How Kimono-Style Satin Robes Add Versatility To Your Wardrobe

With so many kinds of clothing pieces that range across different styles, it might be a little challenging to come up with an outfit that’s new and unique. Some fashion enthusiasts enjoy following trends, but some like setting them.  

Either way, fashion takes a lot of creativity and taking risks. For instance, wearing lingerie as outerwear wasn’t always considered chic. But with great styling, it has become one of the most popular styles on social media. In almost the same way, satin robes and dressing gowns are turning into some of the most fashion-forward pieces you could wear indoors or outdoors.

Satin Kimonos As Loungewear  

Some people use satin kimono robes at home because of how comfortable they are. They’re also quite popular when it comes to bachelorette parties and spa days. Either way, it’s all because of how luxe and relaxing it could make the wearer feel.

Kimonos In The Fashion World 

Due to how it’s associated with lounging, it might be difficult for some people to imagine how well it could be worn as outerwear. But if you look into history, kimonos are artful traditional clothes worn in Japan. In fact, it’s their national dress and something the country rightfully takes pride in.  

This beautiful and well-made clothing has inspired many fashion designers and has become popular across the globe. When Japan opened for trade in the mid-1800s, you could see how the kimono has boomed in the early fashion world. Many of these styles, especially in the 1910s to 1930s, were incredibly unique and luxurious. They were high fashion and mainly seen on the runway, in magazines, and worn by wealthy fashionistas. 

Kimonos As Outerwear 

With the changes time has brought to the fashion industry, kimonos have become more common and wearable for more people. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, they’ve become versatile clothing pieces. Scrolling through stores like Robe Therapy and other shops that sell kimono robes, it’s becoming easier to imagine how they could be worn and styled.

Kimonos As Outerwear
  • Wear It As A Cover-Up 

One of the easiest ways to wear a kimono is to use it as a light cover-up. Whether you’re going to the beach or just want a relaxed draping around your shoulders, these robes could give you that extra coverage without making you feel too warm. Some sheer kimonos are also airy and move nicely, making long kimono cover-ups fun to wear for vacations. 

  • Pair It With Bohemian Styles 

The Bohemian style often features kimono robes, and they pair excellently with different sun hats. And the great thing about dressing in a Bohemian outfit is that it’s casual and laid-back. You could pair it with jeans and a loose blouse. It also works well with sandals or boots, so you could go with either one. The best tip is to make sure the kimono robe is the star of the show. 

  • Keep It Simple With A Kimono Robe Dress 

Mixing and matching a whole outfit could take some time and effort. If you don’t feel like planning what to wear, you could use a kimono robe dress, which is stylish but effortless. Whether it’s a full-on robe that reaches your ankles or a mini dress that goes above the knees, both are stellar garments that do all the work for you. You could probably get away with no accessories because kimono robe dresses are already interesting and stylish on their own. 

  • Wear An Updo With A Closed Robe 

Whenever you wear a closed or tied kimono robe, you don’t usually have the option to layer clothing. But if there’s one thing you could do to elevate the look, it’s putting your hair up. The V-neckline will show off your collarbone and neck, so putting your hair in an updo or messy bun would elongate your neck further. 

  • Accessorize With Delicate Jewelry 

Kimonos are already flowy garments on their own. To accentuate this texture and elegance, wearing dainty jewelry might ramp it up. As mentioned, you could subtly bring attention to the delicate parts of your body, like your wrists or collarbone. A gold or silver necklace or bracelet would do the trick without being too overwhelming. Mimicking the fineness and elegance of the fabric itself is one way you could choose to accessorize. 

  • Make It Interesting With Patterns 

When it comes to fashion, some people tend to fear patterns and bright colors. It’s common for people to gravitate toward more muted tones because they’re easier to match with other clothing pieces. But when it comes to wearing a kimono, it becomes easier to sport florals, patterns, and different colors. You could pair it with a plain outfit or color coordinate it with other pieces easily because the kimono style is simple enough to carry bold designs. 


When it comes to fashion, it looks like the kimono has become one of the most versatile and fashionable pieces throughout many decades. Being comfortable and stylish, they could be worn indoors or outdoors with a bit of styling. It’s one of those pieces that would remain stylish and elegant in years to come, so it might be a good idea to keep several of them in your wardrobe.

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