Women's Cotton Clothing

Women’s cotton clothing has been a summer favorite for at least 200 years.

These cheerful fabrics have been perennially popular in summer clothes for women and men for about 80 years.

Bright comfort colors, easy fit, and lightweight sweat-wicking fabrics, such as cotton, are characteristic of women’s summer clothing.

Vibrant Florals Rule Tropical Themed Textiles

Whether you are searching for a shirt, cotton knit top, skirt, dress, or leggings, you’ll find it all in cute clothing stores in Canada, and it’ll be flattering and efficient.

Few things make a woman feel prettier than a new summer dress. Cotton holds its shape well, comes in many attractive colors and prints, and has the added advantage of being washable.

Cotton yoga clothing has been especially sought after in recent years. Yoga enthusiasts often are seeking organic cotton fibers.

Organic Cotton Is Expensive Because Pests Love This Fabulous Fiber, Too

Organic cotton is more expensive to produce because humans are not the only creatures on the planet that love this delightfully soft fiber.

Hundreds of insect pests, bacteria, and viruses love the soft cotton boll.

Organic yoga clothing shows environmental commitment because cotton is an insecticide-heavy crop.

Cotton Fabric Spawns Diversity of Textures And Prints

Our love affair with cotton has spawned several subcategories of this fabric fave. Seersucker, khaki, organza, piquet, flannel, corduroy, and voile are examples.

Denim, especially blue jeans, is the most popular textile in the world. Today, of course, the denim-like fabric may be a cotton blend or not contain cotton at all.

Cotton pique and organza are appropriate for dressy cotton summer dresses. Flannel, on the other hand, is forever associated with the plaid winter shirt.

In addition, the type of print can spawn a new name for cotton fabric. Gingham is a checked cotton print, often red and white and signifying summer.

Tropical Prints and Toile Make Their Mark On Cotton

Toile is a one-color print, usually of antique scenes, and it is associated with decorating more than women’s cotton clothing.

Tropical prints came into favor soon after World War I and reflected the bright florals of Asian prints. They are best known as patterns for Hawaiian shirts and resort wear for cotton clothing.

A bright floral design is a great look for cotton summer dresses. Bird print fabric fashion is the latest permutation of this style.

Silk-Cotton Blend Is Luxurious To Touch

The most exciting news in cotton fabric has been the addition of blended fibers to the fashion scene. The new blends have many advantages that cotton does not have on its own.

At Sew What’s New, Patricia McLean Osborne raves about an Italian fabric that is 55% silk. This creates a fabric that is both durable, holds dye well, is luxurious to the touch, and looks great.

Fabric manufacturers note that the new fabrics offer easy care, resist wrinkles, and are more comfortable.

Fabric Blends Make Cotton Even Better Than It Already Is

For example, rayon cotton is softer than cotton with a fuzzy surface.

Linen-cotton wrinkles less than linen alone while retaining many of the textural qualities of linen.

A touch of Dacron or Spandex keeps a blouse or shirt fresh and wrinkle-free all day.

You can expect to see blends of hemp and bamboo with cotton, America’s favorite fabric.

Cotton Textiles Are Usually Affordable

Market-watchers predict cotton prices based on droughts, such as one that decimated crops in Texas and other cotton-producing states in 2011. The USA is the largest exporter of cotton in the world.

However, India’s and China’s cotton crops can help keep prices stable if they have good yields.

Hopefully, our women’s cotton clothing — including cotton summer dresses, cotton yoga clothes, shirts, skirts, slacks, knit tops, and jackets — will remain affordable.

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