We recently asked our readers to tell us which male names they find most attractive, which gave us a whole list of 30 hot dude names. Personally, I have several guy names I find inherently hot and am invariably attracted to those who possess them (you can call me, Nolan), but now it’s time to talk about female names. It’s only fair.

A quick poll in our office named these as the most attractive:

  • Lauren
  • Preston
  • Camilla
  • Mila (from a different person than the one who said Camilla)
  • Ashley
  • Victoria
  • Ryan

I have always heard that women with traditionally male names are automatically more attractive. For example, the above listed Ryan and Preston, as well as Dillon, Kyle, and Logan. One of my coworkers even said Nolan, which is in my top three hot guy names, so that pretty much makes it the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants pants but…with names.

As for my picks, I am not a big fan of names like Summer Rain (sorry, Christina Aguilera, but I have to pick on you for that one) and definitely not ones along the line of Puppy or Vogue. The most attractive female names to me are Jane, Evelyn, Eva, Rosa, and Chloe. People who have those are just plain hot, period.

Most Attractive Female Names

So, which names were the winners? Let’s find out.

  • Alexis Rhiannon: I totally agree with the guy names, and I also love traditionally Italian names that end in ‘A’, like Ariana.
    • Samantha: YES. Always gorgeous. Ariana is such a pretty name (and it abbreviates to Ari, which I think is lovely, too, for both women and men).
  • Hayley Hoover:Scarlett is inherently hot. It seems so obvious, but it still works.
    • Samantha: Guh, yes. Anything red-related makes sense to be super attractive.
  • Alana Vincenza:Oh nana what’s my nameeee ALANA that’s my nameeeee
    • Alana Vincenza:But really, my favorite names are Olivia, Sofia, Annabelle, and Eleanor/Eleanora. Those are also my baby names, so no one take any of them, kbye.
    • Alexis Rhiannon: Love Sofia with an F.
    • Samantha: Same! It just looks better to me.
    • Samantha: Oohhhh I love Annabelle!
    • Alana Vincenza: My mom thinks it sounds like a cow’s name. So I hope she changes her mind by the time her first granddaughter by me enters the world!
  • Heather C: Since it’s due for a comeback, let’s make Ethel hot again.
    • Samantha: Hell yeah.
    • Nicole: Let’s really bring normcore back.
  • Elizabeth Licata: I feel like I kind of have to say Antonia here. Also Estelle and Gwendolyn. (This might be one of those times nobody agrees with me on stuff.)
    • Samantha: YES, Antonia of course. And Gwendolyn. I also love the name Wendy so maybe that’s why Gwendolyn is so A+ to me.
  • Nicole: I’ve always loved the name Ava, and I love the name, Ofelia.
    • Samantha: YES. Ava is so gorgeous. And I’ve never seen that spelling (re: Ofelia), but I really like how it looks for some reason.
    • Nicole: Ava always reminds of Ava Gardner… and the Persian girl from My Super Sweet Sixteen. I think Ofelia is the Portuguese spelling of Ophelia. I just love names like that. Aurelia, Ofelia..anything with an “ia.”
    • LittleBird: “AVA YOU CANNOT GO TO SANTA BARBARRRA” “Mohm, you canceled my credit card– you’re ruining my life!” (I too, remember that Ava from My Super Sweet 16)
    • Nicole: LOL, it’s the best episode of My Super Sweet 16. And since I’m a deep googler, I was really sad when I saw she had gotten a nose job. I love your handle btw!
    • LittleBird: It’s seriously the best one haha. And thank you! 😀
  • Elyne: Lily, Rose or a combi of both and my grandmother’s name which I really like; Laura.
    • Samantha: I love that you and @charmless: Disqus totally listed the same two names 😀 So pretty! And Laura is definitely beautiful.
    • Anne Marie Hawkins: In college, I had a roommate named Lily with an older sister named Rose and a younger sister named Laurel. I’ve loved the name Laurel for a girl ever since.
