As a fashion expert who loves comfort, winter athleisure outfits are my savior once the temperature drops! I’ll layer plush hoodies and fuzzy joggers under my warmest coats for a look that’s cozy, cute, and perfect for tackling my daily to-do list in style. These laidback pieces let me seamlessly go from school drop-off to work to lounging at home while keeping me toasty and chic all winter long!

Winter athleisure outfits feature soft, plush fabrics like hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts that provide comfort and warmth for cold weather. Stylish athleisure pieces effortlessly layer under winter coats for a laidback look that transitions smoothly from lounging at home to running errands with coziness and ease.

Your Go-To Guide for Winter Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Winter athleisure essentials: Neutral hoodie, cardigan, leggings, and white sneakers.
Stay cozy and stylish this winter with the perfect athleisure combo of neutral tones and comfy sneakers.

As someone who loves comfort and style, I’m so glad athleisure has become a year-round staple – it makes getting dressed in winter so much easier! My go-to athleisure pieces like hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers are perfect for layering when it’s cold out.

I’ll throw on an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt under my big puffy parka to run errands or meet friends when it’s chilly. The extra layer keeps me warm without sacrificing style or comfort. Pairing sweatpants with a stylish sweatshirt and fun winter accessories amps up the look.

And it’s so easy to dress athleisure up or down for any occasion! I’ll wear joggers with a sequined top for a night out dancing or a simple tee if I’m just chilling at home. Athleisure also makes the cutest holiday outfits when paired with fuzzy pullovers or a festive top.

I love that many athleisure brands now focus on eco-friendly fabrics too. Looking good while staying both cozy and sustainable? That’s my kind of winter outfit!

Let me know if you need any other winter athleisure outfit ideas. It’s my favorite thing to wear once the temperature drops.

Trendy Winter Athleisure Outfits Ideas for 2024

Woman in a cozy fleece hoodie and beanie holding a coffee cup on a snowy city street.
Winter warmth in the city: Cozy hoodie and beanie combo for snowy day errands.

As an avid athleisure wearer, I’m all about coming up with cute and cozy outfits for winter. Once the temperature drops, my favorite sweatshirts, joggers and sneakers get a lot more wear!

Lately, I’ve been loving to pair an oversized half-zip pullover sweatshirt with leggings and winter boots for running errands. It’s so comfy but still looks put-together.

When I want to feel a bit more dressed up, I’ll do a cropped puffer jacket over a hoodie and matching joggers with some chunky dad sneakers.

And when I’m feeling festive around the holidays, I’ll wear a cropped workout top with high-waisted printed leggings and an unzipped hoodie – maybe one with a fun Christmas pattern!

If you’re looking to amp up your winter athleisure game, try mixing textures and silhouettes. An oversized sweatshirt with sleek leggings or joggers with a cropped jacket instantly elevates the look. Let me know if you need any other ideas! I seriously love talking winter athleisure fits.

1. Cozy Dolman Hoodie

Relaxed home vibes with a woman in a comfy grey dolman hoodie enjoying a cup of coffee.
Lounge perfection: Embrace lazy days in a soft dolman hoodie, the ultimate in home comfort wear.

As someone who loves loungewear, my perfect outfit for a cozy day at home is a dolman hoodie with matching track pants! When it’s cold outside and I have no plans other than snuggling on the couch, this matching athleisure set keeps me so toasty and comfy.

The oversized dolman sleeves and slouchy hood make the top extra roomy without looking sloppy. And pairing it with track pants in the same fabric completes that head-to-toe monochrome look I love. It’s like wearing a chic puffy cloud!

I’ll throw on fuzzy socks and make myself a mug of hot chocolate to fully lean into the hygge vibes. This outfit says “I’m ready to do absolutely nothing today!” No need to sacrifice comfort or style.

Let me know if you also have a go-to loungewear set for your couch potato days! I could talk cozy athleisure outfits all day.

2. Crest Sweater

Woman in a cozy cable knit hoodie and sweatpants for a warm holiday season indoors.
Holiday comfort: Chunky knit hoodie and joggers for a cozy, festive at-home style.

