Sweatshirts are a year-round clothing item, used for anything from a cool summer night to a great layering item under a winter coat, and they are totally in style right now! They are also a great transitional weather item. Don’t wait until it’s too late; check out some of my favorite sweatshirts for women.

Women look great in sweatshirts, and Sweatshirtsforwomen.com has probably got the best range of oversized sweatshirts for women on the web. Sweatshirts are great for just slobbing around the house in, or going to the gym in and are now most popular sellers. The fabrics are soft, warm, and hold up well to the washing.

If you are looking for oversized sweatshirts for those chilly evenings, then any of these great sweatshirts will make an ideal addition to any girls wardrobe.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Sweatshirt

Of all the styling tricks in a woman’s wardrobe, the sweatshirt is probably the most common. Call it a boyfriend sweater or tunic top; I wear this shape with jeans and boots all the time–it offers coverage and easy style. It’s a great strategic piece, but it’s not foolproof. If the sweatshirt’s too big or too long, you’ll end up looking like SpongeBob, a square with legs–not exactly chic.

Tip #1

 Make sure the oversized sweatshirt hits just below the widest part of your thigh and not below mid-thigh. If the hem of the sweatshirt hits too far down your leg, your top half will actually look big and blocky, and your legs will look stumpy–probably not the look you want.

Tip #2

Sweatshirts should be slouchy but not dumpy. When we shot Blake Lively for Lucky magazine, we wanted an easy fall look that was casual in just the right proportions. In other words, it was not so oversized that it completely camouflaged her shape. Too much slouch, and you will add bulk. Here’s how to test if your sweatshirt has just the right amount of slouch: Pinch the sweatshirt at your waist and pull out the sweatshirt’s fabric. If you can pull out more than six inches on either side, you have too much fabric and should go down a size.

Tip #3

One of the most popular styles this year is the boyfriend sweater, or fisherman sweater–one of my favorite all-time wardrobe classics. Chunky wool knits or extra heavy cashmere work best for this look instead of loose knits or cotton. The vintage feel of say, this one, comes from the relaxed fitting, which is super flattering with a skinny jean or leather pants.

Tip #4

If you’re trying this trick with a long oversized sweatshirt, make sure the shirt you’re wearing underneath hits around the top of your thighs. To make this look balanced, make sure the shirt underneath is more fitted than the sweatshirt. We love layered looks, and this is a good one.

Tip #5

 The hem of the sweatshirt should be relaxed and swingy. You’ll get a bubble effect if the bottom comes in too much. Crewneck sweatshirt for women because the bottoms don’t hug my legs. The relaxed hem has a slimming effect on the thighs.

How to Save Money When Shopping for Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts for Women
Images via Sweatshirtsforwomen.com.

Naturally, sweatshirts and sweaters cost more than plain T-shirts. They are much fancier, warmer, use more material, and use more expensive materials. But every woman (who doesn’t live in a tropical area) needs at least one.

Here are some tips to save money and get the best value when you’re shopping for sweatshirts:

Choose Less-Expensive Brands

For oversized sweatshirts and crew neck sweatshirts, you can’t beat Sweatshirtsforwomen.com sweatshirts. They are a great activewear company and a well-known brand among the competing brands. Their sweatshirts are durable, inexpensive, and easy to find online – usually $40 or less.

Look For Quality That Will Last

Sometimes, spending more initially will save you money in the long run. Such is the case when looking at sweatshirts, which will see abuse, whether from sports, working on the farm, hunting, etc.

Spend More on The Classics

Don’t spend lots of money on new, trendy items. Next month, they’ll be out of style, and you’ll be out of money!

Only buy the expensive brands when it’s an item you can wear often and will still be in style in 5 years. Plain designs are best. Before purchasing, ask yourself, “could this be ‘the navy blue suit’ of sweatshirts?”

What Are The Best Occasions To Wear Sweatshirts?

Women's Oversized Sweatshirts

You must be thinking what are those occasions on which you can wear these shirts or which event you can attend if you are wearing a sweatshirt? The list can be very long, but we will stick to some of the important occasions.

  • Resting in the house – If you have just arrived from your office after a busy working day, you need to rest. However, you will need to ensure that you keep yourself warm in the winter season, and nothing can be better than wearing a sweatshirt.
  • Going on a walk – If you want to go out with your dog, but it is cold outside, then you can wear a sweatshirt to keep yourself warm. The plus point you get by wearing this shirt is that you don’t get bulky; hence, it makes it easy to walk.
  • Playing golf – It is winter season, but still, you want to go out to the golf court and play golf with your friends. It is never easy to stay on the golf field during the winter season, but wearing a sweatshirt will make it easy for you to play golf, and obviously, the temperature of your body will be well controlled.
  • Local Fair – If you are having a fair in your area and you are also going to put a stall there, then you can make specially customized shirts for that occasion. Not only will you look good in these shirts, but these customized shirts will also be very helpful in marketing your products or services.
  • Give away – If you have a business that you want to promote, then you can design special shirts and distribute them to your customers free of cost. This is a good way to attract more customers towards your business.