  • Charmless: I dated two guys with really horrible (my opinion, not theirs) exes named Ashley (spelled Ashlee and Ashleigh, respectively) so that name is kind of dead to me. Ditto for Nicole. Audrey is my favorite name, but I like flowers: Rose, Violet, and Lily (Daisy might be a bit too bovine, sorry Gatsby), and I’m also partial to the “belle” names, Isabelle, Annabelle, Clarabelle. It’s very literal, but whatevs.
    • Samantha: Violet, wow, how did I forget that one? Violet is a stunningly pretty name, as is Lily and all the rest.
  • Sara Steinfeld: I’ve always liked Lyla or Leila. Also, is it obnoxious to say that Sara is a really pretty name since it’s mine?
    • Samantha: All of those are so lovely! And Sara/Sarah is one of my favorite names, so it’s not obnoxious IMO at allllll!
  • Anna: I always have issues with girls named after ‘virtues’, ESPECIALLY Graces. It’s like they think they’ve got the name so they can’t possibly go wrong, know what I mean?
    • Samantha: Ugh, it doesn’t help that every idiotic male screenwriter not-so-subtly names his “good girl” character Grace, Hope, or Mary. GET IT GUYS BECAUSE SHE’S LIKE SO INNOCENT. Ugh.
  • FemelleChevalier: Monique, Natasha, Jacquelyn, Freya, and Isabella.
    • Samantha: Wow, I’ve never heard the name Freya. That is so beautiful.
    • FemelleChevalier: Someone I used to (kinda) date. And I think there’s a model with that name? It can also be spelled as Frejya or Freia, but I like Freya better.
    • Anne Marie Hawkins: Freya is, in Norse mythology, the all-mother and wife of Odin. She represents wisdom and fertility and rides a chariot pulled by cats.
    • Samantha: A chariot pulled by cats? Hmmm, maybe I need to rename myself Freya.
    • Anne Marie Hawkins: The Norse pantheon is all about trippy transportation. Thor and his goats, Odin riding around on his eight-legged horse grandson… you can really tell just how much Vikings drank from their mythology.
    • FemelleChevalier: Cats?? Didn’t know that, but that’s interesting…
    • Bethany Wilson: I second Isabella, such a beautiful name. I’m also throwing Rosie into the mix, purely using Huntington-Whiteley as an example should provide proof of attractiveness.:)
    • Samantha: Rosie! Suuuuch a gorgeous name that I feel like is way rarer than it should be.
  • Daniella Sloane Alberts: My aunt and uncle own a ranch in Texas and they named their 3 daughters Abilene, Laredo & Brenham. All towns in texas. For some reason I just LOVE that idea…? ok…these aren’t the MOST attractive, maybe but definitely way cool. Aren’t they super cute?
    • Samantha: LAREDO. Brilliant name. I love this! What a lovely idea (and omg, adorable children).
  • Anne Marie Hawkins: Cora, as a nickname for Corazon. Also Olivia, Lily, Elizabeth, Violet, and Adrienne.
    • Samantha: Adrienne and Adrian make me so happy. I love those names for both men and women; they’re so lovely. Also Cora/Corazon: that is so beautiful.
  • Daniella Sloane Alberts: I know we’ve had this convo before… 😉 but here’s my daughter, Dylan Blue, starting middle school today. The best name ever, IMO.
    • Samantha: 1) Your daughter has a cooler style than most people at Fashion Week, so I’m sure she’s killing it at school. 2) I still love that name. Fantastic.
    • Daniella Sloane Alberts: Thanks, lady! I’ll tell her you said that! She will feel extra cool then & not like a “dumb 6th grader”. (i knew those 8th graders on the bus were gonna be mean.) xoxd.s.
    • Samantha: Middle school is where about half the human population go from being cute to horrifying monsters who are meaner than any professional comedian or critic ever could be 🙁 Those eighth graders are probably just jealous of her A+ backpack.
  • Jen Pires: For some reason, I find unisex type names for women sooo attractive, like Taylor, Morgan, Blake, Madison. Or shortened unisex versions of super feminine names like Sam or Alex.
    • Samantha: Hi, I love you for saying Sam <3
  • Kristi Yamaguchi: The names I like most are. Luisa, Daphne, Charlie, Eugenie, Liliana
    • Samantha: Eugenie! And all the rest of those, actually. Charlie for a lady is so fantastic.
