There is no other clothing item that beats the versatility you find in good leather jackets for women. Leather goes with just about anything from jeans to cashmere. It is a very thoughtful addition to every women’s wardrobe. Getting a good quality leather jacket is no easy task, but once you invest in one, you will not regret the decision.

Leather Jackets for Women You'll Love to Wear
Leather Jackets for Women You’ll Love to Wear.

Why choose leather?

Leather is manufactured from the skins of animals such as cows. They are then treated and processed until you have the end product that is leather. Here are some of the things that make leather such a great fabric to work with.

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Owing to the fact that it is gotten from animal skins, leather is very durable. It can outlast very many other fabrics and still look as good as new with good care. It is true that it will cost you quite some amount to get a good leather jacket, but you can wear it for a very long period of time, so it is a good investment in the long run.

Does not stain easily

One of the things that make many fabrics difficult to work with is the fact that they get stains too easy, but not leather. The fabric is basically impossible to stain due to its lack of absorbency. This means you can virtually wear it anywhere you want to go without the fear that you will stain the fabric.


As mentioned earlier, leather will go with about anything in the wardrobe. You can dress a weather jacket together with a turtle neck to achieve an official look or dress it down for that casual look. When you pick a good neutral color for your leather jacket, you will find it easy to match with anything in your wardrobe.


Owing to the fact that it does not have very many air spaces, leather is the ideal material to keep you warm. It will be ideal for the cooler months of the year and a night out.


Good leather jackets make a very good fashion statement. Like jeans, leather never goes out of season. All you have to do is select a good color for a jacket, and you can be assured that you are going to be wearing it for a very long time without the fear of it looking offseason.

How to select good women’s leather jackets

Women's Leather Jackets

There are a few tips that can help you select the best leather jacket for your everyday purposes. Here are some of the things you should consider when picking a good leather jacket for yourself.

The color

This is the most important factor to consider. Women’s Leather Jackets come in all manner of colors, but if you cannot afford to get a collection of colors, then you can pick on neutral colors like black and gray. Black usually goes with almost everything and is, therefore, an ideal choice. Brown leather jackets are also very stylish to work with. They deviate from the normal boring of the neutral colors but still agree with most outfit types. There are also leather jackets that have patterns on them and other kinds of accessories and decorations. You can choose a plain jacket or one with patterns depending on your taste.

The design

There are a million designs for Women’s Leather Jackets. The traditional normal cuts are ideal for formal wear, but you can deviate a little if you are looking for something less formal and more casual. The most important point to remember here is that you should only pick on the design that brings out the best of your physique.

The purpose

It is true that leather jackets are very versatile in use. But before you get one, you will have to consider what you mainly want to use it for or where you plan to be wearing it most of the time. Traffic jackets will be specially made to combat the situation found in the roads when riding motorcycles.

Women’s Leather Jackets Cost

A good leather jacket will cost you anywhere between two hundred and five hundred dollars. It is important to establish the amount of money you want to spend on one so that you can get the best quality for that cost. Jackets made from original leather are usually very hard to find, so you will have to be very careful to avoid spending your money on fakes.

Natural or artificial leather

There is both the natural leather, which is made from the hides of animals and the artificially manufactured types. If you are not of the idea of wearing the natural type, you can choose to buy the ones made from the artificial variants. They are also very good in quality and are actually as good as the natural types. The natural leather products will cost a little bit more, but that also assures you that they are better in terms of durability and originality.

Go with the trend

There are different trends that keep emerging in the fashion industry. It is always advisable to go with the trend if you are the fashion-conscious type. If you are not so much into the trendy new styles, a good cut that is neither too old fashioned nor too shouting will do the job for you.

The other thing to keep in mind when shopping for leather jackets for women is that you have to visit a shop and pick several designs and colors that you feel might be okay for you. After that, you will have to fit to ascertain that it goes well with your body and that the fitting is right. When you put all these factors into consideration, you are likely to find shopping for leather jackets a much easier activity. Leather is as good as the care you give it, so after you buy, you should ensure you take good care of it. All these should help you select the best women’s leather jackets for you. You will be sure to keep heads rolling whenever you wear these jackets.

Looking for a fresh way to wear your leather jacket? See how Mudawwana UK remix this piece of iconic outerwear.

Must-Have Leather Jackets

Must-Have Leather Jackets

Styles to Update Your Wardrobe

Leather jackets are must-haves for this fall, and the modern way to wear the leather jacket is to pair it with something unexpected, like a lace top or a cocktail dress. Find our favorite leather jackets — something for every budget and lifestyle — and get ready for fall fashion.

Mudawwana’s inspiration comes from everyday wear, allowing you to wear what you want with any style of leather or sheepskin jacket or coat. With a choice of iconic biker jackets, sophisticated blazers, to name a few styles, their both modern, traditional, and fashion styles means that at have something for everyone.

