Fashion design is a popular form of art spanning decades of knowledge, skill, and expertise. Before it became popular, Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer in the 19th century.

People who work in the fashion design industry used to create different styles of clothing and various other accessories designing. People all around the world want to jump into fashion design due to its high scope, but they don’t know the proper procedure to pursue their career in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, millions of people think that fashion designing can only be learned in offline institutes. Top designers all around the world have learned from online resources.

What Does It Take to Be A Fashion Designer?

As a fashion designer, one must be accurate in every aspect. He/she must have fantastic creative skills to think about new projects and designs. In this field, working with a team is the most critical factor, so a person having good communication and team management skills can see a high career in this field.

What Does It Take to Be A Fashion Designer?

Without having a good knowledge and practice of virtual graphical tools, you can’t be a good fashion designer. Computer-aided design (CAD) is an essential and mandatory tool to learn to develop visualization and creativity skills.

Students should start sewing and drawing pictures and clothes to have a basic sense of colors before beginning a career. To earn more in this field, you must be up-to-date about the latest fashion, design, and clothes. It’s all about upgrading your skills so that no one can beat you.

You must have a basic sense of how to make your business grow. Learn the content and social marketing to make your brand popular.

Benefits of Learning Fashion Design Online

Nowadays, people recommend learning and teach online.

In a virtual environment, you can train as many students as you want. According to researches, online learning is proved as more effective and efficient than offline institute learning.

Some schools, colleges, and universities have shifted their lectures online because they can earn more profit by teaching a large number of students. The most common benefits of learning fashion and design courses online are:

Benefits of Learning Fashion Design Online
  • Work from anywhere means you are not bound to sit in class or a particular spot. Just take your laptop anywhere and connect to the internet.
  • Reduced cost is one of the crucial advantages that students have. You can apply coupons in which you can get 50 to 70% discounts.
  • Focus on creative ideas because of the internet. They are not bound only to revise one book.
  • Work effectively in a group. Students learn how to interact with people online and work as a team on multiple projects.
  • Learn with multiple instructors; you can choose any of them which you feel can help you learn fashion design.
  • Practical experience is the primary motive for online learning. Students don’t only understand the theory but perform multiple tasks daily.
  • After completing the particular course, you will receive a certificate which might help you gain a high paying job.

6 Online Platforms to Learn Fashion Design

6 Online Platforms to Learn Fashion Design

Our team has researched the best fashion design schools online to have a great career. These are the most affordable and reliable fashion and design courses online. The platforms are as follows:

1. Conde Nast College – Fashion Design Online Course

Conde Nast fashion design course is the most effective online course on our list. You can access this from anywhere to this course. The duration of fashion design classes is six weeks. They will provide you with proper knowledge about fashion design, industry, and history. To learn something new, you have to focus on its past as well.

This course is for newbies with little or no knowledge; you can learn many skills, including computer skills, communication, and designing. The price of this course is affordable, according to the facilities. At the end of the time, they will provide you with a certificate.

2. International Career Institute – Fashion Design Course

International career institute is an excellent platform to learn fashion design to mastery level. The course outline includes fashion design importance & benefits, related skills, multiple careers, and techniques.

 They will teach you the complete procedure to pursue your path and how to start your own fashion design business in the market. Along with how to scale your business to the next level. The course duration is seven weeks which is an excellent time to learn something new. The admission process is easy, and you can quickly get approval.

3. Istituto Modartech – CAD Online Course

Istituto is the best platform to learn CAD programs which are essential for fashion design in clothing and other accessories. Computer-aided design leading software includes photoshop and adobe illustrator. This course is not designed for newbies; people having intermediate knowledge can join this course.

The overall price of this course is high, and the duration is four weeks. The outline includes workspace creation, the industrialization of the patterns, Pattern symmetry function, Survey of the many pieces, and Creation of a variant for automatic cloth sizing. After completing the entire course, you will be awarded the certificate, which will help you in finding a high paying job.

4. University of Fashion – Online Fashion Design School

University of fashion is known for pattern designing, which is a must to create your clothes designs. Pattern design includes two-dimensional work that helps you increase your creativity. They will help you understand every aspect of fashion design.

UOF provides no age criteria; they have separate courses for newbies, intermediate, and advanced students. The application form is simple, and the chances of approval are 99%. In the end, you will be awarded the certificate.

5. Accademia del Lusso – Intensive Fashion Product Design

Accademia del Lusso is the best fashion product design course any platform will provide. First, they give this course on campus, but now they have also shifted online due to Covid-19.

 The course outline includes drawing & technical specifications, collection planning, prototype creation, fabric cutting & marking methods, and fabric analysis. The eligibility criteria are very tough; one must have a basic understanding of English and have passed secondary education.

6. Fashive – Online Fashion Design School

Fashive is known for its short courses, that allows students to learn at their own pace. They have a wide variety of courses for you to choose from. From learning the basics of fashion designing to pattern making and merchandising. With all these courses, you will be able to get a holistic understanding of the different aspects of fashion design. There is no application fee for this, however, you will need to buy the courses and learn it at the comfort of your home.

You can apply in any of these platforms, all are the best and provide excellent facilities. You have to be determined and persistent. Remember working hard can make you achieve anything.

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