As any women will know, cup sizes are really only an estimate rather than an exact measurement to be taken as gospel, and far too many ladies spend their time wearing uncomfortable bra’s that simply don’t fit as well as they should do.

How to Find the Right Bra for Your Bust

Getting it right

Trying to find the right bra for you can involve a fair amount of trial and error. You can use a bra size calculator to get an indication of the size that might offer the best fit, but there is more to it than that.

If the bra that you are currently wearing is riding up your back and the underwire feels like it is digging into your rib cage or perhaps the straps are digging into your shoulders, then the chances are that even though you thought, for example, that you were a 38D, you could actually be a 36G.

Ways of finding the right size

Irrespective of whether you are looking for plus size bras or whatever size you happen to be, there are essentially two tried and tested ways of finding the right size.

The first involves going to a reputable lingerie store that carries all different cup sizes, including those bigger than D’s so that they can take the time to find a proper cup that can benefit your breasts rather than trying to sell you the first product off the shelf that appears to be the right size.

The other suggestion would be to order several different sizes of bra from a company with a good returns policy so that you get the chance to wear them at home where you will be more comfortable and can then see which one is the best fit.

The problem you are often faced with when buying a bra from various different department stores is that it seems that no two bras are the same, and depending on which brand you buy, the same sized bra can feel either bigger or smaller on you compared to the same sized bra from a rival brand.

Avoid the obvious mistakes

A lot of women make the assumption that simply tightening up your straps will enable your bra to fit better. The truth of the matter is that the support of your bra should be coming from the band so that even without the straps on your shoulders, the bra should be capable of supporting your breasts properly.

The right cup should also cover the entire breast without any prospect of unexpected spillage and take care that the straps are not too tight as this can leave minor indentations and even mild bruising.

Bigger breasts

There is sometimes a misconception that if you are a DD, then you must have huge breasts, and this can sometimes cause women to try and squeeze into a smaller size. The truth is that there are a lot of women who actually need F G or H cups and either don’t know it or are perhaps a bit embarrassed to admit it for some reason.

Get the bra that is actually the right size and the perfect fit for you and your body, and your back will certainly be grateful, and it will almost certainly make you look really good in your clothes too.

Joanne Lawrence works in a retail boutique, helping women find the right undergarments. She loves to share her best tips by writing for female websites.

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