Closet Staples for Some Much Needed At-Home Creature Comfort
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We’re all staying put and working from home more than ever this year, which means that you’re probably spending far more time in your loungewear than you originally planned! Curating a few comfortable, natural, handmade pieces to keep yourself cozy whilst you work from the comfort of your home is essential for 2020. A solid foundation of essential pieces takes all the guesswork out of dressing for your working from home routine, lifts your mood, and brings a touch of much-needed tactility to treat you throughout the day. These are some of the style staples that you should invest in for your wardrobe, and yourself, this season…

Cashmere Sweater

A soft to the touch, natural knit cashmere long-sleeved style is a staple that you’re going to love for years! Basic cashmere sweaters are timelessly versatile, you can layer them up for heading out or dress them down to stay cozy on the couch, it’s always going to look classically elegant. A pure natural fiber such as cashmere acts as a gorgeous tonic for your skin, it actually magically regulates your temperature, hugs your skin whilst still letting it breathe, and loves you as much as you love it. No one wants to feel itchy or uncomfortable when working or relaxing at home, so why not treat yourself to an ethical, Australian designed staple that you’ll love wearing and styling for years to come?

Cashmere Robe

A cashmere-silk blend robe will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud all day long! This is a gorgeous layer to add to your simple loungewear get-ups, perfect for when you want to bring an extra something without having to layer on anything too chunky. Look for a cashmere-silk blend robe to really treat yourself, this will bring a wonderful hint of tactility to your skin every morning and evening. You deserve to feel a little luxury each and every day, so if you don’t already have a high end, pure, natural fiber robe in your wardrobe then it’s high time you indulged. A cashmere-silk blend is the perfect harmonization of two of the world’s highest quality, most exclusive fibers, so for loungewear that loves you right back, there’s really nothing better out there.


Who says street style has to be saved for outside? Wear a pair of colorful cotton fleece pants with basic long-sleeved tees, sweaters and hoodies for an easy, cozy ensemble that still looks like you’re ready for anything.

Cotton Crew Top

A cotton crew neck top is something that you can practically live in all day, all year round. Keep an eye open for drop shoulder long-sleeved quality styles that are crafted from fuzzy cotton fleece. This is going to feel fabulously fluffy on the inside and look sophisticatedly smooth on the outside, perfect for working from home – match with your fleece pants for the ultimate loungewear ensemble. Natural fibers are so important as they aren’t only ethically and environmentally friendly, they’re also lovely for your skin and your mood.

24/7 Sweater: Everyday Cashmere
24/7 Sweater: Everyday Cashmere

Comfortable Pants

Comfortable knitted pants are going to be your best friend for working from home. Materials really matter here, veer away from cheaper plastic-based leggings and turn your attention towards a beautiful, natural superfine merino wool instead. Your merino leggings will adjust to your body temperature, care for your skin as you wear them, and bring some timeless luxury to your loungewear outfits. Quality Merino wool is sourced from New Zealand, giving you pure, locally sourced, natural knit fibers that are fantastic for your skin, your energy, and your wardrobe.

Slouchy zip pant: Everyday Cashmere
Slouchy zip pant: Everyday Cashmere

Simple Cami

A minimalist cut, simple cami will always, always stay in style. Pick up a silk blend piece and wear with all your pants, pajamas, denim and breezy maxi skirts. You’ll wear this one for seasons to come so it should be high on your list if you don’t have one in your closet already.

Organic Cotton Tees

Breathable organic cotton tee shirts are a basic that everyone needs a few of. Layer underneath sweaters, tuck into chinos or denim, wear with wide-leg pants, add underneath your silk slip dresses – whatever you like! Pick up a black, grey, and white style to get started.

Boat Neck Cotton: Everyday Cashmere

Floaty Wrap

Beautiful floaty cashmere women’s wraps are a lifesaver inside or out! Slink yours around your shoulders when you’re wearing your tees or camis to look casually chic on your Zoom calls or just drape on when you’re watching the tv – this piece works for everything.

Warming Socks

Your feet are the most overworked and under cared for part of your body, so let’s change that this season, shall we? Cashmere socks make you feel like you’re walking on a dreamy, cozy cloud all day long – whether they’re being worn alone or layered beneath your favorite footwear! Warm-up your toes, take care of your feet, and step into some cashmere socks to put the perfect final touch of comfort on your working from home get up!

You’ll be feeling pretty, professional, and polished all hours of the day with these sophisticated style staples in your wardrobe! Each of these pieces can be repurposed to work with all of your casual and office wear once you start to get back into your usual routine, making them the perfect long term investment for 2020. Timeless, beautifully made, natural fiber wardrobe staples are for forever!

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