Whether you love or hate shopping, your closet is never going to be 100% to your liking. You are always going to be on a search for the ultimate pair of jeans and you are always going to be looking in your closet for the perfect party dress that you think you own, but you never actually have. There will always be something in the store that you love more than anything you already own, and you will probably find things wrong with the clothes you have to justify a new purchase.

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These are 11 complaints we have all made about our wardrobes:

1. “I literally have nothing to wear.”

This is the most common one and it is something that you probably say at least once a day. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting ready for work or to go out on a date.

2. “Why did I ever think that this would look cute?”

You do not know why, but you thought that something looked terrific in the store. Now that it is hanging in your closet, you realize it doesn’t look so great. You have never actually worn it and the tags are still on.

3. “Bras are so freaking uncomfortable.”

You have been wearing bras a long time. You have been fitted on numerous occasions and tried different styles, but you have yet to find one that doesn’t pinch, ride up or poke your internal organs.

4. “These jeans did not stretch out like the sales associate said they would.”

Why oh why did you believe the sales associate who said that you should buy these jeans in the next size down? They may stretch out eventually, but what are you going to do until then? Are you going to wear them with the fly and button open? Nope.

5. “Why did I ever think these heels would be comfortable?”

Curse the plush carpeting in the shoe store and curse your brain for thinking that you can walk through the pain. You know that you cannot wear heels and walk more than a block, so why did you think this pair would be different from all the rest.

6. “I really need to get some basic pieces.”

You think that if you owned a few more white blouses and t-shirts, and a pair of black pants, you would suddenly be able to get dressed in the morning in less than two minutes. However, every time you go shopping you think that white blouses are boring and buy a printed top instead.

7. “Why can’t someone invent a pair of cute waterproof boots that are affordable?”

Every time it rains and you are walking around with wet socks, you ask yourself this question. It does not seem like a difficult concept but you have never been able to find a pair of boots that keep your toes dry that are chic and budget-friendly.

8. “How come nothing ever looks effortless when I wear it?”

You never understand how you can wear the same sorts of pieces as stylish celebs like Kate Moss, but you never make them look effortless like she does. You ever look like you slept in the same outfit for four days straight or like a clown. Not cool.

9. “I need a bigger bag.”

It doesn’t matter if you bought the largest satchel you could find, you are always going to realize that you could have done with something just a bit bigger. You tell yourself a few extra pockets would make all the difference.

10. “It is impossible for me to find a perfect party dress.”

You have tried to find a decent party dress, but it just hasn’t happened. You have about six dresses that you thought were fabulous, but after wearing them once or twice you realized that they weren’t.

11. “Someone needs to design a pair of pants that fits.”

People have been making pants for a long time so it is about time that they figured out how to do it right. How come that if a pair of pants fits in the butt and hips, it is massive in the waist? And why are most pants tight on the thigh but baggy on the back of the knee?

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