CHI is tugging on our girly heartstrings with a new line of hair products, inspired by Miss Universe and specifically engineered for the modern woman that needs to look great from dawn to dusk with the ability to change her style from the office to the gym to cocktails. Miss Universe Style Illuminate line of products lets us tap into our desire to feel pretty with a serious line of hair products that exude confidence all while maintaining the healthy hair every woman desires.

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products
Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products by CHI – Photo Courtesy of

Infused with a special blend of Moringa and macadamia oil, these hair products won’t disappoint you from their superior products to the packaging and the sweet feminine smell.

Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products by CHI

The complete product line consists of four products:

  • Moringa & Macadamia Oil: a protective oil blend infused with Moringa and Macadamia Oil for natural hair rejuvenation. This ultimate oil is instantly absorbed, weightlessly infusing hair with moisture and nutrients for silky, soft, healthful looking hair while providing natural UV and thermal protection. Great for adding smoothness and shine before blow-dry styling or using as a finishing agent to smooth flyaways.
  • Set the Stage Blow Dry Spray: provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage while eliminating frizz and resisting humidity. The lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens, while dramatically decreasing blow-dry time.
  • Restage Dry Shampoo: a water-free spray that cleanses and refreshes hair by absorbing excess oil and eliminating odor. It blends in flawlessly with all hair types, providing added lift and texture to hair.
  • Rock Your Style Flexible Hair Spray: a fast drying light holds hairspray that provides lift, texture also control with flexible movement. This gives protection against moisture and humidity while providing an incredible silky shine with no added buildup or flakes.
  • Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray: a firm hold aerosol hair spray designed for ultimate control and shine. The fast drying, weightless formula offers all day hold and support with no added build up.
  • Spotlight Shine Spray: instantly gives hair polished shine and helps to eliminate fly-aways and frizz without added weight.

My Experience with Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products by CHI

Let me be completely honest. When this line of products first came out, I didn’t want to like it. The whole Miss Universe glam with the cliche pink packaging just screamed, well… cliche. I ignored it on the shelves at my local supply store until my curiosity got the better of me.

The Moringa & Macadamia Oil is great middle-of-the-road hair oil. Not too thick, also not too thin, a little goes a long way to combat frizz and tangles. The light, the pretty smell isn’t overpowering and doesn’t weigh your hair down, as long as you keep it on your ends and off your scalp.

I love blow-dry sprays, and it took using Set the Stage Blow Dry Spray a grand total of one to fall in love with it. A few sprays of this stuff make your blow-out routine a dream and keep humid days from ruining your hair. Hair is left soft, full of shine, and obviously protected from heat damage.

By far my favorite product in this line is the Restage Dry Shampoo. I wrote a full review on the product that you can check out here, but bottom line is that this dry shampoo is really uniquely unlike any other dry shampoo that I’ve ever tried. If you hate the way dry shampoo makes your hair feel dry, gritty, or super dirty, then give this one a try before you give it up. This dry shampoo disappears in your hair as it dries and takes all the grease and oil with it. It’s truly like magic. It improves volume and won’t dry your hair out in a typical dry shampoo fashion.

The Rock Your Style Flexible Hair Spray is about as flexible as hairspray can be. The super-light formula lets you work your style with movement and never gets flaky or heavy. I love the way this hairspray lets you achieve pretty soft styles with lots of shine. It’s also a great working hairspray to create subtle volume and texture, and help curls set softly as well. Be warned that this hairspray is very, very light in holding power. If you want a hairspray to withhold, this one won’t be your best bet.

When you get your style the way you want it and you want it to stay, the Rock Your Crown Firm Hair Spray is the way to get your style to stick without turning your hair into a brick. Even though it’s a heavier hairspray, it doesn’t flake or make your hair look white. You can count on this hairspray to stay and keep the humidity at a dull roar. I’ve loved this hairspray for updos and braids that need a little extra holding power, but also need to have a little softness.

I love to finish my style off with the Spotlight Shine Spray. It amps up the shine, showing off the dimension in your hair color and giving your hair that extra glamorous finish.

All of the Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products smell beautifully pretty; they are all a little fruity, and a little flowery while not overpowering. The only issue I have with the products is that the shine spray and the dry shampoo come in the exact same bottle size and shape, and that’s been a little confusing from time to time. Trust me when I say that accidentally spraying shine spray onto your roots doesn’t exactly translate to a good hair day.

Where to Find Miss Universe Style Illuminate Products by CHI

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