Packing for a trip is equal parts “science” and “art form.” On the one hand, you need to activate your logical left brain to complete the Tetris-like task of fitting all the necessities into a single, economical bag. On the other hand, you have to juggle several additional considerations, like looking good, feeling your best, dressing down for casual days, dressing up for glitzy nights on the town, etc.

There’s much to consider. But those considerations get a lot easier when you have the right travel clothing in your corner. In this post, let’s review what many diehard world travelers already know: that Merino wool is the ideal clothing choice for trips abroad. Here’s why.

It Adapts to Varying Climates

Merino wool seems like it should be made in a lab – the product of years of scientific research and innovative design. But it’s all natural. It’s a testament to how biological evolution solves the problems we can’t.

Ultrafine merino fibers are highly adaptable to varying climates – because they have to be. Merino sheep live often live in dynamic climates that oscillate between hot and cold, so their wool needs to be both breathable and insulating. These characteristics remain in the final clothing product. Consequently, you can wear a merino t-shirt or merino leggings in hot weather, or as a base layer when the temperature drops.

It Can Break a Sweat

When you break a sweat, your merino wool clothing breaks a sweat too. Put more scientifically, merino wool is “sweat-wicking.” As your body creates moisture, the hollow wool fibers transport the moisture from your skin toward the outside of the garment where it can evaporate.

This mechanism helps keep you dry and comfortable on those long forest treks, urban walks – and when you’re running to catch a last-minute train.

You Only Need a Few Items

The two features above (versatility and sweat-wicking) help ensure that you only need a few garments when you travel. But that isn’t all merino wool can do.

Merino wool is also odor-resistant and wrinkle-resistance. Merino fibers are naturally antibacterial, helping stave off odor-causing bacteria produced by sweat. And the tight, coil-like fiber structures help the garment keep its shape, even after you’ve stuffed it at the bottom of a backpack for a day.

Some travelers only pack three pairs of merino underwear and two comfortable merino ts for women on a multi-week trip – that’s how much confidence people have in these clothing items.

It Travels Effortlessly from Tough Treks to Fine Restaurants

Fit and style vary according to where you buy your merino products. But the best merino wool travel clothing straddles a line between casual and sophisticated. A simple black tee, a well-cut merino wool cardigan: You can dress these garments up or down, making them an even more versatile powerhouse in your luggage.

If you want to pack light, pack adaptable, pack stylish and smart – go for merino. It’s a tried and tested travel companion that helps keep you comfortable and light on even the longest international trips.

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