Dressing well and looking good for an occasion is very important. Most people usually take a lot of time preparing the clothes that they’ll be wearing for an event and some even prepare weeks or even months before just to look good and dress the right way. The way you dress can signify what type of person you are which is why making good on your first impression is the one that you need to look out for.

Just like any other occasion, dinner perhaps is the type of meal where important appointments are usually held. Whether you’re with a date, colleague, friend, business partner, or anyone, in particular, you need to look your best when having dinner especially when you’ll be eating at classy restaurants. It would be a bit inappropriate if you’ll be wearing your normal casual attire. For some, it could mean that you’re not interested in the appointment at all.

So, you need to impress whoever you are with by dressing the right way. Depending on what occasion on dinner you’re attending, your attire must blend with it. But then you should choose your dress well because what you are wearing will always define your interest for the occasion. You should be careful by not being overdressed or underdressed because it can gravely affect your posture.

Dinner Dresses

It’s very important that you know how to choose your dress very well. Sometimes you don’t have to pick the most appropriate dress for that dinner. Just try to choose something which could look good for the occasion as long as it doesn’t leap way beyond the intended wear. Just be sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing rather than pretending that you are. The important thing that you should always bear in mind is that the dress that you are wearing should be the one that your heart desires for.

A Woman’s Guide for a Business Dinner Dress

As professionals, attending a business meeting inappropriate attire is as important as being equipped with the right information. There are several factors that an employee must take into consideration when thinking of the appropriate attire for that business dinner. These factors can help dictate the employee on how to dress appropriately for that particular event.

Business Dinner Dress

Business meetings come in different types, the same also with the business dinner. There are business dinners which are quite informal especially when the meeting was set right after the duty hours, and you don’t have the time to change clothes. On the other hand, business dinners that have been pre-arranged or will be held in a convention center at a hotel require more formal attire. Always remember that wearing appropriate attire for a business dinner can make you stand out and set you apart from others.

Some women think that attending a business dinner is quite complicated more than what they anticipate and unlike men that they only have to worry whether they will wear a suit or if a tie is optional. However, women should not view things that way, but instead, they must be thankful since they’ve got a lot of options and choices, unlike men who have a very limited option when it comes to clothing. Furthermore, it is time for women to celebrate their femininity. Women should also be smart in their choice of clothes when attending a business meeting considering that what you wear reflects your personality as a person.

So in selecting a color and texture for your dinner dress, one major consideration is the season or the time of the year. The color and texture of the dress are very important especially for evening events where attires are becoming a little bit dressier and wearing a dress with a color that is inappropriate for the season can make you easily be spotted out.

Another factor that must be put into consideration when attending a business dinner is the venue. It is also important to know the other guests who will attend the meeting or if it is at a conference. If in case the dining dress will be attended by people from out of town or if it is a business conference, then more likely the business dinner will be held in a high-end restaurant or in a conference hall of a hotel. Thus, dressier business attire is the best dinner dress to wear for that event.

For a less formal business dinner, you may wear something casual like a skirt and a blouse, a dinner dress casual, or even a silk blouse or dress pants. In seasons like Spring and Winter, dress sandals without pantyhose are very much appropriate for any business event when wearing a skirt. As much as possible never bring purses of a big-bag type. It does not only cumbersome to deal with, but it gives you that mom look at the same time, which is not appropriate in a place like a business dinner dress.

In conclusion, women should wear appropriate clothing when attending business events than it is for men. What you should put in mind when thinking a business dinner dress is the goal of leaving a lasting and positive impression of who you are.

A Woman’s Guide for a Wedding Rehearsal Dining Dress

A rehearsal dinner before the wedding day is an important event for both the engaged couple, their immediate family members, and of course the bridal party. The rehearsal followed by a dinner afterward serves as the kick-off to the wedding festivities. When it comes to the attire for this particular event, guests and other attendees who have a role in the wedding should dress appropriately.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Here are some instructions on how you should dress during the wedding rehearsal dinner:

  1. If the dress code for the wedding rehearsal dinner dress was not indicated in the invitation, then assume that the attire is semi-formal. You can wear a nice blouse paired with a skirt or pants.
  2. Your attire for the wedding rehearsal dining dress may also depend on the venue. For example, if the dinner will be held in the home of the engaged couple, then you wear a dress with a laid-back form while dinner in a five-star hotel or in a restaurant requires a semi-formal dinner dress.
  3. The theme of the wedding may also use as a base when dressing for the rehearsal event. For example, if the theme of the actual wedding is a beach wedding then surely the rehearsal will also usually be held in a venue with the same relaxed atmosphere. So, in this case, your attire should be a sort of beach wear like a wrap style dresses.
  4. Aside from the wedding theme and the venue, you can also use the type of food to be served as bases of what you are going to wear for the rehearsal. You could use this reference if the type of food were specified in the invitation. For example, if dinner is an outdoor BBQ, then you can wear casual attire like jeans and a t-shirt.
  5. With regards to the shoes, you choose shoes that will match your dinner dress and appropriate to the location or venue of the rehearsal. This decision is very important especially for women. It will be difficult for women to maneuver if she is wearing high heels in a backyard party. If dancing is planned as part of the event, then you must wear comfortable shoes.
  6. If ever the wedding rehearsal party will be held during summertime, you are allowed to bring a jacket or a sweater even if the temperature is quite hot just in case the venue will be air-conditioned.