I just got the coziest oversized sweater that I can’t wait to style for winter! It’s a chunky cream knit with a fun blue crest pattern – gives me major athleisure vibes. I plan on wearing it with my favorite black sweatpants for the ultimate relaxed weekend fit.

The slouchy, thick sweater will add such a comfy oversized silhouette on top to contrast the fitted joggers on bottom. And the crest detail makes the loungewear feel a little more special and polished.

I’ll finish it off with some cute socks and sneakers to run errands or my shearling slippers if I’m just bumming around home. It’s the perfect winter weekend outfit when you want to feel put together but relaxed.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for styling an oversized athleisure sweater! I’m all about that cozy cream knit + sweats vibe once it gets cold out.

3. Reversible Puffer Vest

Active winter style with reversible puffer vest, beanie, and thermal leggings in snowy setting.
Snow day style: Stay active with a chic puffer vest, thermal leggings, and sturdy winter boots.

I just got the cutest reversible puffer vest that I can’t wait to style! It’s black on one side and a pretty mauve pink on the other. For a relaxed winter outfit, I plan on layering it over a cream cashmere turtleneck sweater and dark wash jeans.

The puffer vest will add warmth while still showing off my cute sweater underneath. And being able to reverse it to switch up the color means I can get so much more use out of one piece!

I’ll finish the look with some chunky boots or booties to stay cozy on winter walks. The combo of the vest over the fine cashmere is the perfect mix of sporty and luxe.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for styling a reversible puffer vest! I love how it dresses up a casual sweater and jeans so perfectly for winter. So many stylish (and practical!) options.

4. Rise Jogger

Winter athleisure fashion with cozy hoodie, joggers, and boots in a festive street setting.
“Winter casuals: Trendy cargo joggers and hoodie set for a stylish, relaxed vibe in the chilly season.

My new favorite loungewear piece is this super comfy pair of knit joggers! They have the cutest details like zippered pockets, an elastic waistband, and elastic at the ankles. I love how the ankle cuffs give them a more tapered, jogger-style silhouette instead of just standard sweatpants.

I recently wore the joggers with an oversized vintage-looking tee that says “Breakers” on it, which gave me the perfect weekend vibe. The joggers made the outfit feel put-together enough to go grab coffee with friends, but the tee kept it casual.

The knit fabric also makes them feel a little more special and unique than typical cotton sweatpants. And they come in so many cute colors! I’m already planning on getting a few more pairs to mix and match.

Let me know if you have a favorite pair of elevated loungewear pants – I’m loving how many comfy yet stylish options there are now. These joggers have been my go-to for cute athleisure!

5. Sherpa Jacket

Chic winter style with sherpa jacket, turtleneck, leggings, and ice skates in snowy town.
Chic winter walk: Sherpa jacket and sleek leggings, complete with ice skates for seasonal fun.

I just got the coziest sherpa jacket that I can’t wait to style! It’s cream colored with a super soft faux sherpa lining. I plan on wearing it over black leggings and a cropped turtleneck for a cute weekend outfit.

The sherpa jacket adds the perfect extra layer of warmth while still looking totally stylish. And pairing it with leggings and a cropped sweater shows off my figure instead of just drowning in an oversized jacket.

I’ll finish the look with some chunky white sneakers or knee-high boots to stay cozy as the weather gets chillier. It’s my new go-to outfit for running errands while still looking cute and put-together on the weekends.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for styling a sherpa jacket! I love how it instantly elevates leggings and loungewear into an outfit that feels straight off Instagram. So comfy and cute!

6. Graphic Shirts & Overcoats

Urban winter fashion, woman in knit hat and textured grey coat, city backdrop.
Urban cool: A graphic tee paired with a textured overcoat and beanie for a fresh winter vibe.

I love mixing casual pieces with more formal ones to create unexpected outfits. My latest combo is wearing graphic t-shirts or sweatshirts with overcoats!

I’ll pair a relaxed band tee or sweatshirt with a cute slogan with a tailored wool overcoat and jeans. The graphic tee makes the polished overcoat feel young and modern instead of stuffy.