The new range of women’s leather fashion jackets includes a diverse range of styles that really do stand out. When you need a style that is very different from the high street or other online stores, Mudawwana UK online clothing store has a high-quality range of leather jackets in different colors and size options.

  • Quilted Leather Jacket: Want a high-end look and some texture? Opt for a quilted leather jacket for an updated look.
  • Faux Leather Jacket: Save the animals — and a few bucks — by opting for a faux leather jacket that has all of the styles of the real thing.
  • Leather Blazer: Looking for a sophisticated leather jacket that’s poised enough for the office? A blazer-style leather jacket is perfect to substitute as a jacket for workdays; wear it with jeans and a white tee on the weekends for a casual chic look.
  • Distressed Leather jacket: Try a vintage approach with a distressed leather jacket. The effect is casual — but cool – and looks beautiful in a rich brown.
  • Motorcycle Jacket: A traditionally styled black leather motorcycle jacket never goes out of style.

The designers at Mudawwana have blended the noble attributes of leather with the latest fashion trends so as to compliment the attributes of this plush material with the splendor, delicacy, and revere of the women. As a consequence, Mudawwana has shaped up an irresistibly stylish assortment of women leather jackets. Carrying on the legacy of awarding its valued customers overwhelming and fabulous looks, delightfully presents a fabulous collection of women jackets which are bound to beautify every feminine’s personality. The huge collection of trendy and chic leather outfits includes every type of jacket that adds vigor, splendor, and pride to your persona. offers you the best what you want. The top quality products and excellent service at a very affordable price. You do not have to bother about the quality and as well as the price.

Fresh Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket

Here’s How To Wear This Iconic Piece.

Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket
  • A leather jacket with a cocktail dress? Modern and fresh.
  • Wear ankle boots with your leather jacket. A cute way to balance out this season’s hot shoe – the ankle boot – is to wear a leather jacket with it. Add a dress or skirt, and bare legs (black tights can work, too, if you don’t want to go bare.
  • Add a bright scarf to a leather jacket. Throw on a big, bold scarf with your leather jacket. Prints, punchy colors, and textures all give a black leather jacket an updated look.
  • Wear a leather jacket with something dressy. Add a leather jacket over a little black dress or even a leopard print maxi dress: the idea here is to give your dressy piece a casual-cool vibe by adding a leather jacket to it.
  • Choose another color besides black leather for your jacket. No need to stick with just black: other colors make great neutrals, too. Look for putty, chocolate, even a bone-colored leather.
  • Wear a leather jacket with brights. The best way to wear this season’s bright red, blue, and green pants? By tempering them with a leather jacket up top.

What Style Leather Jacket Should You Choose?

Leather jackets for women feature many of the same designs as men’s leather jackets but with slimmer fits and a wider range of colors. Brown and blue are common, as are several shades of red and burgundy. Lightweight leather jackets in bright yellow, pink, or turquoise colors are ideal for wear in spring.

Suede leather jackets, with their sophisticated look and luxuriously soft feel, are also popular among women.

Once favored for their strong, rebellious image, today, leather jackets are worn by anyone who wants a great looking coat that is also durable and always in style.

More versatile than fur, hipper than cashmere, cheaper than diamonds: leather is the fairest of them all, coming in a huge variety of finishes, styles, and colors.

It doesn’t wrinkle much, so it’s the perfect travel partner. It breathes, so it is a seasonless topper, but it is durable and wind-resistant at the same time, according to the Leather Apparel Association.

But above all, leather is cool. Always.

This season leather makes a grand entrance in everything from short shorts to long coats. It’s going embossed to look like exotic crocodile and glazed for a cool retro look.

In lipstick, red or metallic gold, pants, jackets, tops, handbags, and shoes are all sharing the material of choice — leather.

What Style Leather Jacket Should You Choose

Classic leather styles

  • Bomber jacket
  • Fur trims
  • Knee-length skirt
  • Jeans
  • Blazers
  • Trench jackets
  • Black and brown
  • Motorcross looks
  • Miniskirts

The jacket

With all of these choices, the one thing every closet needs (man, woman, or even child) is a great leather jacket. This timeless piece will always look great, so when making the investment go for something that will look as fresh three years from now as it does today (hint: if money’s an object, skip the fads and go for classic).

A leather jacket can be a major investment, so stretch your dollars by going with a timeless style for years of wear.

Medium-length jackets — anywhere from top to mid-thigh — offer the most versatility and wearability, but everything from maxi coats to bomber jackets can work depending on your lifestyle. We find that the classic motorcycle jacket is the best option for most shoppers, with a bomber style jacket arriving in a close second place.

While leather jackets for women can come in an array of colors, you can’t go wrong with black. Red and brown leather jackets will be popular season after season as well—but if you’re on a budget, skip candy-colored leather. Popular colors vary yearly, dropping big bucks on a mint green leather jacket that you’ll love for only a short time doesn’t make much sense. Black is also the most versatile color and pairs well with everything.

