Plus Size Jacket for Women

Exhibiting an appealing style is not at all restricted to size zero, and it shouldn’t ever be. Curvy women too can look bomb and style diverse outfits in an immaculate way, choosing fashionable clothing pieces. A plus size woman who feels positive about how she is flaunts stylish pieces like a leather jacket for women, or an evening gown with absolute confidence.

As layering is a significant factor for plus size fashion, we will shed light on the types of jackets that enhance the curves perfectly. Also, an undeniable fact is that outerwear is something that outshines all the other types of your clothing. Whether you are wondering about which plus size leather jacket for women would be the best, or what other layering options you have, the blog is just for you.

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Embrace Your Curves and Rock Plus Size Fashion

Body types certainly play a huge role in styling in general. While it’s great to know about the suitable clothes according to your body type, being body positive is what builds the confidence within to carry different looks with flair.

A number of celebrities and fashion influencers on social media provide incredible plus size fashion inspiration. They sport different styles of dresses, jeans and tops, skirts, and trousers along with the perfect layering pieces that give them a glamour infused look. These plus size divas defy societal standards with their beautiful curves and are the perfect example of staying positive and confident in your own body and loving every inch of it.

Adapting the style according to your specific body type is the key to look spectacular. We can not stress enough the power of efficiently layering your outfits as it gives a proportionate look to your body. You can look for jackets with darting to bring attention towards the slimmest part of your waist. A-line cuts, small patterns, and wrap styles create a flattering silhouette.

Jackets That Suit Plus Size Women The Most

Jackets in plain, neutral tones are definitely more versatile than solid colored or patterned ones. We suggest going for black jackets as they create an illusion of a slim shape. White, beige, brown, and navy blue are also highly recommended as they will go well with most of your clothing. However, there can be some great alternatives to these in the form of colorful plus size jackets.

Patterned wool coats are a huge blessing for plus size women who wish to add some depth to their outfits.

The following styles of jackets are best for plus sized divas.

Double Breasted A-line Blazer

A double breasted blazer with a long length and a flared silhouette can be a wonderful choice for your styling needs. Wear it over your dresses, tunics and pants, and other casual outfits.  

Tweed Jacket

Every curvy woman’s wardrobe mainstay should be a nice tweed jacket, which can be worn during moderately cold weather in place of a blazer. It is a timeless classic that would be on rotation for styling your everyday looks. Elevate the jacket by pairing it with a matching tweed skirt.

Leather Biker Jacket With Asymmetrical Zipper

Plus size women are always suggested to go for diagonal lines for the fact that they create a narrowing illusion. A classic biker jacket with an asymmetrical zipper and lapels can be your go to jacket to wear over various outfits. You can go for an oversized leather biker jacket in any color that you want to add a voguish piece to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Plus Sized Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are an absolute favorite due to their stylish feel and comfort. Consider buying a jacket that reaches below your waist. You can go for a leather bomber jacket or a polyester one in neutral hues. A splendid outfit with a plus size bomber jacket would be to wear it over a blouse tucked in an a-line skirt.

Denim Vest

Body shape isn’t a hindrance when you want to look chic. A plus size denim vest is a perfect way to add some more cuteness to your plus size outfits. Wear it over your long t-shirt and jeans, or use it to amp up a floral maxi dress.

Quilted Racer Jacket

If you ever come across a curvy fashionista on social media, you would see them rocking swanky quilted racer jackets. You too can follow their footsteps and create glamour infused ensembles with racer jackets that have quilted details on them.

Try pairing a black quilted jacket with a cream tunic and plus size striped trousers for a voguish look.

A-line Pea Coat

The A-line silhouette of pea coats makes them a great option for plus size women. Pea coats in a bold color can go really well with flattering skirts, bootleg jeans outfits, and fit and flare style dresses.

Cropped Leather Jacket

Yes, plus size women can absolutely slay the cropped jacket looks. They bring attention to the upper torso and the narrower part of the waist. Plus, they are quite trendy, allowing you to create contemporary looks confidently.

Oversized Corduroy Jacket

To instantly put together a casual look for running errands or going for a walk, don an oversized brown or black corduroy jacket over a comfortable crop top and flared jeans.

Belted Trench Coats

If there is one thing that every plus size lady should take advantage of, it is definitely going for belted pieces that define the waist. A trench coat with a belt is not just an average functional coat, it gives a boost to plus size fashion looks. Pair the coat with a halterneck top and slim fit jeans for a gorgeous look.

Wrap Coat

A lightweight wrap coat is also a fashionable outerwear option for plus size women with a pear shaped body. While flattering, the wrap coat lends itself to a variety of staples, such as a turtleneck and leggings, to give you a trendy look.

Summing Up On Plus Size Jackets

Consider your jacket as a style weapon that makes or breaks the look of your plus size outfit. Going for the most suitable jackets for curvy women is the right way to slay plus size fashion infallibly. Try styling the above mentioned jackets in unique ways to make your mark as a woman who has an incredible style sense.

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