable four-legged family member but designing the most stylish bedroom when you have a dog running around can be tricky, especially if your pal is still a puppy.

Certain pet essentials can be an eyesore, and having a pet means you need more pet-friendly furniture, which might not be the style you had in mind. However, with some planning and the right tips, you can have a pet-proof room without straying away from your style.

So, before you head to the furniture store, here are four pet-friendly decorating tips for your bedroom to ensure your space is up to your stylistic standards while still being pet-proof.

Opt for Pet-Friendly Fabrics

When you move into your own home, you have the option to create the bedroom of your dreams. Don’t worry; you can still do that while being a pet parent. Avoid non-pet-friendly fabrics like velvet, silk, or tweed when designing your bedroom because they can quickly get damaged. Instead, opt for leather, vinyl, and smooth tapestries to ensure your material lasts against claws and excessive fur.

When you choose the wrong fabrics, you might spend a lot of time cleaning fur off your furniture or bedding or money to replace damaged upholstery. Absolutely no one wants to see a snagged or frayed upholstery. That’s why fabrics with a tight weave are the best option for your home. Another good option is Crypton fabric, which has a built-in protective layer that repels liquids, so the fabric doesn’t get soaked. Consider a shade of fabric relative to the color of your pet’s fur. White hair will be more noticeable in darker fabrics and vice versa.

Avoid Thick & Expensive Curtains

Pets love to look out the window to bask in the sunshine and watch cars and people pass by daily. A great pet-friendly decorating tip is always to opt for lightweight curtains. Having thick widow treatments won’t prevent them from looking out the window, but they may damage them trying to get a good view of the outdoors.

Instead, choose lightweight, sheer fabric curtains to help them enjoy the view.

Beware of Exposed Wood on Furniture

Sometimes your pup has the urge to teethe on something, and wood is the perfect candidate. Having wooden furniture is sleek and stylish, but if you can, purchase metal covers for the feet of your wooden furniture to protect them against chew marks. 

Create a Designated Chill Zone in Your Room

When it’s time to wind down for the day or chill out, create an area for your dog to relax with you. Have their bed, favorite blanket, and toys around that area, so they know it’s specifically for them. 

When you create this designated space, try to get items that are like the aesthetic of your room, so they look like an extension of your style.

Create a harmonious bedroom space for you and your fur baby by following our pet-friendly decorating tips. Creating a pet-friendly bedroom space will lessen the possibility of accidents, scratches, spills, and tears. 

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