Leather Jackets for Women You’ll Love to Wear

First impressions are priceless. If you’re able to splurge just a little bit, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you’re wearing a genuine leather jacket. With the right first impression, you can land that job you’ve been after, make that gorgeous man take a second look, secretly thrill at the jealous stares you get from the other women, and ultimately create an air of self-confidence that no one else can match.

Just about everyone has a department store jacket in the closet for everyday use. It’s practical. It’s economical. It’s functional. You don’t really care if it gets dirty, and you didn’t pay a lot for it. But if you don’t have a leather jacket in your closet, you really don’t understand what you’re missing. Leather is luxurious, and leather is an indulgence. Aren’t you worth it?

You may think that a leather jacket for women is not in your budget, but consider the following:

  • Leather is extremely durable and lasts for years.
  • Despite popular belief, leather is very easy to keep clean.
  • Based strictly on return-in-investment, a leather jacket is more cost-effective than replacing less-expensive jackets due to them wearing out or going out of style.

When shopping for a women’s leather jacket, you do need to consider what you’re looking to get out of it. Do you live in an area where warmth is important? Is your goal to make a striking fashion statement? Are you able to spend time maintaining your purchase, or do you need to be able to just throw it on and head out of the door?

Leather jackets for women can range from the stereotypical motorcycle jacket to the most sophisticated style:

Leather Jackets for Women You'll Love to Wear
  • Trench coat: This style is usually hip-length or longer and has a self-belt that wraps at the waist, accompanied by either a button or zip closure. This style is flattering on almost everyone. These cover the majority of the body. Typically they fall to the ankles. Do you remember John Bender from the Breakfast Club? A little rebellious, and a little exciting, this coat is not for amateurs.
  • The biker jacket: If tough chic is your thing and your wardrobe has lots of well-worn blue jeans, then a biker jacket is perfect for you. It fits sleek and comes to the waist with lots of sturdy hardware.
  • The 3/4 length (car) coat: Very urban for him and her, this silhouette flatters larger and taller fashionistas (a bit overwhelming to see a petite frame swathed in so much leather). The ideal length to cover up heavy upper body and thighs, this style hits at the top of the leg.
  • Bomber jacket: This jacket hangs at the hip and has a more masculine look. Generally lined with fur, with a more distressed appearance, it appeals to men and women alike (think Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun).
  • Mid-thigh jackets: Typically worn by women, and cinched at the waist, these jackets can create an hourglass silhouette that showcases your curves.
  • The blazer: This classic style looks very now worn as sportswear instead of just outerwear (in other words, don’t take it off indoors — it’s part of the ensemble!) Look for timeless features like a one-button closure, moderately wide lapels, slim to medium shoulders and color that you won’t cringe this time next year. Professional companies require professional attire. New leather jackets are discreet and non-obtrusive. With the new finishes now offered, these jackets will not be confused with Michael Jackson knockoffs. They are perfect for a day at the office and versatile enough to wear to a club after hours.


Target sells styles for about $100; designer styles can go well into the thousands.

If you don’t plan on wearing the leather item every day, or if you want to splurge on a trendier piece, you can still find plenty of leather sportswear pieces in the $150-300 range. Look for holiday sales to stock up on pieces that you’ll always love, like a great skirt, jacket or pants.

A purchase like this is a big investment for most of us. Once you have found your perfect leather jackets for women, you will need to know how to protect it and keep it looking great for years to come. We have done some research and offer the following tips:

  • Leather jackets should not be stored in plastic bags, as they need to breathe.
  • Minor dirt can be removed with a clean, damp cloth (suede excluded).
  • If your jacket is exposed to a lot of water (like a rainstorm), you may want to let it sit on a towel overnight, and do not expose it to extreme heat to speed drying.
  • A quality leather conditioner should be used, as genuine leather is like skin — it needs to be periodically moisturized.
  • While gorgeous and pleasing to the touch, suede can be a bit more difficult to deal with, as it requires brushing to keep it fresh, and professional cleaning for spots and stains.

Beyond style and durability, new advances in technology and fashion allow you to find a women’s leather jacket that is in the color you need, for whatever occasion. Of course, you can still find the classic blacks, the practical browns, and the versatile tan tones. Now, also offers fun and fresh colors. You can bounce into spring with a baby blue or buttery yellow thigh-brushing jacket, or you can turn heads at the office Christmas party in a bright emerald green or deep red leather blazer.

Now that you understand the endless variety of options available, and have a better knowledge of how relatively easy it is to care for a leather jacket for women, go shopping! Hit the mall, shop online. If the first store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, go to another. This is all about personality, so have fun with it. Show off who you really are, and make a fashion statement that is uniquely you!

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