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Adelaydi is an online women’s fashion retailer offering trendy, unique, special women’s handmade fashion clothes. Adelaydi understands that fashion changes regularly and is always adding beautiful women’s clothes to their product range at truly affordable prices.

With her modern take on classic silhouettes, Adélaïde gives women the possibility to explore their inner selves and embrace their individuality, femininity, invention, and strength.

Focusing on textile development, detailed cutting, and quality craftsmanship, the Adelaydi handmade fashion brand is the epitome of French designer fashion, and a cut above the industry.

With a distinctive style that ranges from gorgeous dresses for summer and winter, women’s skirts, tops, blouses, shirts, and a beautiful balance between sharp tailoring and eco-friendly fabrics, Adelaydi Custom Clothing knows what women want.

Adelaydi’s distinct style and attention to quality have built her a strong fashion following worldwide.

We love Adelaydi, and you will too.

If you’ve never heard of Adelaydi, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon.

There are plenty of reasons to love the brand, and we’ve put a spotlight on all those reasons, along with our favorite items from the brand for you to shop. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll love Adelaydi just as much as we do.


About Adelaydi

As a designer, Adélaïde Lombard de Buffières has made a name for herself with the ‘Adelaydi’ style of her line that is created carefully and always has an elegant and timeless style. Born in France with Italian ancestry, fashion designer Adélaïde makes all her garments in her workshop, in San Sebastián, Spain. is a great resource for custom clothing and high-quality handmade fashion. Adelaydi is aiming to bring you up to the minute quality manufactured trendy, unique women’s fashion clothes.

The company is continuously working hard to deliver on-trend women’s clothes, which are perfectly suited to fit your style.

Adelaydi high-quality handmade fashion brand can assist you in making your own fashion statement. What a woman desires!!! To look best wherever she is, be at home, at the office, at shopping, at a gathering, and any other occasion that encompasses day-to-day life. Adelaydi aims to fulfill your desires so that you create your own niche factor while on the streets. The affordable clothing store of various eco-friendly fabrics has a wide range of collection of handmade clothing for women that suits the taste of today’s style-conscious women.

The company caters to the needs of the latest fashion trends at very attractive and affordable pricing. This online store is exclusively for women’s stylish clothing that will help you make your own fashion statement. A single visit to this site is a must if you are fashion-conscious and want to have style, elegance, and feel-good factor at your best. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, you can be sure that you get the best, and you have the value for your money. Their clothing is customized, and women can give their preferences and specifications as per their own measurements. is a known brand for manufacturing exclusive handmade women’s clothing made from the best fabrics with the highest quality. There is a huge range of sizes and colors to match your requirement at very affordable prices.


What’s unique about Adelaydi?

  • Genuine handmade clothing.
  • Quality materials.
  • Designed and made in her workshop in San Sebastián, Spain.
  • Eco Organic clothing.
  • Interaction through her online handmade clothing blog.

Sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, attractive, lovely, and the list goes on… Yet it is difficult to depict how amazing the collection of Adelaydi clothes are. Each and every dress from her collection talks for itself. Be it the women’s tops, an evening dress, or a gorgeous white long sleeve shirt, Adelaydi has got for you the finest collection that will make you feel comfortable and, at the same time, reaffirm your femininity.

The mind-blowing collection of women’s clothing consists of skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, shirts, trousers, shorts, jumpsuits, coats, and jackets. These gorgeous clothes are available in a variety of styles, patterns, makes, and fabrics for the women of all body types. So be it pear shape, a petite or a full figure, they have got for you the perfect clothing that you always wanted.

Adelaydi’s collection of Made-to-Measure dresses or tailor-made dresses can get you the perfect fitting that you always wished for. Her drop-dead gorgeous dresses will leave you stunned. Adelaydi not only offers dresses that are beautiful but makes sure that the dress makes the wearer look beautiful.

Adelaydi is the delivery specialist. Understanding the anxiety of their customers, they aim to deliver the purchased product to them the very next day the order is placed, provided the product is in stock. With the self stock checking facility, you can easily check the availability when buying a dress. However, Made to Measure dresses will require a maximum of 45-60 days for delivery.


Where to Shop for Handmade Clothes

If it’s high-quality handmade clothing you’re seeking, Adelaydi is a great place to start. You can count on this fashion brand to supply affordable but attractive suiting, feminine blouses, gorgeous women’s skirts, and dresses year-round. Adelaydi also does a fabulous job with well-made trousers, shorts, and jumpsuits. Coats and jackets are available in many styles.

Not only does Adelaydi offer exclusive designs made-to-measure garment from high-quality fabrics, but the company does so at affordable prices. And many items are available in regular, petite, plus, and tall sizes, with a handful more available in petite plus and tall plus sizes.

This brand offers an elegant and timeless style. Adelaydi consistently churns out great clothes, so shop here for blouses, skirts, and dresses. Also a terrific resource for high-quality tops, blouses, shirts, and trousers.