Or I’ll layer a printed sweatshirt dress under an oversized plaid overcoat for a grunge-inspired vibe. There are so many ways to play with proportions!

Finishing with fun accessories like chunky boots or a beanie hat completes the styling. I feel put together but still playful and totally myself in this combo.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for wearing graphic tees and sweatshirts with dressed-up layers like overcoats! I’m all about shaking up the usual style rules and having fun with unexpected pairings.

7. Leather or Denim Jacket

Stylish urban outfit with distressed jeans and grey hooded leather jacket.
Street style star: Edgy leather jacket and distressed jeans for a bold, rebellious look.

I’ve discovered the easiest way to make my athleisure outfits look more polished is by layering with a denim or leather jacket!

If I’m wearing a hoodie and leggings, I’ll top it off with my vintage oversized denim jacket. It adds just the right amount of structure and edge to the casual pieces.

Or if I have on a sweatshirt dress and sneakers, I’ll throw on my black moto leather jacket to balance the look.

The contrast of the sleek, fitted jacket over my relaxed joggers or hoodie makes the outfit so much more stylish. It’s my little trick for looking put-together even when wearing total comfort clothes!

Let me know if you have any other favorite layers to elevate simple athleisure pieces – I’m always looking for ways to look cute while staying comfy. Denim and leather jackets are my MVPs!

8. Winter Puffers

Effortless athleisure style with a chic denim jacket and comfortable sneakers.
Effortless cool: Pair your favorite denim jacket with athletic leggings for a trendy athleisure look.

I can’t wait to break out my big cozy winter puffer jacket this season! A puffer is my favorite thing to layer over leggings or joggers for a comfortable, cute cold weather outfit.

Yesterday, I wore my black puffer with burgundy leggings and booties to run some errands. The oversized jacket kept me nice and toasty while still looking totally chic over the leggings.

And for a more athletic look, I’ll pair my olive green puffer with black joggers, a baseball cap, and sneakers. It’s my go-to for walking the dog on chilly mornings.

The puffer always dresses up my athleisure in a way that feels polished yet practical. And they come in so many fun colors and prints now too!

Let me know if you have a favorite winter puffer outfit – I could talk puffer styling all day! It’s my cold weather wardrobe staple for looking cute and staying warm.

9. Fun Sneakers

Woman in black winter jacket and hat with maroon leggings on snowy street.
Stay cozy & chic in winter with this trendy athleisure look!

One of my favorite ways to liven up a basic athleisure outfit is by rocking a pair of fun, colorful sneakers! I’m obsessed with sneaker trends and how a statement pair can totally transform your look.

The other day, I wore a plain black hoodie and leggings with hot pink platform sneakers. It added such a fun ‘80s vibe to the casual outfit!

I also love wearing my white leather sneakers with silver glitter stripes when I have on a neutral sweatsuit. The sparkly stripes make it feel so much more special.

Sneaker styles are so creative now – from neon colors to wild prints, there’s a pair to match anyone’s personality. It’s the easiest way to make a hoodie and joggers outfit feel fresh and fun!

Let me know if you have a favorite pair of statement sneakers you like to style with athleisure. I could talk sneaker trends all day!

10. Beanies & Scarves

Woman in white winter coat and beanie with backpack on a snowy tree-lined street.
Rock your winter style with this cool athleisure outfit and trendy sneakers!”

When it gets chilly out, my favorite athleisure accessories are beanies and scarves! Not only do they add warmth, but they also make my casual outfits so much cuter.

I have this chunky cream cable knit beanie that I’ll pair with a hoodie, leggings and shearling boots. It makes even my most lowkey errand outfit feel styled.

And I love wrapping different printed scarves around my neck to complement whatever sweatshirt or joggers I have on. Plaid, striped, polka dot – so many fun options!

Hats and scarves are such an easy way to make a hoodie and sneakers outfit feel more fashionable for winter. Plus, having the extra coziness is always a win.

Let me know your favorite athleisure accessories for cold weather! I’m all about leveling up the style while staying comfy. Beanies and scarves are my cold weather go-tos.