A Woman’s Guide for a Semi-Formal Dinner Dress

Semi-formal dinners usually happen in companies and organizations where employees are required to take part in it. Having invited to this type of party event can cause stress to some women since they are having a difficult time deciding on their attire. Some women have a misconception when it comes to a semi-formal dinner dress. Actually, when we say semi-formal dress, it’s like attending a wedding wherein it’s not really necessary to wear formal attires like ball gowns or just simple denim and sundresses which are considered casual attire. Basically, a semi-formal dining dress is between formal and casual attire.

Semi-Formal Dinner Dress

In choosing semi-formal attires, one main consideration is the length of the dinner dress. Women could choose casual dresses that have the lengths of either little above the knee, below the knee, or at the ankle or at the knee. Wearing mini-skirts should be avoided when attending semi-formal dinners. The types of fabrics appropriate for a semi-formal dress are gossamer, satin, chiffon, taffeta, or velour. If a woman wants to look as if she is wearing a skirt, then they can wear some stylish pantsuits which are appropriate for a formal dinner dress. The length of those panty suits shall be of ankle length.

The fabric types of these panty suits should also be the same as the fabrics mentioned above. To top the panty suits, women could wear a stylish top made with matching or complementary fabrics. Khakis, denim, and tights are the types of pants that must be avoided. The type of semi-formal dinner dress that is not only considered a safe choice but at the same time can make a woman look stunning is a black cocktail dress. Women could also wear dress suits depending on the types of fabric. A perfect choice for dress suits is those that are made of silk or brocade. What to avoid are the dress suits made from wool or cashmere since in the first place they are not semi-formal enough.


To complete the semi-formal dress attire, women should wear dress heels. Regardless of whether the shoes are closed or open-toe what’s important is that they are well coordinated with your dining dress. Flat shoes are also allowable as long as they are dressy enough for the occasion. What women should avoid are shoes like flat sandals and loafers to a semi-formal dinner and flip flops. Wearing stockings doesn’t really matter as long as they choose nude or black stockings which could coordinate well with their outfits.


When it comes to jewelry, women should wear any type of jewelry as long as it goes well with the dinner dress. A pair of studs instead of dangling earrings is a safe choice for earrings. The necklace should not overpower the dress by choosing those that are layered and long chains with lots of stones. In some cases, women may not wear a necklace when the dining dress has many beads. It is also okay for women to wear a bracelet and a ring. Always remember that the chosen jewelry must match the color of your semi-formal dress.


For a semi-formal dinner, women can carry a black or any color evening purse as long as it matches the outfit. Belts for women are allowable as long as it goes well with the dress. It is also acceptable to wear shawls and silk scarves especially during colder months and again, as long as it complements the entire look.

A Woman’s Guide for a Formal Dinner Dress

For most women, attending a party gives them so much excitement and thrill. It even takes them so much time to decide what to wear for the party. Sometimes shopping for a perfect formal dinner dress stresses them a lot and still remains undecided. So, to help you decide what to wear for a formal dinner party try to follow the following formal dining dress guidelines.

Formal Dinner Dress
  1. If you receive an invitation for a formal dinner party, then it’s the right time that you grab from your closet a little black dress. A formal dinner party requires an attire with a class of a cocktail dress which either below the knee or slightly above, but most importantly it should have a formal touch. A formal dress can either be a little sheen to the fabric accentuated with several rhinestone accessories. To complement your attire, you should wear color-blending shoes and evening handbag.
  2. If you are going to attend to a formal dinner party that is grand in nature or there is some media involvement, then you have to wear a long formal dining dress. But never forget to match your dress with an appropriate and well-coordinated shoes and evening handbag.
  3. If you want to wear evening pants, then you can wear formal evening pants with some flow to them. The pants that we are talking here are not the denim type. You can wear your evening pants with an dinner dresses styles pop like a camisole or jacket on top.
  4. If you are going to attend to an evening formal dinner which is part of a wedding, then you can wear any of those dinner dress mentioned above. But in case the bride and the groom have their own preferences when it comes to the attire of the all the guests, of course, you have no choice but to abide with their selected formal dinner dress attire.

Quick Tips

If you are still undecided about what you will wear for the formal dinner party, then you can always go with the more formal attire since it is always best to be overdressed than to be underdressed.


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