  • Alexandra Mitchell: I used to hate my name: Alexandra Evelyn. But as I got older, I really grew to like it. I love the names, Rosalind and Cordelia. They are from Shakespeare and my future baby names. So no takesies. But I also like Daphne, Arya, Selina, Juliet, Mariska (Because Hargitay is just omg, right?), Ainsley, Kendal, and Dawn.
    • Samantha: Girl, are you kiiiidding? Evelyn and Alexandra are absolutely gorgeous names! I plan on naming my daughter Evelyn someday. 🙂 Also, while I will not steal your (equally gorgeous) baby names, HIDE THEM FROM YO FRIENDS. I keep hearing about people just copying names from people shamelessly because it “feels right,” which technically isn’t wrong but it is kinda shitty. Dawn! I hadn’t thought about that in forever. So pretty.
    • Alexandra Mitchell: Thanks! I came around to loving it eventually. I went by Alex when I was young and got teased it was a boy’s name because kids are stupid that way. But in college, I went by Evie for a while which was a fun social experiment. My aunt’s name is Dawn, and she hates it, but I love it.
  • grutchyngfysch: I love Saoirse (pronounced sore-sha with big Irish accent like mine).
    • Jenni268: I have ALWAYS wondered how to pronounce Saoirse!
    • Samantha: Whoa, I did not know that name, and I LOVE IT.
  • Jenni268: I’m particularly partial to my daughter’s name: Portia Isabelle. 🙂 I also really love Dani, Zoe, Ruby, Vera, Adelaide, and Lily. I think Katherine (only with a K) is super classy, as long as it’s not shortened.
    • Samantha: Portia Isabelle? Wow, that has such an incredibly pretty ring to it! I absolutely love that; it flows wonderfully (which is always a difficult thing to achieve, I think). And yesssss, Adelaide. So stunning.
  • LittleBird: Daphne, Iris, Caroline, Artemis, Ophelia, Ines, Nina, Ramona, Phoebe, June, Penelope, Bronwen, etc. I pretty much like any woman’s name that sounds like she might be the subject of a painting or one of the women Zeus boned. (It’s a problem.) I love the names Lauren and Sloane, too– they sound modern yet classic to my ears. The rules my husband and I went with when naming our son were pretty simple: 1) we mustn’t personally know any living person with this name. 2) But you’ve heard of it before in real life. 3) It should fit an old person, not just a baby. Ties to our heritage or a nod to a person of historical interest is a huge bonus (artists, writers, historical figures, etc.) I love the meaning of names and have spent an embarrassing amount of time browsing behindthename.com
    • Samantha: BRB is going down an endless clickhole of name meanings… Also: June. June is such a highly underrated name, oh my goodness.
  • Kirsten: I’ve always been a fan of unisex names: Sam (Samantha), Alex (Alexandra), Charlie (Charlene or a variation).
  • Naomi: I’ve always loved the name “Anais” and not just because I love Anais Nin. It just SOUNDS so lovely. My grandmother-in-law’s name is “Evalore”, which is a combo of her parents’ names, and if I was going to have kids, I would name my daughter after her. I also like a lot of old fashioned names like “Dolores” (just sounds pretty), “Olivia”, “Gabrielle” (though I hate it when people shorten it to “Gabby”), and “Cassandra”. Also the traditional Irish name “Siobhan” (pronounced “Shi-von”)
  • Britt: I love the name, Elise! Olivia & Chloe are pretty as well but becoming more common. I’ve always hated how common my first name is, Brittany Elizabeth, but I like my middle & I’m coming to terms with the first lol.
  • guest: There is a little girl from soccer camp…my daughter Lydia just loves this name…Annalia (pronounced annaleah). My older daughters name is Ellarie Claire…love it.
  • StarNerd: My Grandmother was Gwendolyn, my boyfriend’s Grandmother was Ruby, and I love the name, Abigail. So we are going with Abigail Gwendolyn Ruby Windsor for our daughter (though he swears we will only have boys). So fingers crossed!

What is the most attractive female name? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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