I hope these athleisure outfit ideas have given you some inspiration for styling sweats in winter! As someone who lives in leggings and hoodies, finding ways to make loungewear feel pulled-together is so important.

For me, it’s all about balancing the relaxed vibe with some structure and polish. Mix up textures, layer creatively, and don’t be afraid to add some unexpected accessories.

The options are endless once you start playing with proportions and pieces. Let me know your favorite winter athleisure outfit combinations! I’d love to hear your tips for looking cute while staying comfy and cozy.

6 Reasons Winter Athleisure Outfits Are a Must-Try

Reasons Winter Athleisure Outfits Are a Must-Try

Winter outfits do well with athleisure looks because athleisure provides the perfect balance of comfort, style, and versatility for the cold weather season.

For me, athleisure is essential for winter because it combines style, comfort, and warmth so effortlessly.

The soft fabrics and roomy silhouettes keep me cozy without limiting movement or compromising aesthetic.

Athleisure layers smoothly under coats while still looking cute on its own.

It also allows me to seamlessly transition my outfits from lounging at home to running errands and everything in between.

Ultimately, athleisure enables both comfort and chicness, making it a winter wardrobe game-changer.

Winter outfits pair well with athleisure looks for the following reasons:

  1. Comfort and Warmth: As a girl who is always freezing, I’m so grateful athleisure exists for winter! The soft, stretchy fabrics keep me warm without restricting my movement or compromising comfort. Since athleisure comes from sportswear, it’s designed to move with your body – key for staying cozy through all my winter activities. I can lounge with ease or layer it under coats and still look cute when running errands. Athleisure’s blend of comfort and functionality makes it ideal for the cold months when warmth, ease of movement, and style all come into play.
  2. Layering Ease: Athleisure pieces like hoodies and sweatshirts are layering saviors once the temperature drops. I can toss them under my warmest puffer jacket when it’s freezing or style them over a loose, cozy sweater for a brisk day. The soft knits insulate without adding bulk, keeping me toasty and comfy while still rocking my favorite winter trends. Layering made effortless!
  3. Versatility: I love how athleisure keeps me covered whether I’m lounging at home or headed out to run errands. I’ll dress up my fave joggers with a flashy sequined top for a night out dancing or keep it casual with a relaxed tee for the grocery store. That versatility is key when the weather limits my clothing options. Athleisure lets me stay stylish and comfy no matter what winter throws my way!
  4. Sustainability: I love that athleisure brands are stepping up sustainability efforts. My fave leggings are made from recycled water bottles – who knew comfort could also be eco-friendly! The recycled fabrics keep me stylish and comfy without costing the planet. It feels good repping brands that align with my values while keeping me cute and cozy all winter long!
  5. Trendy Silhouettes: I live for oversized silhouettes once the temperature drops! My baggy joggers and sweatshirts layer perfectly under the huge puffer jackets I adore in winter. Mixing the voluminous shapes creates the coolest modern looks. Athleisure’s slouchy vibes make it a no-brainer for pairing with other popular cold weather pieces. The combo keeps me on trend while maximizing my warmth and comfort!
  6. All-day Wear: I love throwing on an athleisure outfit for all-day winter wear! My hoodie and leggings keep me comfy whether I’m working from home, meeting friends for coffee, or running errands. The pieces work for every winter activity without requiring an outfit change. It’s my shortcut to looking casually cool with zero effort! Athleisure’s versatility takes the stress out of getting ready and lets me focus on fun – just how winter style should be.

Top Athleisure Trends for 2024

Top Athleisure Trends

As an athleisure addict, I can’t wait for 2024’s groundbreaking trends! Brands are pushing the fashion envelope with bold prints, eco-fabrics and smart tech integrations that track your fitness. It’s the perfect blend of function and style. Finally, workout clothes I can wear to brunch after yoga or the farmer’s market after a jog! I’m so ready to rock these versatile, sustainable styles. The future of athleisure looks bright!