Tips for Choosing Sweatshirts

Tips for Choosing Sweatshirts

When choosing sweatshirts, I am always amazed at how many different styles, shades, and types there are to choose from. Have a look, and you’ll see that the world is your oyster. You really can pick and choose…

But there are some people who think sweatshirts, in general, are old fashioned, and they don’t fit the current fashion mix. For instance, some people think they are old fashioned and baggy items of clothing and that they are only useful for physical work, like training or exercise. In reality, sweatshirts are stylish, beautiful, and incredibly versatile, and I consider them to be an important acquisition to add to my wardrobe.

If you are looking for sweatshirts, some useful tips related to how to choose the right:

  • Type or style
  • Size and fit
  • Color grade

Type and style

Sweatshirts come in a variety of different styles which are commonly described by manufacturers and retailers as:

  • Zipped hooded sweatshirts (sometimes known as hoodies)
  • Quarter zipped sweatshirts
  • Crew neck sweatshirts
  • Fleeced hooded sweatshirts
  • Sports sweatshirts
  • “Hot dog” sweaters
  • V neck sweater

If you are going to be choosing sweatshirts, regardless of color, you need to consider what you are going to wear them with before you decide which sort to buy. For example, do you want to wear your sweatshirt as a casual item of clothing with jeans or shorts, or do you want to wear them to train in it?

Maybe you want to wear a sweatshirt with something a bit more formal, like smart pants, a skirt or with smart leggings. Your decision will help you to differentiate between the style of clothing you would like to wear and what other people think is really cool. Some women’s sweaters and sweatshirts are worn with a belt or drawstring to add character and flair.

Size and fit

You do get a variety of different oversized sweatshirt or fits of the sweatshirt. The more close-fitting sweatshirts, such as a “hot dog” sweater or a V neck sweater, may look attractive with more formal attire. The more loosely fitted sweatshirts – think traditional and original – like the zipped hooded sweatshirts and fleeced hooded sweatshirts are more commonly worn as casual wear. The most typical crew neck sweatshirts and some hooded sweatshirts (or hoodies) are usually worn when doing physical training.

Being comfortable and having the right size and fit of your women’s oversized sweatshirts is vitally important, as this can have a profound effect on your physical training. It will also affect the result of your training. So make sure you have the right size and fit.

The color grade

The color sweatshirts come in a variety of different shades, which surprises many people.

Different shades of sweatshirts can bring out a different mood and different energy. For example, you can get pastel shades of pink for sweatshirts, which can have a calming effect on your mood, whereas something brighter, like say, magenta can have a vibrant, playful effect on your mood.

No matter what color you decide on, you need to be sure the color will make you feel good, which is likely to do.

Material choice

Generally, sweatshirts are made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. They may also be made of fleece. You can also buy sweaters that are made from cable knit depending on the style and fit of the sweatshirts. Generally, though, all sweatshirts are made from soft, comfortable materials that are easy to clean.

How To Wear an Oversized Sweatshirt

How to Wear an Oversized Sweatshirt Without Looking Sloppy

One of the most versatile and important items of clothing that anyone can have in their wardrobe are sweatshirts. Traditionally an oversized, long-sleeved pullover made from heavy cotton jersey with a fleece backing and worn mainly during physical work, like the gym or running, has become a popular fashion item. Over the past decade, sweatshirts have been transformed into something comfortable, stylish, and incredibly versatile…

Women’s oversized sweatshirts can be found in a number of different materials today. The main types are cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, usually lined with a warm and comfortable fleece.

Oversized sweatshirts for women can also be found in a variety of different styles, including:

  • Crew neck sweatshirts,
  • Zipped hooded sweatshirts (more commonly called hoodies),
  • Quarter-zip sweatshirts,
  • Fleeced hooded sweatshirts, and
  • Sports sweatshirts.

The best feature of oversized sweatshirts is that they can be worn as wonderfully comfortable casual wear, with jeans, tracksuit pants, and shorts. However, being the versatile item of clothing they are, they can also be dressed up together with leggings, smart jeans, skirts, and a multitude of accessories.

I think sweatshirts are fantastic to wear to parties or to go for a walk on the beach or for a hike up a mountain. I find I can just as easily wear them when going to movies or to a wide variety of sporting events. Tied around the waist, it can be a fashionable accessory or slung around the shoulders for a more formal look.

