A softshell coat is an insulated jacket that is both flexible and protective. These coats are usually made up of a softer fabric, such as nylon or polyester, and is typically used as a mid-layer underneath a hardshell jacket or as a standalone coat in colder weather conditions.

Softshell Jackets and Collections

The term Softshell is a class of woven materials used in creating garments that provide a combination of water- and wind-resistance, breathability, and warmth. But instead of bulky, rigid materials, softshell apparel offers much more flexibility and a very smooth exterior that is almost soft to the touch (hence the term “softshell”). Softshell apparel covers the spectrum, from softshell jackets and vests to pants and bib overalls for both men and women, designed to protect from tough conditions without sacrificing flexibility and comfort.

Benefits of Softshell Apparel

Softshell workwear and colder weather softshells in general got their start with sports like golf and sailing because of flexibility. For cold weather and cold environments, softshell apparel is warmer and more functional for day-to-day use on and off the jobsite. Because the material is more flexible, you gain more freedom of movement and don’t have to wait months while breaking in a new jacket. Since the fabrics used within a softshell coat are more flexible than traditional coats, there are a host of benefits to these jackets. These include the benefits listed below.

  • Mobility: Fabrics used in softshell jackets are much more flexible, which allow for maximum movement.
  • Comfortability: The inner lining of a softshell coat, often made of fleece or something similar, is very comfortable and provides superior warmth.
  • Packable: The thinner, easy-to-work fabric of a softshell jacket is simple to stuff into a suitcase or even folded into a pillow for a quick nap.
  • Water Resistant: Though typically not entirely waterproof, a softshell can be water resistant and take on the elements such as light rain or snow.

Advantages of Softshell Clothing

Softshell coats are lightweight and have many advantages over traditional heavyweight jackets. Softshell coats are much more breathable and allow you to stay warm while not sweating. Softshell coats are also very stretchy, whereas the woven material offers protection from the cold, wind, and rain but does not inhibit any movement when you’re adventuring outdoors. With this said, if you’re adventuring someplace where the weather is fair all year round, a softshell jacket could serve as a solid outer layer. If you are wearing it as part of two or more layers, then you may want to remove this outer layer when rigorously hiking or traveling.

RefrigiWear Softshell Apparel

Softshell clothing ranges from jackets and vests to bib overalls and pants for some of the most flexible and warmest workwear you can find. In fact, our softshell jackets and bibs have temperature comfort ratings ranging from -60°F with the RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Jacket to 30°F with our uninsulated hooded softshell jacket.

RefrigiWear is an expert in cold, but also in functionality and comfort. That’s why we add fleece-lined pockets, reflective accents, waterproof pockets and many other features. For jobs in low-visibility environments, RefrigiWear high-visibility apparel also features a range of HiVis softshell jackets and HiVis softshell bib overalls.



  1. Wow, I never knew there was so much to learn about softshell coats! I’ve always just thrown on whatever jacket was closest to the door. But now, I’m seriously considering investing in a softshell, especially for those in-between weather days. The idea of having a jacket that’s both flexible and warm sounds like a dream. And turning it into a pillow for a quick nap? Genius! Thanks for the deep dive into the world of softshells. RefrigiWear sounds like they’ve got the game on lock!

    • Haha, I totally get the “grab whatever’s closest” approach to jackets! But once you dive into the softshell world, there’s no turning back. It’s like upgrading from a flip phone to a smartphone. And yes, the nap-pillow feature is a personal favorite of mine. Who knew fashion could be so… nap-friendly? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. If you ever need more jacket wisdom or just want to chat about the best ways to nap on-the-go, you know where to find me!

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