Here are some of the top athleisure trends to watch out for in 2024:

  1. Layering: As a fashion expert, I love the sound of lightweight jackets and adaptive trousers for 2024! Being able to toss on a reversible top over my leggings or transform my joggers into work pants would make getting ready so much smoother. Pieces that transition seamlessly from school drop-off to the office help this modern woman maintain some adaptability in my hectic schedule. Less time changing means more time for me!
  2. Unconventional Cuts and Shapes: Unconventional cuts? I’m so here for it! Bored of my plain old leggings. Give me asymmetrical tops and deconstructed hoodies that are outside the norm. Finally, athleisure with a dose of edge and individuality! Time to break the activewear “rules” and play with shapes and proportions for a look that’s totally fresh and so me.
  3. Sustainability: As someone who cares about sustainability, I love that brands are going green in 2024! Using eco-materials with eye-catching colors and inclusive sizing shows it’s possible to be kind to the planet and our bodies. This thoughtful approach makes me proud to shop athleisure that aligns with my values while keeping me looking and feeling good.
  4. Bold Colors and Prints: Boring workout clothes, be gone! I’m ready to make a bold statement at the gym in 2024. Bring on the neon shades, wild prints and vibrant colors. Abstract patterns or animal print leggings sound like just the thing to spice up my routine. I’ll no longer blend into the crowd in basic black – it’s time for my athleisure to be fun and fierce!
  5. Versatile Silhouettes: As someone always on the go, I love the sound of versatile athleisure pieces for 2024! Oversized hoodies I can lounge in or dress up, stretchy bodysuits perfect from the gym to girls’ night out, sporty dress I can throw on for any occasion – yes please! Practical pieces that also make me look chic without trying? Sign me up. Effortless style and function in one trendy package!
  6. Tech Integration: As a fitness junkie, I’m thrilled at the tech integrations coming in 2024! Heart rate tracking leggings and sports bras with embedded fitness trackers? Amazing. Bring on the smart athleisure that helps me optimize every workout. Temperature-regulating fabrics are brilliant too – no more overheating mid-run! These innovations make functional fashion I can really geek out over.
  7. Sustainable Fabrics: As someone who cares about the planet, I love that athleisure brands are going green in 2024! Using recycled materials and sustainable fabrics shows it’s possible to look cute while also being eco-conscious. This shift makes me proud to support companies that align with my values. I’ll feel good rocking their earth-friendly leggings and tops all year long!
  8. Functional Accessories: As a busy mom, functional accessories are my best friends! Crossbody bags I can throw on for hands-free errands and smartwatch wristbands that track my fitness? Genius. These on-trend additions make my life so much easier. I can jog to the market after yoga without lugging a purse or forget my phone and still have access to the time and notifications. Athleisure accessories that seamlessly fit my active lifestyle? I’m hooked!

As an athleisure addict, I’m pumped for 2024! The trends blend both style and function perfectly. Fashion-forward prints and silhouettes combined with smart tech integrations provide versatility for any occasion. Whether I’m headed to the gym or out on the town, I’ll be covered in sustainable, body-positive designs. 2024 is set to take athleisure to the next level, and this enthusiast cannot wait!

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the chill like my go-to winter athleisure! I love rocking an oversized hoodie with some fuzzy joggers for the ultimate in cozy style.

The soft fabrics keep me toasty whether I’m lounging at home or running winter errands. With plush layers, I can add or shed pieces to stay comfy in any weather. And the laidback vibe is so on-trend.

My winter athleisure outfits let me embrace the hygge lifestyle while still looking cute. No matter if I feel like snuggling up inside or getting out for some frosty air, these outfits have me looking forward to winter in total comfort!

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Looking to refresh your winter athleisure wardrobe? We hope this article provided some cozy inspiration! Let us know in the comments if you found these tips helpful.

Are oversized hoodies and plush joggers your go-to for staying stylish and warm? What are your favorite pieces for embracing the hygge lifestyle in comfort?

Share your thoughts and additional ideas for rocking laidback, on-trend outfits perfect for winter’s chill. We’d love to hear how you like to combine fashion and function for the colder months ahead!

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