The color of the oversized sweatshirts is an interesting topic. Pink is generally considered to be a beautifully romantic color. It has a tranquil effect because it is soft and pretty. For this reason, many women insist on having at least one pink sweatshirt in their cupboard, often alongside sweatshirts of other colors. I personally have two.

Interestingly, in Japan, the color pink is associated with masculinity. Even in other countries, the color is not only associated with femininity, and it has become increasingly popular amongst men to wear. On the right man, a pink sweatshirt will always look good with jeans or with smart pants.

Men are generally drawn to women that wear pink as it is associated with romance and is subtle enough to bring out feminine features. And of course who can deny a little girl that all desired pink sweatshirt that normally accompanies her everywhere she goes.

Oversized sweatshirts can be personalized, and that makes them increasingly popular with the younger generation. They are also increasingly popular for advertising a company or a cause, and it is a well-known fact that the color pink is synonymous with breast cancer.

Pink oversized sweatshirts are incredibly desirable and fashionable, and they are not only attractive to wear in increasingly attractive styles, but also seem to be the color and clothing to have right now. Stunning pink flashdance sweatshirts are incredibly popular amongst celebrities, and so are pink sweatshirt hoodies. For example, Misha Barton wore one whilst out and about. It all goes to show!


Check out our favorite pink sweatshirts!


These particular oversized sweatshirts may be worn with jeans or smart pants as they are available in a variety of different styles and types. Generally, oversized sweatshirts are not a close-fitting design. Instead, they are more usually worn loosely over a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved top. They are found in a variety of different materials, from 100 percent cotton to a cotton mix blend. They are also made from light material, and a more heavy material, so different ones may be worn in both cold and warm weather.

Because they are so comfortable, these oversized sweatshirts are very popular for those sportsmen and women training for sporting events and for competitions. Because of its comfort, the sweatshirt is also a keen favorite as a club tracksuit or team tracksuit top.

Almost everyone has at least one of these sweatshirts in his or her wardrobe. You may have a yellow one or perhaps a pink one in your possession. Mine is a cherished item of clothing that I often wear slung around my neck while going out to watch a movie or around my waist when I go hiking.

Oversized sweatshirts are well known throughout the world and worn by almost every culture. It is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe – and for those people who are confident, vibrant, and full of energy, pink sweatshirts with crewnecks can only add character to your outfit.

When And What To Wear With Your Oversized Sweatshirt

When And What To Wear With Your Oversized Sweatshirt

Everyone knows what a sweatshirt is. They are one of the most commonly worn pieces of clothing worldwide and fill millions of closets. They are worn by men, women, young, and old alike. Everyone loves sweatshirts. They come in all colors, sizes, and styles. Some of these styles include hoodies, v-necks, turtlenecks, and zip-ups. If you love sweatshirts but are fashion-challenged, then this article is for you. Let’s discuss each type of oversized sweatshirt, where to wear it, and what to wear with it.

The first type of sweatshirt we will discuss is one of the most popular types of sweatshirts; the hoodie. Hoodies, or hooded, pullover, sweatshirts are the most comfortable and warmest of all sweaters. Hoodies are great for chilly weather or anytime that you are looking to stay comfortable. They are usually made of cotton and worn slightly baggy for extra comfort. A hoodie is great to wear for a night in, a camping trip, or a beachside campfire. The best things to wear with a hoodie are a pair of comfortable pants or a pair of jeans and sneakers.

There are also v-neck sweaters. These are oversized in which the neckline is lowered and, as the name states, in the shape of a ‘v’. Whether you are hanging out with friends or going to a formal gathering, a v-neck is a great choice. They are perfect for both casual and formal events. For a more casual look, match them with a pair of jeans and sneakers. For a more formal look, try a nice pair of dress pants and dress shoes. To dress up a v-neck, even more, try adding a jacket over top.

Turtlenecks, unlike v-necks, have high necklines that generally fold down and wrap around the neck. They are perfect for cooler nights and formal events. Similar to v-necks, turtlenecks can be worn with both jeans and dress pants, depending on which type of event you are attending.

Finally, we can speak about zip-up sweatshirts. These types of oversized sweaters are usually worn as athletic wear and are great if you are going on a jog or to the gym. They are generally worn to the gym to help promote perspiration in order to help people lose weight. Zip-up sweaters are best matched with a pair of jogging pants and sneakers. In some cases, they can also be worn with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Whether you are sitting at home tonight, going to a gym, or attending a formal event, an oversized sweatshirt is a great choice for you. Many sweatshirts, like v-necks and turtlenecks, are very versatile and can be worn for formal or casual events. Other oversized sweatshirts, like hoodies and zip-ups, are designed more for comfort and warmth. Whatever your size, whatever your age, whatever your sex, there is an outfit out there for you that can be perfected with a sweatshirt!


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