Save Hundreds By Buying Clothes At Adelaydi

We all are in a constant lookout for a special dress. For this, we spend hours and days browsing the outlets and clothing marts as we do not want to throw away our money on something which we might not like later. But such chances are rare if you shop at because first, you get to buy affordable clothes, which means you do not have to invest a fortune. Second, the dresses available at her site are best-selling items, and they have been designed to perfection.

You do not have to have a large sum of money or a fat wallet to shop for fashionable clothes now. If you are looking for the best fabrics with the highest quality you can easily afford, you should check out Adelaydi. They offer generous deals on a variety of women’s clothing, so be it attending a party or simply enjoying outdoors; you can easily shop your heart out at store.

Adelaydi is committed to offer you affordable clothes online; therefore, you would find that most of the dresses that they have on the site are offered at a discounted price. These clothes are of the highest quality too, which is why they would stay in your wardrobe for years to come. So you do not lose when you shop at You get your hands on marvels of women’s clothing at a low cost.

Where to Shop for Handmade Clothes

Save With Online Clothes Shopping

If you have run out of fashionable women’s clothes and want to add new ones to your wardrobe, you should try online shopping. There are many advantages to online clothes shopping, and listed here are a few of them.


The most important advantage of shopping online is availability. The online store is open 24/7, which is why you can shop at any hour of the day whenever you are in for a buying spree and get the clothes of your choice.


Adelaydi online clothes shopping offers you the best and the most choices when it comes to shopping for fashionable clothes or any other similar women’s clothing. Be it variety, range, colors, or fashion styles; you have myriad types of clothes to choose from.


The best part about Adelaydi online clothes shopping is convenience as you can shop from anywhere, at any time and in any condition. Whether you are strolling in the park, on a break at the office, or at a party, you can shop then too!


Another important reason for shopping for women’s clothes at Adelaydi online is the price. Due to high competition on the web, you get to shop for excellent women’s clothing at a low cost. You also get to enjoy discounts, deals and various other offers which add to the fun of shopping.

We Love Adelaydi! (And You Will Too)

Buying Affordable Clothes At Adelaydi

I like to think of Adelaydi as the Apple of the fashion world. It’s evolutionary, modern, sleek, and the overall aesthetic is clean and pleasing to the eye.

Radical Transparency

We love this brand for all of its radical transparency. Adelaydi believes that it’s imperative to know everything that goes into your clothing–the factories and the costs. All the clothes are designed and manufactured in their workshop in San Sebastian, Spain. This is great for customers like us who care about the integrity of where our clothing comes from.

Because Adelaydi is solely an e-tailer (only sold online), they’ve cut down costs by eliminating the need for a middleman. Not only that, but they compare their costs to traditional retailers, and you won’t believe the difference!

Adelaydi Now

The major downside of ordering online is the wait. When you buy something, you want that instant gratification, rather than impatiently waiting by your mailbox every day (a watched mailbox doesn’t fill up, sadly). Adelaydi has solved this problem! If you’re one of the lucky many who does, you can order from a selection of products that will arrive at your location in 2 to 7 working days!

The Best of The Basics

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed we talk about the basics a lot. If you’re new to our page, let me fill you in: basics, or wardrobe essentials, are items that every woman should have in her closet, i.e., gorgeous dresses and skirts for summer and winter, tops, blouses, a silk button-down, black trousers, skinny jeans, the list goes on. These items are so crucial to your wardrobe because of how versatile they are; they tie everything together, so you never have “nothing to wear.”

Get Wide Variety of Women’s Clothes

Women’s clothing has always been difficult to shop because of the variety, kinds, and types of clothes available in the market. And fashion adds to this turmoil making it even more difficult for one to decide what to buy. But some attire and accessories always add style and glamour to the way you dress, so they should certainly be present in your wardrobe. 

Free Purchasing-Credit

After I had made a few purchases at Adelaydi, I received an email from a brand representative simply asking what I thought of the product I had just bought. Most of the time, it’s my instinct to ignore these emails, but I was in a good mood that day and responded with one or two sentences of my thoughts. To my happy surprise, I received a response soon after thanking me for my feedback and offering me a credit toward my next purchase.

Let this be a lesson to you: don’t be like me and ignore brands who email you directly; respond, and get yourself some free credit!

Message Adelaydi directly on WhatsApp

If you’re like me and you get so many emails that you tend to overlook a few here and there, then you probably love it when brands find better ways to get in touch with you. Adelaydi uses WhatsApp, and it’s surprisingly efficient. I can check my order status, ask questions, or just chat aimlessly with a friendly neighborhood Adelaydi rep whenever I’d like. It’s the ideal situation for both my overflowing inbox and my overwhelming tendency to feel in control (including order status).

Follow Adelaydi on Instagram

Social media plays such a huge role in the fashion biz these days, and Instagram is definitely the forerunner. And like everyone else, I’ll admit, I’m shamelessly addicted. Here is Adelaydi’s Instagram feeds that I just can’t stop looking at, and I’m sure any fashion lover will want to follow.

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