Just after Memorial Day, that spectacular thing happens where suddenly, everyone you know with good style begins wearing white pants. Or white shorts! Or even white skirts, dresses, and other snazzy pieces. However, if you are like me, you typically avoid these items, and not just because they’re very difficult to avoid staining. Nope–it’s because they are so nerve-racking when it comes to determining what to wear underneath. However, my awesome roommate just gifted me some white shorts, so I figured I would do some research and determine exactly what type of undergarment is the best choice for this trend.

What to wear under white pants

  1. White underwear: This seems like such an easy choice since they coordinate with the color of pants or shorts you are wearing, but white under white actually looks really noticeable. Resist the urge for white on white (unless you’re wearing a white blazer over a white shirt over a white skirt, or if you happen to be an actual ice queen).
  2. Black underwear: This seems obvious, and yet every year I spot multiple people in the park donning black undies and white shorts.
  3. Thick underwear: If you hate visible panty lines, wearing white pants over thick underwear is something to be avoided completely.

So, what should you wear under white pants?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Nude underwear: This is probably your best bet if you would like to keep your underwear under wraps. Pick a pair that is close to your skin tone so it will blend as well as possible. It’s a common misconception/ridiculous aspect of the fashion industry that there’s only one shade of “flesh tone,” but retailers like Tezenis (which sells 20 shades of underwear) can help you find the perfect match. Personally, I always go with a wide, lace-banded pale nude thong or lace-trimmed full coverage underwear for any skirt, pair of pants, or set of shorts that require extra discreteness when it comes to undergarments. That way, there aren’t any across-the-butt panty lines, nor is there that annoying squeezed look that comes from wearing a singular thin strap around one’s hips.
  2. Light grey underwear: If you don’t have any nude or flesh-colored underwear, this can work, too.
  3. Commando: I personally do not do this because I guarantee the one time I do, I will get my period and it will be like middle school all over again. And even though underwear won’t exactly stop that from happening, it’s more of a mental protection thing. BUT I do know plenty of women who do advocate for going underwear-less and they love it, so this is absolutely one of those times when a one-size-fits-all attitude is not applicable. If you’re comfy sans underwear, you go, girl.
  4. Spanx: Ugh. If you really, really don’t mind how unpleasant these are to wear (or maybe they aren’t for you, I don’t know), then these are another option. You can avoid visible panty lines, keep your clothes from looking transparent, and feel like you’re essentially a sausage being encased, because why not?

What’s your favorite way to style white pants or shorts? Tell us if you have any excellent tips or tricks!

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