White Sheepskin Rug Care

People love white sheepskin rugs because they are natural and luxurious, especially when you buy from a legit premium products seller. It is the best way to add luxury and comfort to your bedside, lounge, or any other relaxation area. With the frequent use, your sheepskin rug will get dirty with time and you will need to clean it.

Frankly, there is some anxiety in cleaning a white sheepskin rug without damaging it. It is highly recommended that you consider a professional cleaner since they know the process and the right cleaning materials and detergents. 

But if you have to clean your rug at home, we have got you covered. Read the tips below to learn the art.

Assess the Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs typically have slippery fibers because of the lanolin and they tend to resist dirt and stains. Your white rug will still look neat in most cases. One should not expect permanent stains or a lot of dirt, especially if you take good care of the white sheepskin rug. 

How soiled and stained the rug is might determine how you will wash it between vacuum cleaning, hand washing, or machine washing.

Removing Stains

Deep stains of food, wine, shoe dye, or any other should be removed professionally. Now that you have assessed the white sheepskin rug and identified the stain, check for the right method to remove it. Avoid spot cleaning with harsh chemicals that burn the soft fibers, discolor them, or make them hard. If you are not sure, it is better to continue washing to see if it will come out. Better still, consider taking it to a professional carpet and rug cleaner.

Vacuum Clean

One ought to be careful when vacuum cleaning their premium white sheepskin rugs from NZ to avoid damaging the fibers. So, vacuum clean using a plain suction vacuum rather than using brush, rotational, or turbo options. As mentioned, the fibers are delicate and can easily come off or break if the vacuum cleaning is a bit rough. Lastly, it is a good habit to do it in one direction.


If your white sheepskin rug is very dirty, you can hand wash it. But before that, you need to take it outside and give it a shake to remove all of the loose dirt. This will make cleaning easy and efficient. So, clean it in bits by holding it under running cold water for some time and then pressing with a towel to remove water and any remaining dirt. 

Machine Wash

Can you machine wash your sheepskin rug? The answer is yes. Modern washing machines have numerous cycle options including gentle, delicate, and wool cycles. But there is a catch in that the leather or suede pelt back might lose its shape when submerged in water.


If you are thinking of tumble drying your white sheepskin rug, then the answer is no. The best way to dry is to remove excess water with a towel, then air dry the rug. 

For many people, this is a delicate process they would rather leave to a professional. It is possible to clean your white sheepskin rug at home without damaging it, but whatever it takes, make sure its glory remains.

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