Finding a style or brand of women’s clothing that fits your body well is SUCH a boon, ladies. Because think about it; a dress is basically a pre-made outfit! Add shoes and jewelry, and voila, you’re chic and pulled-together.

How to Shop for Women's Clothing

But dresses are also tough to fit because they cover most of our bodies, including busts, waists, and hips, where we women have the most size and shape variation. They’re worth questing for, though, because when you’ve got a handful of luxe apparel hanging in your closet? You’re 100% prepared for dreary Monday mornings when outfit planning is the absolute last thing you wanna think about.

So here are some tips to help you shop effectively for women’s clothing:

Consider Length

Obviously, you’ve got some leeway when it comes to dress length – minis, midis, and maxis all have their uses. But if you want to know which length is going to be the most versatile and flattering, listen up: You want the dress hemline to hit somewhere between the middle of your kneecap and about an inch above the top of your kneecap.

This will keep you from flashing anyone when you cross your legs but also show off your legs’ curves—a great length for women of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

Check Fit at the Bust

Certain women’s clothing styles like swing dresses and shifts are meant to be roomy around the bust, so don’t worry about those as much. But if you’re looking at a sheath, empire, or other styles with a fitted bust, here’s what you need to know: The bust of a dress should fit closely to your breasts without pulling. If the fabric pulls between The Girls, that’s an obvious red flag, but also look for pulling near the arm holes. Both are a sign of a bad fit, and you should consider sizing up.

Don’t Forget to Look Back

It can be tough to remember to crane your neck around to check the view from behind, but try to make a habit of it. Women’s clothes with shaping can look amazing upfront and like a hot mess in the back. A dress that fits well should follow the contours of your shoulders, back, and butt without pulling or bubbling up. If your butt is larger than the dress is designed to accommodate, you’ll get a little bulge of material right above your derriere, and many dresses can pull or sag around the shoulders. Keep your eyes peeled for these tell-tale signs of poor fit.

Watch Those Sleeves

Sleeves on a dress should fit like sleeves on anything else: Assuming they’re full-length, they should be long enough to hit the top knuckle of your thumb when you’re standing with your arms at your sides. They shouldn’t be so tight that they pull or wrinkle, and they shouldn’t bunch up at the armpits.

Those last two points apply for shorter sleeve styles, too. When it comes to sleeveless dresses, keep an eye on those armholes. If they stand away from your sides or dip down so low that everyone can see your bra, consider sizing down or tailoring. If they dig into your armpits, size up. We love the look of luxe apparel since they’re flattering on just about everybody, but shorter and longer styles can be marvelous, too.

Note the Waist

Just a quick note on this since women’s clothing that doesn’t fit in the waist are SUPER uncomfortable, so you can probably spot them without any help.

Can’t help but say this, though: A dress that technically fits around your middle doesn’t mean it actually fits you properly. Muffin top can happen with dresses, too, and if you’re bulging out over or under a waistband, size up. It’s not worth suffering through discomfort and a rotten fit for the sake of an arbitrary size number on a tag.

Ideally, a dress waist should hit you where your own waist is smallest and should stand away from your body by a few centimeters. Can’t get that fit off the rack? Tailor, tailor, tailor!

And that’s a good stopping point because, in all honesty, women’s clothing often need alterations. Nothing wrong with getting a waistband taken in or hemline let out.! Perfect fit usually means tweaking, so take those almost-perfect dresses to the tailor, and soon you’ll have a ready-made outfit-on-a-hanger that provides you with the luxe quality you deserve!

Ready for a new look? You can use fashion to create a totally new style or polish up your current style.

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Luxury Women's Clothing That's Actually Worth The Money

Luxury Women’s Clothing That’s Actually Worth The Money

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to fashion is the assumption that developing impeccable style comes at a hefty price. When in truth, curating a fashionable closet that is uniquely you, simply requires strategic shopping selections and a set of killer styling tricks to make even the most affordable outfit look like it came straight off the runway.

To put this theory to the test, our fashion editors have tried everything in the name of luxe apparel, from wearing head-to-toe for a week to hunting down the best celebrity-approved products that are budget-friendly too.

What did they discover? You don’t need to be rich to look great; all it takes are a few great styling secrets.

  • Pair minimalist business-casual separates with chic sandals to channel seriously cool vibes. 
  • Balance standout colors with a neutral color palette for a foolproof statement look. 
  • Drape a blazer or leather jacket over your shoulders. Typically a styling tip for keeping new leather from wrinkling, the trick still has the same effect to make any outerwear look more refined. 
  • When in doubt, keep it simple. Even the most inexpensive pieces can look incredible when given space to stand alone. 
  • Add elevated accessories, like a wide-brimmed hat, for instant style points.
  • When it comes to jewelry, opt for strong metal pieces over flimsy stone or beaded styles. 
  • When getting dressed, remember that opposites attract! Mix dressy pieces with more casual options for an on-point outfit for any occasion.
  • Achieve timeless style by tying a classic silk scarf around your neck, wrist, or handbag. 
  • Sometimes an understated piece that’s always in styles, such as a camel trench coat or jean jacket, makes the boldest statement.
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